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Claus Ogerman - DVD - Pioneer/Eagle Vision


George Benson, "Absolutely Live", Pioneer #PA-11516D (2001).[DVD]

Includes Claus Ogerman's brilliant arrangements for the songs This Masquerade and Breezin'.

Recorded at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast, Ireland, with the BBC Big Band and the Ulster Orchestra.


Diana Krall, "Diana Krall - Live in Paris", Pioneer #LD 79012-4 (2002).[LaserDisc]
Diana Krall, "Diana Krall - Live in Paris", Pioneer #EE19012 (2002).[DVD]
Diana Krall, "Diana Krall - Live in Paris", Pioneer #EREDV250 (2002).[DVD]
Live concert in Paris, December 2001.

Conducted by Alan Broadbent and Claus Ogerman.
Arranged by Claus Ogerman, John Clayton & Johnny Mandel.



I Love Being Here With You

All Or Nothing At All

Let's Fall In Love

The Look of Love

Maybe You'll Be There

'Deed I Do

Devil May Care

Cry Me A River

Under My Skin

East of The Sun

I Get Along

Pick Yourself Up

'S Wonderful (also conducted by Claus Ogerman)

Love Letters (also conducted by Claus Ogerman)

I Don't Know Enough About You

Do It Again

A Case of You


Paris-credits-1.JPG - Complete production credits of this live concert, from the DVD insert.

Musician Personnel: Diana Krall (piano & vocal), John Clayton (bass), Jeff Hamilton (drums), John Pisano (acoustic guitar), Anthony Wilson (guitar). Paulinho Da Costa (percussion) and Orquestre Symphonique Europeen.

Produced by Tommy LiPuma & Al Schmitt.


Diana Krall, "Diana Krall - Live in Rio", Eagle Vision #YMBA-10014 (May 27, 2009).[DVD]
Diana Krall, "Diana Krall - Live in Rio", Eagle Vision #
YMXA-10014 (May 27, 2009).[Blu-Ray DVD]

Filmed on November 1st, 2008, at "Vivo Rio".

See information below tracklist for Claus Ogerman's involvement.


1 I Love Being Here With You
2 Let's Fall In Love
3 Where Or When
4 Too Marvellous For Words
5 I've Grown Accustomed To His Face
6 Walk On By
7 Frim Fram Sauce
8 Cheek To Cheek
9 You're My Thrill
10 Let's Face The Music And Dance
11 Every Time We Say Goodbye
12 So Nice
13 Quiet Nights (Jobim)
14 Este Seu Olhar (Jobim)
15 Boy From Ipanema (Jobim)
16 I Don't Know Enough About You
17 'S Wonderful
18 Exactly Like You

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Musician personnel:  Diana's rhythm section (John Clayton, Jeff Hamilton, Anthony Wilson) is joined by Rio-born percussionist Paulinho da Costa and a local orchestra assembled by the São Paulo-based Maestro Ruriá Duprat, who conducted the original arrangements written by Claus Ogerman for the upcoming "Quiet Nights" Audio CD (Verve), as well as some other scores previously penned by Ogerman and Johnny Mandel for other Krall albums.


Diana Krall: Live in Rio
Eagle Rock Entertainment
DVD Talk

Review by Jeffrey Kauffman

The Movie:
Visitors to my home in Portland, whether or not they are professional musicians, regularly marvel at what we comically refer to as my "wall of Brasilian music," a collection of probably well over 1000 CDs of various kinds of music from "down Rio way." While I was too young to experience the first wave of Bossa Nova, which really hit American shores in 1962-63 (yes, for you sticklers, it had been around since 1959 and several artists recorded Bossa Nova before Getz-Gilberto made it a household word), I was the perfect age to experience the second wave of the "Brasilian invasion" when Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 started charting regularly in the late 1960s. Brasil '66 literally changed my life--I had never heard anything so harmonically advanced or so rhythmically expressive, and it didn't hurt that the group's leader played keyboards, my instrument of choice. My love affair with Brasilian music has only grown in the intervening decades and I count myself blessed to be able to make a substantial part of my musical livelihood off of playing this remarkably complex yet accessible music.

Diana Krall has proven herself to be a jazz-pop star of unusual crossover appeal, and she continues to mine that vein in her most recent CD, "Quiet Nights," which takes a pass at several Bossa Nova standards, everything from Jobim's "Corcovado" to the Valle Brothers' "Summer Samba (So Nice)," as well as jazz standards at least slightly tinged with latin rhythms. Krall, in her CD and on this new DVD (also out on BD), is helped immensely by orchestrator Claus Ogerman. Ogerman famously arranged the first American Verve sides for Jobim, and continued to work with the master for decades afterward, contributing his impeccable instrumental backings to a host of recordings that numbered among Tom's best.

This DVD is an enjoyable romp, if somewhat light on the Brasilian side of things (despite its insert notes to the contrary). Diana works her trademark swing style with her soft, Peggy Lee inflected vocals. I must confess I'm not a huge fan of Diana's singing. If you want something soft and Brasilian, there's always Astrud Gilberto, not to mention Wanda Sa, Elizete Cardoso, Gracinha Leporace and a host of others who will give you a more "genuine" experience. Where Krall excels is with her lovely and I think underappreciated piano. Krall isn't necessarily the flashiest keyboard artist out there (she can't hold a candle to Brasil's Eliane Elias, for example), but she's unfailingly smart and in the pocket in a Nat King Cole sort of way, and she proves that time and time again on this release. She's also backed by an incredible band, including the wonderful guitarist Anthony Wilson. Listen to Wilson's ingenuity in introducing "Let's Fall in Love" with a great little quote from "Felicidade" from Black Orpheus. Krall does bring a little native Brasilian expertise to her band with legendary percussionist Paulinho da Costa (from Sergio Mendes' band, among other credits too numerous to mention). Krall exudes sultriness, something you will either find endearing or annoying, depending on your frame of mind. Tossing her golden locks to and fro, she's pinup girl as jazz "artiste," something that some Brasilians may find a bit off putting. The Brasilian musical ethos is typically one of absolute non-pretention, something which Krall approaches in her musicality if not her actual physicality.

The best charts in this set are the tunes which lend themselves to the Bossa Nova treatment, like Rodgers and Hart's "Where or When," from the "Quiet Nights" CD, as well as the handful of actual Bossa Nova tunes included. Some of the straight ahead swing tunes, like concert opener "I Love Being Here With You," while pleasant, may be a bit too much of "been there, done that" for longtime Krall fans, bringing back memories of other tunes in the same vein like "Hit that Jive, Jack." Other songs that you might think would be naturals, like Bacharach and David's "Walk on By," are curiously ineffective.

Behind it all, though, are Ogerman's incredibly lovely orchestrations. If you're not familiar with Ogerman's work, you simply must take some time to check out his legion of albums with everyone who's anyone in the jazz (and sometimes, pop) world. Ogerman goes back some 50 years now in the American and Continental music scenes, and you will find no more tasteful, brilliant orchestrator in the annals of popular music. His restraint and unmistakable luster seem ideally suited to Bossa Nova, with its languid rhythms and shifting, quasi-French impressionistic harmonies.

A little more than halfway through the Brasil '66 canon, Sergio Mendes released an album called "Ye-Me-Le." A lot of longtime fans felt Mendes was suddenly coasting after the artistic high water marks of "Look Around" and especially "Fool on the Hill." After all, here was someone who had introduced a remarkable array of post-Jobim Brasilian writers (people like Edu Lobo and Milton Nascimento) to a lot of Americans, suddenly opting to do not very Brasilianized versions of tunes like Jimmy Webb's "Wichita Lineman." Some viewers may find themselves reacting similarly to this Krall outing--it could be argued she's coasting, not exploring very much and kind of taking it easy. Of course, that may be perfectly Brasilian in and of itself to some folks, but I think with careful listening, there's a lot to enjoy in this concert DVD, even if, as in the case of Mendes' "Ye-Me-Le," there's a dearth of actual Brasilian material here. Krall's piano chops are always distinctive, if never very far outside the mainstream, and her alto, while not especially remarkable, has the smoothness and lack of vibrato that is the hallmark of some of the greatest Brasilian chanteuses.

Diana Krall in Rio is a quiet night in and of itself. It's about as antithetical to bombast as you can get, but that's part of its charm.

DK(Live%20in%20Rio,Special%20Edition%20DVD).jpg  DK(Live%20in%20Rio,Special%20Edition%20DVD,back).jpg

Diana Krall, "Live in Rio", Eagle Vision #_________ (2009).[Special Edition 2-DVD Set]

The Special Edition of Diana Krall's "Live in Rio," in a 2-DVD set with 210 minutes, will be released in the USA by Eagle Vision on October 27, 2009.

This special edition of "Live in Rio" includes features not only the complete material from the standard DVD, as well as a second disc with extra live tracks recorded in Canada, Spain and Portugal, plus the "Rooftop Sessions" (featuring Brazilian bossa nova master Carlos Lyra on guitar) which were only available on the Blu-ray release and on the Japanese issue of the standard DVD. The promotional film for the "Quiet Nights" CD completes the second disc.

This 2-Disc Set contains tracks from Krall's "Quiet Nights" album on Verve, arranged by Claus Ogerman,
as well as some other scores previously penned by Ogerman and Johnny Mandel for other Krall albums.


Disc 1:

1.) I Love Being Here With You
2.) Let's Fall In Love
3.) Where Or When
4.) Too Marvelous For Words
5.) I've Grown Accustomed To His Face
6.) Walk On By
7.) Frim Fram Sauce
8.) Cheek To Cheek
9.) You're My Thrill
10.) Let's Face The Music And Dance
11.) Every Time We Say Goodbye
12.) So Nice
13.) Quiet Nights
14.) Este Seu Olhar (Jobim)
15.) The Boy From Ipanema (Jobim)
16.) I Don't Know Enough About You
17.) S'Wonderful
18.) Exactly Like You

Disc 2:

1.) Where Or When
2.) Exactly Like You
3.) Walk On By
4.) Deed I Do
5.) Quiet Nights (Jobim)
6.) Frim Fram Sauce
7.) A Case Of You
8.) I Don't Know Enough About You


1.) Deed I Do
2.) So Nice
3.) P.S. I Love You


1.) Walk On By
2.) Este Seu Olhar (Jobim)

The Rooftop Sessions:

1.) The Boy From Ipanema (Jobim)
2.) Too Marvelous For Words
3.) Cheek To Cheek
4.) Quiet Nights (Jobim)


Diana Krall, "Collector's Edition", Eagle Vision #_________ (2010).[2-DVD Set]
Total Time: 255 minutes

A 2-DVD set combining "Live in Paris" (arranged by Claus Ogerman & Johnny Mandel, conducted by Alan Broadbent & Claus Ogerman) and "Live in Rio" (arranged by Claus Ogerman, conducted by Ruriá Duprat).

Disc 1: "Live in Paris" Tracklist:

01 I Love Being Here With You
02 All Or Nothing
03 Let's Fall In Love
04 The Look Of Love
05 Maybe You'll Be There
06 Deed I Do
07 Devil May Care
08 Cry Me A River
09 Under My Skin
10 East Of The Sun
11 I Get Along
12 Pick Yourself Up
13 S'Wonderful
14 Love Letters
15 I Don't Know Enough About You
16 Do It Again
17 A Case Of You

Diana Krall (vocals & piano)
John Clayton (acoustic bass)
Paulinho DaCosta (percussion)
Jeff Hamilton (drums)
John Pisano (acoustic guitar)
Anthony Wilson (electric guitar)
Johny Mandel (arranger)
Alan Broadbent (conductor)
Claus Ogerman (arranger & guest conductor of the
Orquestre Symphonique Europeen)

Disc 2: "Live in Rio" Tracklist:

01 I Love Being Here With You
02 Let's Fall In Love
03 Where Or When
04 Too Marvelous For Words
05 I've Grown Accustomed To His Face
06 Walk On By
07 Frim Fram Sauce
08 Cheek To Cheek
09 You're My Thrill
10 Let's Face The Music And Dance
11 Every Time We Say Goodbye
12 So Nice
13 Quiet Nights (Jobim)
14 Este Seu Olhar (Jobim)
15 The Boy From Ipanema (Jobim)
16 I Don't Know Enough About You
17 S'Wonderful
18 Exactly Like You

Arranged by Claus Ogerman, Conducted by Ruriá Duprat.
Musicians: John Clayton (acoustic bass), Jeff Hamilton (drums), Paulinho da Costa (congas & percussion) and Anthony Wilson (acoustic & electric guitars).

Orchestra (uncredited on the DVD, unfortunately):
First Violins: Ana de Oliveira, Carla Rincón, Daniel Albuquerque, Dhyan Tóffolo, Felipe Prazeres (concertmaster), Fernando Pereira, Gustavo Menezes & Vinicius Amaral
Second Violins: Carlos Mendes, Flávio Gomes, Her Agapito, Marcus Rodrigues, Ricardo Amado,
Ricardo Menezes & Rodrigo Rosa
Violas: Daniel Prazeres, Fernando Thebaldi, Ivan Zandonade & José Taboada
Cellos: Diana Lacerda, Hugo Pilger, Marcio Malard & Marcus Ribeiro
Arco Bass: Tony Botelho & Voila Marques
Flutes: Marcelo Bonfim, Murilo Barquette, Luis Cuevas & Sammy Fuks
French Horns: Philip Doyle, Francisco Soares, Josué Silva & Ismael Oliveira
Vibes: Rodolfo Cardoso
Tuba: Fernando Zanetti

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