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Claus Ogerman - DVD-Audio - WEA


George Benson, "Breezin'", WEA #WPAR 10010 (2001).[DVD-Audio]

Other issues of this album are listed separately under their respective record labels.

Claus Ogerman is the arranger/conductor of this album. Includes the same material from the Breezin' album, plus three bonus tracks: Down Here On The Ground (previously unreleased), Shark Bite (a former outtake) and This Masquerade (Edited Single Version).  The Warner version also contains video interviews with Tommy LiPuma, Al Schmitt, George Benson, Stanley Banks, Phil Upchurch, Ronnie Foster & Harvey Mason on the making of Breezin' and the individual stories of the musicians involved in the original 1976 album.


   Breezin.pdf - Section of "Breezin'" DVD liner notes written by A. Scott Galloway which deal with Claus Ogerman's invovement in the project.

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