João Donato live, 1986.


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March 2007

A Reunion in the Works??  YES!!!


As documented on -

"On November 2006, Donato made historic shows: in Rio de Janeiro, at
the Mistura Fina, and in São Paulo, at the Sesc Pinheiros, where he met again the
80-year old alto saxophonist, Bud Shank. At the meeting again, after 40 years without presenting a
show, a DVD documentary and a CD were recorded."

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March 2007 Donato articles, news and reviews (In Portuguese):
Acrobat_symbol.GIF  Barbosa-article.pdf - Da Amazônia à Urca, via Califórnia: as aventuras de João Donato
03/04/2007 by Marco Antonio Barbosa

Acrobat_symbol.GIF  De-Sousa-review.pdf  - Uma tarde com Bud Shank e João Donato - Bud Shank & João Donato (Biscoito Fino) 29/03/2007 by Tárik de Souza

April 2007

Donato's concerts in the U.S. get rave reviews!

Acrobat_symbol.GIF  Chicago-Tribune-04_07.pdf

Acrobat_symbol.GIF  Donato-comes-to-Cleveland!.pdf

. . . and there's more:

THE NEW YORK TIMES - 6 de abril de 2007
Mr. Donato is one of the great bossa nova composers of the late'50s generation, and probably the one most influenced by American jazz; his performances these days are nostalgic and sometimes anarchically funny.

TIME OUT NEW YORK - 5 de abril de 2007
Pianist João Donato had as much to do with shaping the music that became bossa nova as did that orther, guitar-wielding João, his onetime collaborator. The difference, as you'll hear tonight, is that Donato kept his ear tuned to the jazz happening north of Brazil's borders.

WAX POETICS - abril/maio de 2007 - Magazine of hip hop, jazz, funk & soul:


"BOSSA'S BOSS:  João Donato steered Brazilian music into new directions". . . by Allen Thayer

Read the entire article and view all the included photos:
(Pages 1 and 2 are pictured above; the article on Donato begins with Page 3)









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April 2007 Donato articles, news and reviews (In Portuguese):

Acrobat_symbol.GIF  Quem-e-quem-reviews.pdf - Various reviews by Brazilian journalists recently posted on the internet regarding this unique Donato album.

Acrobat_symbol.GIF  Donato-Auditorio_Ibirapuera.pdf - An advertisement for an upcoming series of Donato concerts in April 2007.

Acrobat_symbol.GIF  O_Estado_4-17-07.pdf - An article by Beatriz Coelho Silva on Donato's latest and greatest!


Translation below courtesy of Fernando Gelbard:

the night that a pizzeria, João Donato meet again Fernando Gelbard with Ed Motta. The music of Ravel in the hands and conception of Donato where among the unforgettable happenings in the middle of their catching up conversation. Donato and Gelbard played together in 1973 on Nana Caymmi's album recorded in Buenos Aires.
PS: like any other nights, this one begun with things only available in vinyl; we discovered
pieces of the new "Guida da Matta" and Jazzinho style album produced in London by Ed Motta, titled "Atlas"; and we ended watching a Horace Silver' Quintet DVD live at the Umbria Jazz Festival in 1976, with Tom Harrell, which Toy Lima brought to Brasil in for the Chivas Jazz Festival in with lots of playing! and another one from the 80's with a brass band. But the best of everything were the moments at the piano by Ed (Motta) Gelbard and Donato.


April 2007 Donato articles, news and reviews (In Portuguese and in English):

Acrobat_symbol.GIF   Folha-4-11-07.pdf - An article by RONALDO EVANGELISTA on Donato's two newest albums.

June 2007

Donato one of the "100 Gold Fingers" to perform in Japan!


Donato is one of many pianists to perform in Japan at an event called "100 Gold Fingers" on June 10, 2007. 

January 2008

Donato in the News!

Acrobat_symbol.GIF  Bossa nova faz 50 anos revigorada e sempre na moda - all about Donato's part in the Bossa Nova movement (In Portuguese).

Acrobat_symbol.GIF  Bossa Nova Combina Com Tudo - an article on Bossa Nova written by Donato himself (In Portuguese).

March 2008

Comparing Donato to Eric Satie . . .

Visitors to this site might well be interested to read what this blogger has to say about Donato's uniqueness in the field of Brazilian music and its history, comparing him to the famed European Eric Satie:

July 24, 2008

Celebration of Boss Nova and Beyond

Chicago, IL

Chicago Milennium Park

Donato to play in this concert in the U.S.!!

(More info to come on this concert as it becomes available)

Here is the location (links on the map below are *not* clickable):


What's in a Name?!

There is apparently a group of musicians out there calling themselves "Donatos Airtos", so named for two of their favorite musicians--João Donato and Airto Moreira.  Their playing style is not known, but they are popular with the dance music crowd. Here is some info that Arnaldo DeSouteiro has been able to track down on this group and what they have recorded:

Donatos Airtos, "The Down Experience", Applaudio [UK] #APP002 (2001).

Donatos Airtos, "7-Down Experience", label unknown, #________ (20__).[7 inch single]

Donatos Airtos, "Down Exercise", label unknown, #________ (20__).

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