Joćo Gilberto, Antonio Carlos Jobim & Stan Getz during the recording of "Getz/Gilberto".


Domum-jobim-sinatra-sm.JPG Antonio Carlos Jobim - Atlantic Records Domum-jobim-sinatra-sm-b.JPG


[U.S. LP]

[Germany Label]

Herbie Mann, "Right Now", Atlantic Records #SD 1384 (1962).[LP]
Herbie Mann, "Right Now", Atlantic Records [Germany] #ATL 1384 (1966).[LP]
This album contains Jobim's "Desafinado" and "Meditation".

Musician personnel: 
Herbie Mann, fl; Hagood Hardy, vib; Billy Bean, g; Bill Salter, b; Carlos "Patato" Valdes, conga d; Willie Bobo, d; Don Payne, b; Willie Rodriguez, johnny Pacheco, perc.

Frontcover.JPG  Backcover.JPG

Herbie Mann, "Do The Bossa Nova With Herbie Mann", Atlantic #1397 (1962).[LP]

This album contains compositions, arrangements and performances on piano and voice by Jobim.  Jobim is also the conductor of the album.


Side One

Deve Ser Amor
Menina Feia
Amor Em Paz (comp. Jobim, piano Jobim)
Voce E Eu

Side Two

One Note Samba (comp. Jobim - vocal & piano by Jobim)
Blues Walk
Bossa Velha

Musician personnel (taken directly from the back album cover): 

"On "Deve Ser Amor" and "Consolaēćo" the personnel is:  Herbie Mann, flute or alto flute; Baden Powell, guitar; Gabriel, bass; Papao, drums (Deve Ser Amor) and Juquinha, drums (Consolaēćo).
On "Menina Feia" and "Blues Walk", Herbie Mann plays with the Sergio Mendes "Bossa Nova Rio Group" (Paulo Moura, alto sax; Pedro Paulo, trumpet; Sergio Mendes, piano; Durval Ferreira, guitar; Otavio Bailly Jr., bass; Dom Um Romćo, drums.
On "Amor Em Paz" & "One Note Samba" the pianist-arranger-conductor is Antonio Carlos Jobim, who also sings the vocal on "One Note Samba".
On "Voce E Eu" Herbie Mann plays with the trio of pianist Luis Carlos Vinhas.
On "Bossa Velha" Herbie Mann is accompanied by "Zezinho e sua Escola de Samba."  This 17-piece percussion group is made up of the leading Brazilian "School of Samba" musicians.  These musicians, who perform in the streets of Rio during Carnival, use all the characteristic Brazilian rhythm instruments such as cuica, tamborium, reco reco, pandeiro, frigideira, surdo, chocalho, etc."

LINER NOTES (by Dick Kleiner):




Joćo Gilberto, "The Boss of the Bossa Nova" Atlantic #8070 (1962).[LP]




Bolinha De Papel (Little Paper Ball)

Voce E Eu (You and I)

Samba Da Minha Terra (Samba of My Country)

Insensatez (Insensible)

Saudade Da Bahia (Longing for Bahia)

Trenzinho - Trem De Ferro (Little Train of Iron)

O Barquinho (Little Boat)

Presente De Natal (Christmas Gift)

A Primeira Vez (The First Time)

Coisa Mais Linda (Such Beautiful Things)

Amor Em Paz (Love in Peace)

Este Seu Olhar (That Look of Yours)

Personnel:  On Barquinho, Amor Em Paz, Insensatez & Coisa Mais Linda, Antonio Carlos Jobim is the arranger-conductor.  On Bolinho De Papel, Samba Da Minha Terra, Saudade Da Bahia, Trenzinho & Presente De Natal, Joćo Gilberto is accompanied by Walter Wanderley and his group.  On A Primeira Vez & Este Seu Olhar, Joćo Gilberto accompanies himself on the guitar.

Herbie Mann, "Live At Newport", Atlantic Records #1413 (1963).[Mono LP]
This album contains Jobim's "Desafinado" and "Girl From Ipanema" compositions.


Herbie Mann, "Latin Fever", Atlantic #SD 1422 (1964).[LP]

Performance in "Insensatez" track and arrangement of Side Two by Tom Jobim.


Side One
Side Two

Harlem Nocturne

Batida Differente *



Not Now - Later On

Groovy Samba

The Golden Striker

Influenza de Jazz *


You Came A Long Way From St. Louis

* Special Note: The spelling "Differente" is an accurate transcription from both the album back cover and from the LP label, although this word is spelled with one 'f' in Portuguese. The same is true for the other title "Influenza de Jazz". This is usually seen as "Influencia do Jazz".

Personnel on Batida Differente, Groovy Samba and Influenza de Jazz is: Herbie Mann, flute; and the Sergio Mendes Sextet: Sergio Mendes, piano; Paulo Moura, alto sax; Pedro Paulo, trumpet; Durval Ferreira, guitar; Otavio Bailly, Jr., bass; Don Um Romao, drums; Tom Jobim, piano (on "Insensatez" track only) and arranger of all of Side Two.

These tracks were recorded in Rio de Janiero.

FrontPS.png  BackPS.png
[Mono LP]

Label1.png  Label2.png
[Mono Labels]

The Drifters, "The Good Life With The Drifters", Atlantic Records #SD 8103 (1964).[Stereo LP]
The Drifters, "The Good Life With The Drifters", Atlantic Records #8103 (1964).[Mono LP]
Jobim's "Desafinado" is included in this album.

Modern-jazz-lp.jpg  BackPS.png
[U.S. LP]

Label1.png  Label2.png
[U.S. Labels]

Modern Jazz Quartet, "Collaboration - The Modern Jazz Quartet with Laurindo Almeida", Atlantic #SD 1429 (1966).[LP]

Other releases of this material in other countries listed at their respective labels, elsewhere on this site.

Includes a Jobim composition on Side Two, track one: "One Note Samba".

Musician personnel: John Lewis, piano; Milt Jackson, vibraharp; Percy Heath, bass; Connie Kay, drums; and Laurindo Almeida, guitar.

Liner Notes by Leonard Feather.

In_Person_at_El_Matador-LP.jpg  matador_LP_back.jpg
[Original (U.S.) LP]

matador_fr_front.jpg  matador_fr_back.jpg
[French LP]


Elmatador.JPG  Elmatador-b.JPG
[Japan CD Reissue]

Sergio Mendes and Brasil '65, "In Person At El Matador!", Atlantic #S112 (1965).[Original LP]
Sergio Mendes and Brasil '65, "In Person At El Matador!", Atlantic [Japan] #AMCY-1246 (199_) [CD Reissue].
Sergio Mendes and Brasil '65, "In Person At El Matador!", Atlantic [France] #40545 (19__).[LP]

Contains Jobim's composition "A Felicidade".

Musician personnel: includes Sergio Mendes (piano), Sebastićo Neto (bass), Paulinho Magalhaes (perc), Chico Batera (drums), and featuring Rosinha de Valenca (guitar) & Wanda de Sah (vocal).

This album also part of a 3 album set reissue.

LINER NOTES (from the Original LP, written by Leonard Feather) and ALBUM CREDITS:



[Original LP]

arrival_inside_1.jpg  arrival_inside_2.jpg
[Above right and left:  inside the Original gatefold LP]

Sergio Mendes, "The Great Arrival", Atlantic #1466/SD-1466 (mono/stereo) (1966).[LP]

Album contains Jobim's composition of "Bonita".

[Alternate U.S. LP cover]


Side 1
Side 2
The Great Arrival (Cheganēa)
Monday, Monday
Cancao do Amanhecer
Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Here's That Rainy Day
Tristeza De Amar
Girl Tal


LINER NOTES (from the Original LP, written by Norman Gimbel):


Musician personnel: Sergio Mendes, piano; unknown string orchestra arranged and conducted by Clare Fischer, Bob Florence, Dick Hazard. Also included are Bob Matthews (bass) and Joćo Palma (drums).


Herbie Mann & Joćo Gilberto with Antonio Carlos Jobim, Atlantic #8105 (1965).[LP]


Side One
Side Two
Herbie Mann - Amor Em Paz
Joćo Gilberto - Samba da Minha Terra
Joćo Gilberto - Desafinado (Jobim)
Joćo Gilberto - Rosa Morena
Joćo Gilberto - Bolinha de Papel
Herbie Mann - One Note Samba (vocal by A.C. Jobim)
Herbie Mann - Insensatez (Jobim)
Joćo Gilberto - Bim Bom
Joćo Gilberto - O Baraquinho
Herbie Mann - Deve Ser Amor

Production Notes:  The arrangements on the Joćo Gilberto tracks are by Antonio Carlos Jobim.  There are tracks on this album which were also composed by Jobim.

On the tracks featuring Herbie Mann on flute or alto flute, Jobim arranged Amor Em Paz, Insensatez & One Note Samba, and Jobim is the vocalist on One Note Samba.  All tracks were recorded in Rio de Janeiro.

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