Tom Jobim and Claus Ogerman, 1976.


Antonio Carlos Jobim - DVD - JBF


Ana Jobim, "Casa Do Tom - Mundo, Monde, Mondo", JBF [Brazil] #_________ (2007).[DVD and Book]

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A beautiful tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim -- one that features a film directed by his daughter Ana Jobim, packaged with a beautiful book full of photos and lyrics! The film is filled with very unique images from Jobim's personal life -- shots of his home, his family, and his surroundings in Rio -- plus other footage from New York, too. The settings and activities are often quite unique -- less the poised, majesty you might expect from the maestro -- and more relaxed, everyday moments that really show an under-exposed side of his personality. Film is 58 minutes, in color -- and the DVD package features 33 minutes of bonus features, plus subtitles in English, Spanish, and French.

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