Antonio Carlos Jobim - A&M/CTi

CTI(Jazz%20in%20a%20Penthouse).jpg  Brazil-Jazz_In_A_Penthouse/CTI(Jazz%20in%20a%20Penthouse,Brazil%20LP,back).jpg

Brazil-Jazz_In_A_Penthouse/CTI(Jazz%20in%20a%20Penthouse,Brazil%20LP%201971,Side%20A).gif  CTI(Jazz%20in%20a%20Penthouse,Brazil%20LP%201971,Side%20B).gif

Various Artists, "Jazz In A Penthouse", A&M/CTi [Brazil] #A&M 2076 (1971).[LP Compilation]

Includes "Wave" (from the "Wave" album), composed and performed by Antonio Carlos Jobim, arranged & conducted by Claus Ogerman, with Claudio Slon on drums and Bobby Rosengarden on percussion.

Original tracks produced by Creed Taylor.

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