Klaus ("Tom Collins") Ogermann and Hannelore Cremer, 1958.
[Photo from the collection of Ms. Cremer, used with permission]


Claus Ogerman 45 rpm Single Records - Decca (continued):

D-18874.gif  D-18874-b.gif

Die Blue Stars, Das Tanzorchester Klaus Ogermann, "Sehnsucht nach Hawaii"/"Baby, sei mein", Decca [Germany] #D 18 874 (19__).[45 rpm single]

  D_18_941-A.png  D_18_941-B.png

Klaus Ogermann mit seinem Tanzorchester, "Tornado Swing (The Girl With The Bells) / "Prima Vista" (Fox Trot - Ogermann), Decca [Germany] #D 18 941 (195_).[45 rpm single]

Piano-Solo: Klaus Ogermann, Schlagzeug: Kurt Grabert: Prima Vista, Fox Trot (Ogerman, composer).

This disc is in the University of California at Los Angeles' Jazz/Pop Soundtracks (Jimmy Van Heusen) collection.


D%2018%20942-a.png  D%2018%20942-b.png

Klaus Ogermann mit seinem Tanzorchester, "The Man From Marseilles, Foxtrott (Ogerman)/The Jolly Gigolo (Der vergnügte Gigolo), Fox Trot (Shaw-Godfrey-Riemann), Decca [Germany] #D 18 942 (195_).[45 rpm record]

D-18959.gif  D-18959-b.gif

Hannelore Cremer - Tom Collins - Das Tanzorchester Tony Mills, "Jonny-Cha-Cha"/ "C'est si bon - Cha-Cha", Decca [Germany] #D 18 959 (195_).[45 rpm single]

"Tom Collins" was a pen name of Klaus Ogermann and he sings on this record under that name.

D_18974.gif  D_18974-b.gif

Vico Torriani/Das Tanzorchester Klaus Ogermann, "La Musica Italiana"/"Blaue Nacht in Mexiko", Decca #D 18 974 (19__).[45 rpm single]

D-18980.gif  D-18980-b.gif

Hannelore Cremer, Klaus Ogermann mit seinem Tanzorchester, "Ich bleib' dir treu"/"Das kleine Märchen", Decca [Germany] #D 18 980 (19__).[45 rpm single]

D-18989.gif  D-18989-b.gif

Robert Bennet und die Blue Stars - Das Tanzorchester Tony Mills, "Alle Engel sind blond"/"Blue Jean Ball", Decca [Germany] #D 18 989 (195_).[45 rpm single]

"Blue Jean Ball" is co-written by Klaus Ogermann.

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