Klaus ("Tom Collins") Ogermann and Hannelore Cremer, 1958.
[Photo from the collection of Ms. Cremer, used with permission]


Claus Ogerman 45 rpm Single Records - Decca (continued):

Decca-D_18-997B.png  Decca-D_18-997A.png

Die Big Boys / Das Tanzorchester Tony Mills, "Nur einmal" / "Siesta, Siesta und Amor", Decca #D 18 997 (year unknown).[45 rpm single]

Klaus Ogermann co-composed "Nur einmal".


D-18_998-b.gif  D-18_998.GIF

Vico Torriani, Klaus Ogermann mit seinem Tanzorchester, "Immer, immer wieder"/"Piano", Decca [Germany] #D 18 998 (1960).[45 rpm single]

"Piano" was composed by Klaus Ogermann.  Note that these two sides were recorded in different years - 1959 and 1960!



D_18-521.gif  D_18-521-b.gif

Christa Williams, "Liebling, oh du fehlst mir so"/"Oh, diese Männer", Decca [Germany] #D 18 8521 (19__).[45 rpm single]

Liebling, oh du fehlst mir so" is written by Klaus Ogermann.

BennysDoodlin'Band.png  CrazyMamboMaus.png

Die Sextaner - Tony Mills mit seinem Tanzorchester, "Benny's Doodlin' Band" / "Crazy-Mambo-Maus", Decca [Germany] #D 19 031 (19__).[45 rpm Single]

"Crazy-Mambo-Maus" was composed by Klaus Ogermann.

IMG_3490.png  IMG_3491.png

Die Fellows, "Margarita" / "Du mein fernes Land", Decca [Germany] #D 19 348 (year unknown).[45 rpm single]

"Margarita" is cowritten by Günther Heigel (penname for Klaus Ogermann).

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