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Jonas Brothers, "Jonas L.A.", Walt Disney Records [EU] #5099990574221 (2010).[Enhanced CD]


1         Feelin' Alive       
2         L.A. Baby (Where Dreams Are Made Of)       
3         Your Biggest Fan
Featuring – China McClain
4         Critical       
5         Hey You       
6         Things Will Never Be The Same       
7         Fall       
8         Summer Rain       
9         Drive       
10         Invisible       
11         Make It Right       
12         Chillin' In The Summertime       
13         Set This Party Off

Putting this CD into a computer accesses a special version of "Critical" with full length music videos and lyrics; internet connection required.

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Demi Lovato featuring Stanfour, "Wouldn't Change A Thing", Walt Disney Records [Germany] #50999 906591 2 6 (2010).[CD Single, Cardsleeve]


1  Wouldn't Change A Thing (Demi Lovato Featuring Stanfour)
2  Wouldn't Change A Thing (Instrumental)

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Demi Lovato featuring Stanfour, "Wouldn't Change A Thing", Walt Disney Records [Germany] #50999 906592 0 1 (2010).[CD Maxi-Single]


1         Wouldn't Change A Thing (Demi Lovato Featuring Stanfour)
Featuring – Stanfour
2         Wouldn't Change A Thing (Demi Lovato Und Joe Jonas)
Featuring – Joe Jonas
3         Wouldn't Change A Thing (Instrumental)    3:23   
4         Wouldn't Change A Thing (Musik Video)    3:23   

Tangled.png  Tangled-b.jpg

Disney's TANGLED [ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK], Walt Disney Records #__________ (2010).[CD]
Disney's TANGLED [ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK], Walt Disney Records [EU] #509999 1924322 (2010).[CD]

Tracklist with performers:

  1. When Will My Life Begin    Mandy Moore     2:32         
      2. When Will My Life Begin (Reprise 1)    Mandy Moore     1:03         
      3. Mother Knows Best    Donna Murphy     3:10         
      4. When Will My Life Begin (Reprise 2)    Mandy Moore     2:06         
      5. I've Got A Dream    Mandy Moore     3:11         
      6. Mother Knows Best (Reprise)    Donna Murphy     1:38         
      7. I See The Light    Mandy Moore     3:44         
      8. Healing Incantation    Mandy Moore    0:54         
      9. Flynn Wanted    Alan Menken     2:51         
    10. Prologue    Donna Murphy     2:02         
    11. Horse With No Rider    Alan Menken     1:57         
    12. Escape Route    Alan Menken     1:57         
    13. Campfire    Alan Menken     3:21         
    14. Kingdom Dance    Alan Menken     2:20         
    15. Waiting For The Lights    Alan Menken     2:47         
    16. Return To Mother    Alan Menken     2:06         
    17. Realization And Escape    Alan Menken     5:50         
    18. The Tear Heals    Mandy Moore     7:37         
    19. Kingdom Celebration    Alan Menken     1:50         
    20. Something That I Want    Grace Potter     2:43         

Original Score Composed by Alan Menken.
Original Songs By Alan Menken; Lyrics by Glenn Slater.


Alan Menken, "Rapunzel - L'Intreccio Della Torre", Walt Disney Records [Italy] #50999 070307 2 7 (2010).[CD]


1         Aspettando Una Nuova Vita
Vocals – Laura Chiatti
2         Resta Con Me
Vocals – Gio' Gio' Rapattoni
3         Aspettando Una Nuova Vita - Reprise
Vocals – Laura Chiatti
4         Ho Un Sogno Anch'Io
Vocals – Laura Chiatti, Mario Biondi, Massimiliano Alto, Mirko Pontrelli
5         Resta Con Me - Reprise
Vocals – Gio' Gio' Rapattoni
6         Il Mio Nuovo Sogno
Vocals – Laura Chiatti, Massimiliano Alto
7         Incanto Della Guarigione
Vocals – Laura Chiatti
8         Flynn Ricercato       
9         Prologo
Vocals – Gio' Gio' Rapattoni, Lucrezia Cesari
10         Cavallo Senza Cavaliere       
11         Via Di Fuga       
12         Falò       
13         La Danza Del Reame       
14         Aspettando Le Lanterne       
15         Ritorno Da Madre Gothel       
16         Ribellione E Fuga       
17         La Magica Lacrima
Vocals – Laura Chiatti
18         Festeggiamenti Nel Regno       
19         Something That I Want
Vocals – Grace Potter
20         Il Mio Nuovo Sogno
Vocals – Arianna Costantin, Marco Castelluzzo

Music by Alan Menken; Lyrics by Glenn Stater.

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Various Artists, "Sonny With A Chance", Walt Disney Records #5099991988324 (2010).[CD]


1    Demi Lovato –     Me, Myself And Time       
2    Sterling Knight –     Hanging       
3    Tiffany Thornton –     Kiss Me       
4    Demi Lovato –     What To Do       
5    Sterling Knight –     How Do We Do This       
6    Demi Lovato –     Work Of Art       
7    Allstar Weekend –     Come Down With Love       
8    Tiffany Thornton –     Sure Feels Like Love       
9    Demi Lovato –     So Far So Great (Theme Song To Sonny With A Chance)

Executive Producer - Brian Malouf

R-2620112-1293650524.jpg  R-2620112-1293650614.png  R-2620112-1293650584.jpg  R-2620112-1293650643.jpg

Various Artists, "Tinkerbell - Ein Sommer Voller Abenteuer" (Storyteller Record), Walt Disney Records [Germany] #19681 (2010).[Enhanced CD]

Musician personnel and Album credits:

Directed By – Marian Szymczyk
Narrator – Bodo Primus, Marina Köhler
Script By [Hörspielbearbeitung] – Gabriele Bingenheimer
Voice Actor [Bobble] – Matthias Rehrl
Voice Actor [Clank] – Mark Kuhn
Voice Actor [Dr. Griffith] – Christian Weygang
Voice Actor [Emily] – Shandra Schadt
Voice Actor [Klara] – Stephanie Kellner
Voice Actor [Lizzy Griffith] – Valeria Ceraolo
Voice Actor [Rosetta] – Sabine Bohlmann
Voice Actor [Silberhauch] – Maren Rainer
Voice Actor [Terence] – Benedikt Weber
Voice Actor [Tinkerbell] – Gabrielle Pietermann
Voice Actor [Vidia] – Elisabeth Von Koch

R-2619079-1293650699.jpg    R-2619079-1293650790.png  R-2619079-1293650758.jpg  R-2619079-1293650821.jpg 
Various Artists, "Rapunzel - Neu Verföhnt" (Storyteller Record), Walt Disney Records [Germany] #19682 (2010).[CD]

Album credits:

Narrator – Bodo Primus
Voice Actor [Die Stabbington Brüder] – René Marik
Voice Actor [Flynn Ryder] – Moritz Bleibtreu
Voice Actor [Hakenhand] – Axel Lutter
Voice Actor [Hauptmann Der Palastwache] – Jörg Hengstler
Voice Actor [Mutter Gothel] – Monica Bielenstein
Voice Actor [Rapunzel] – Alexandra Neldel
Voice Actor [Stummel] – Franz-Georg Beckhaus
Voice Actor [Vladimir] – Tilo Schmitz
Voice Actor [Zinken] – Tommy Amper

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