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Various Artists, "Around The World in 80 Days", Walt Disney Records [EU] #5050467-4408-2-1 (unknown year).[CD]


1    Dave Stewart And Sylvia Young Theater School Choir, The      Everybody All Over The World (Join The Celebration)       
2    Tina Sugandh      River Of Dreams       
3    Baha Men      It's A Small World       
4    Trevor Jones      Around The World Overture       
5    Trevor Jones      Jetback Journey       
6    Trevor Jones      The Wager       
7    Trevor Jones      Rendezvous In Paris       
8    Trevor Jones      The Balloon Chase       
9    Trevor Jones      1st Class Waltz       
10    Trevor Jones      Prince Hapi Escape       
11    Trevor Jones      Agra To China       
12    Trevor Jones      Return Of The Jade Buddha       
13    Trevor Jones      Lost In America       
14    Trevor Jones      Dismantling Carmen       
15    Trevor Jones      'Exactly Like My Dream'


Annette Funacello, "Annette - A Musical Reunion With America's Girl Next Door", Walt Disney Records #60012-2 (year unknown).[2-CD Set]


1-1         Tall Paul       
1-2         Don't Jump To Conclusions       
1-3         It Took Dreams       
1-4         Wild Willie       
1-5         Lonely Guitar       
1-6         First Name Initial       
1-7         Jo-Jo The Dog-Faced Boy       
1-8         My Heart Became Of Age       
1-9         Amo Que Paso?       
1-10         Train Of Love       
1-11         It's Really Love       
1-12         Tell Me Who's The Girl?       
1-13         Strummin' Song       
1-14         Hawaiiannette (Hawaiian Love Talk)       
1-15         Pineapple Princess       
1-16         Luau Cha Cha Cha       
1-17         Song Of The Islands       
1-18         Italiannette       
1-19         Please Please Signore       
1-20         Dream Boy       
1-21         Mia Cara, Mia Amore       
1-22         Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Me       
1-23         O Dio Mio       
2-1         Danceannette       
2-2         The Rock A Cha       
2-3         Rock-A-Polka       
2-4         Flapper Flip       
2-5         The Rock And Roll Waltz       
2-6         Mr Piano Man       
2-7         I Can't Do The Sum       
2-8         Just A Toy       
2-9         The Parent Trap       
2-10         Merlin Jones       
2-11         The Monkey's Uncle       
2-12         Walkin' And Talkin'       
2-13         Beach Party Tonight       
2-14         Blame It on the Bossa Nova       
2-15         Jamaica Ska       
2-16         Bikini Beach Party       
2-17         Let's Twist Again       
2-18         Surfer's Holiday       
2-19         Stuffed Animal       
2-20         Canzone d'Amore       
2-21         Music Music Music       
2-22         How Will I Know My Love?       
2-23         No Way To Go But Up       
2-24         Annette   

[Benelux version CD Single]

Timon & Pumbaa, "Stand By Me", Walt Disney Records [France] #WDR 25311 (year unknown).[CD Single]
Timon & Pumbaa, "Stand By Me", Walt Disney Records [Benelux] #WDR 260440 (year unknown).[DJ / Promo CD Single]


1    Timon & Pumbaa      Stand By Me (Around The World With Timon & Pumbaa)
Performer   Ernie Sabella, Gary Imhoff
2    Joseph Williams And Sally Dworsky With Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella And Kristle Edwards      Can You Feel The Love Tonight (The Lion King)

Tracklist for Benelux version:

Stand by Me
Performer - Ernie Sabella, Gary Imhoff
Hakuna Matata (Bonus Track)
Performers - Ernie Sabella, Jason Weaver, Joseph Williams, Nathan Lane  


Various Artists, "Children's Favorites - Volume 1", Walt Disney Records #__________ (unknown year).[CD]

R-4730447-1373669974-3759.jpg  R-4730447-1373669980-5425.png  R-4730447-1373669996-1912.jpg  R-4730447-1373669977-1495.jpg

R-4730447-1373669989-4707.jpg  R-4730447-1373669993-8881.jpg

Larry Groce and Disneyland Children's Sing-Along Chorus, "Children's Favorite Songs - Volume 3", Walt Disney Records #60607-7 (unknown year).[CD]


1         If You're Happy And You Know It   
2         Shoo, Fly, Don't Bother Me   
3         Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be?   
      Activity Medley
4.a         Itsy Bitsy Spider   
4.b         Ring Around The Rosy   
4.c         One, Two, Buckle My Shoe   
5         Hush, Little Baby   
6         Did You Ever See A Lassie?   
7         Grandfather's Clock   
8         Clementine   
9         Michael, Row The Boat Ashore   
10         Alouette   
11         With Apologies To Mother Goose   
12         Sweet Betsy From Pike   
13         Over The River And Through The Woods   
14         Billy Boy   
      Nursery Rhyme Medley
15.a         Baa, Baa, Black Sheep   
15.b         Sing A Song Of Sixpence   
15.c         Old King Cole   
16         Alphabet Song   
17         Why Do They Make Things Like They Do?   
18         Loch Lomond   
19         A-Hunting We Will Go   
20         Down In The Valley   
21         Waltzing Matilda   
22         Just For You   
23         Good Night, Ladies   

R-1432861-1371777693-7602.jpg  R-1432861-1371777709-5490.png  R-1432861-1371777701-6006.jpg

Various Artists, "Mary Poppins" (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Walt Disney Records #60842-2 (unknown year).[Digitally Remastered CD]


1         Overture    3:02
2         Sister Suffragette    1:46
3         The Life I Lead    2:02
4         The Perfect Nanny    1:40
5         A Spoonful Of Sugar    4:09
6         Pavement Artist (Chim Chim Cher-ee)    2:01
7         Jolly Holiday    5:24
8         Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious    2:04
9         Stay Awake    1:46
10         I Love To Laugh    2:44
11         A British Bank (The Life I Lead)    2:09
12         Feed The Birds (Tuppence A Bag)    3:51
13         Fidelity Fiduciary Bank    3:34
14         Chim Chim Cher-ee    2:47
15         Step In Time    2:08
16         A Man Has Dreams (The Life I Lead) (A Spoonful Of Sugar)    4:29
17         Let's Go Fly A Kite    1:54
18         The Sherman Brothers Reminisce: Unreleased Demo Recordings Of Chim Chim Cher-ee, Let's Go Fly A Kite, The Eyes Of Love, Feed The Birds    16:07

Album credits:

Arranged By, Conductor Irwin Kostal
Music By, Lyrics By Richard M. Sherman And Robert B. Sherman
Performer David Tomlinson, Dick Van Dyke, Glynis Johns, Julie Andrews
Producer [Produced Digitally By] Ron Kidd 


Various Artists, "The Lion King Sing-Along", Walt Disney Records #60857-4 (year unknown).[CS]


A1    Carmen Twillie      Circle Of Life
Programmed By [Extra] Matthew Vaughn
Vocals [African] Lebo M
A2    Jason Weaver With Rowan Atkinson And Laura Williams      I Just Can't Wait To Be King
Arranged By, Producer Mark Mancina
A3    Jeremy Irons With Whoopi Goldberg, Cheech Marin And Jim Cummings      Be Prepared
Arranged By, Producer Hans Zimmer
A4    Nathan Lane And Ernie Sabella With Jason Weaver And Joseph Williams      Hakuna Matata
Arranged By, Producer Jay Rifkin, Mark Mancina
A5    Joseph Williams And Sally Dworsky With Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella And Kristle Edwards      Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Arranged By, Producer Mark Mancina
A6    Hans Zimmer      This Land
Arranged By, Producer Hans Zimmer
A7    Hans Zimmer      To Die For
Arranged By, Producer Hans Zimmer
B1    Hans Zimmer      Under The Stars
Arranged By, Producer Hans Zimmer, Jay Rifkin
B2    Hans Zimmer      King Of Pride Rock
Arranged By, Producer Hans Zimmer
B3    Elton John      Circle Of Life
Mixed By, Producer Chris Thomas
B4    Elton John      I Just Can't Wait To Be King
Mixed By, Producer Chris Thomas
B5    Elton John      Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Backing Vocals Davey Johnstone, Gary Barlow, Kiki Dee, Phil Spalding, Rick Astley
Mixed By, Producer Chris Thomas

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