"Dedicated to the memory of Henry Mancini - who gave, and gave, and gave."
(Listed at the end credits of "A Memory For Tino").

Henry Mancini, late 1980s.



Henry Mancini is someone who certainly needs no introduction to anyone familiar with his television and motion picture scores which he wrote year after year for five decades. Hank was simply one of the most prolific American composers, ever. As a small child, I grew up listening to his record albums being played in the home, which led me to start purchasing them for myself once I graduated from high school.  I hope visitors to the site will take the time to read a story about this on the page entitled "My Favorite Composer". After starting work on a larger collection-based site, I decided instead to change direction and present as many works I could find of Henry's right here, as that is what some other Mancini fans wanted and expressed to me in email.

A special note of thanks to José Sanches Perez and Mike Newcomb, who both went above and beyond the call of duty with scanning in many album covers I did not own myself, as well as giving other support and assistance for the site's completion. Others who have generously done research and as a result, contributed items for inclusion in this site include Ezshwan Winding, William Kenlon, Dennis Marcellino, Doug Payne, Peter Bay, Edgar Soberón Torchia, Arnaldo DeSouteiro, Ithamara Koorax, Eumir Deodato, Jose Domingos Raffaelli, Sean Baker, Randy Kosht, Massimo Milano, George Townsend, Fernando Gelbard, Alex Sanguinetti, Leonid Bogdanov, Gregory Flores, Ted Strong, Dan Miles, Byron Caloz, Allan Waterhouse, G. Underhill, Manchester UK, Wally Gerassimoff, Ivan Santiago, Wolfgang Weissbrodt, "Jazzcorner" Willie from Germany, Hans-Peter Huebschen, "Mr. Mike" Mike Quigley, Mike Feingold, David Schecter of Monstrous Music & Gary Corben of whatmusic.com as well as Nate.  Thank you to all.

Enjoy the site!

--B.J. (Barbara J.) Major
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