Claus Ogerman 45 rpm Single Records - Decca (continued):

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Hannelore Cremer und die Septaner, Klaus Ogermann und sein Tanzorchester, "Links-rechts"/Die Septaner - Klaus Ogermann und sein Tanzorchester, "Immer, wenn du denkst, es kann dir nichts passier'n", Decca [Germany] #D 18 829 (195_).[45 rpm single]

Special Notes:  The Fox Trot on A-side "Links-rechts" ("Left-Right") was a very rhytmic version of the American Hit "Left Right Out Of My Heart". This was accompanied by the Sextaner and Klaus Ogermann und sein Tanzorchester (Claus Ogerman and His Dance Orchestra).  B-side translates to "Saddle Shoe Polka" and was interpreted only by Claus Ogermann and His Orchestra and one of his pseudonym-groups, The Septaner.


Come-prima.gif  Ich-bin-45.gif

Klaus Ogermann mit seinem Tanzorchester (Klaus Ogermann with His Dance Orchestra) - Ivo Carraro - Die Sunnies und Coronels, "Come Prima"/"Ich Bin der König auf meiner Insel", Decca [Germany] #D 18 840 (195_).[45 rpm Picture Sleeve single]

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Marla von Schmedes, Willy Mattes mit seinem Tanzorchester, "Der fremde Mann" / Marla von Schmedes, Die Sunnies, Die Coronels, Klaus Ogermann mit seinem Tanzorchester, "Seufzer-Melodie", Decca [Germany] #D 18 873 (unknown year).[45 rpm single]

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