Tencennial show at the Castle (1981).

Walt Disney Records (continued)



Various Artists, "Songs and Story:  Toy Story", Walt Disney Records #__________ (2009).[Amazon MP3 download]
Various Artists, "Songs and Story:  Toy Story", Walt Disney Records #__________ (2010).[CD]


You've Got A Friend In Me
Strange Things (Soundtrack)
The Claw
Woody's Waltz
Toy Story (Storyteller)

ChristmasCarol_600a.jpg  More-Disney_Intrada/ChristmasCarol_600c.jpg

Disney's "A Christmas Carol", Walt Disney Records/Intrada #__________ (2009).[CD]

Music composed by Alan Silvestri.


01. A Christmas Carol Main Title
02. Scrooge Counts Money
03. Marley’s Ghost Visits Scrooge
04. The Ghost of Christmas Past
05. Let Us See Another Christmas
06. Flight to Fezziwigs
07. First Waltz
08. Another Idol Has Replaced Me
09. Touch My Robe
10. The Clock Tower
11. Carriage Chase
12. Old Joe and Mrs. Dilber
13. This Dark Chamber
14. None of Us Will Ever Forget
15. Who Was That Lying Dead?
16. I’m Still Here
17. Ride on My Good Man
18. God Bless Us Everyone
      Performed by Andrea Bocelli

From the Intrada website:

CD world premiere of bright, tuneful Alan Silvestri soundtrack for Robert Zemeckis 3-D computer animated motion capture filming of Charles Dickens novel for Walt Disney Pictures, featuring Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman, Bob Hoskins. Silvestri brings abundance of festive mood, rousing action, magic and more with music for large orchestra, full chorus. Original scoring melds with seasonal favorites in dazzling blend of fantasy and color. Disney/Intrada co-brand features same program as previously released 2009 download version, but finally makes it available in high quality CD format for collectors. Gorgeous packaging adds further appeal. Director Zemeckis and composer Silvestri have enjoyed a lengthy, highly successful teaming that resulted in Back To The Future, Romancing The Stone, Castaway, The Polar Express, Forrest Gump, many others. A Christmas Carol is another such highlight! Alan Silvestri conducts.


Disney, "TinkerBell and the Lost Treasure", Walt Disney Records/Intrada #D002115502 (2009).[CD]

Original score composed and conducted by Joel McNeely.


01. Tapestry
02. If You Believe/Main Title (Performed by Lisa Kelly of Celtic Woman)
03. Pixie Dust Factory
04. Where Are You Off To?
05. Pixie Dust Express
06. The Hall of Scepters
07. Maybe I Can Help
08. The Fireworks Launcher
09. The Finishing Touch/I Had a Fight with Tink
10. Fairy Tale Theatre (Performed by Grey DeLisle and Julie Garnyé)
11. Tink Sails Away
12. Tink Tries for More Pixie Dust
13. I'm On My Own
14. Sailing Further North
15. Blaze the Stowaway
16. I'll Take First Watch
17. The Lost Island
18. Tink Finds the Arch
19. Troll Bridge Toll Bridge
20. The Ship That Sunk
21. Searching the Ship
22. They Find the Mirror of Encanta
23. I Was Wrong
24. Rat Attack
25. I Can't Do This Without You
26. Presenting the Autumn Scepter
27. Our Finest Revelry Ever
28. If You Believe, Part 2 (Performed by Lisa Kelly of Celtic Woman)
29. The Gift of a Friend* (Performed by Demi Lovato)
30. Where the Sunbeams Play (Performed by Méav Ni Mhalchatha)

From the Intrada website:

Our second "Disney Fairies" soundtrack release premieres Joel McNeely's sensational orchestral tour-de-force for Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure. A song album appeared in 2009 albeit offering none of McNeely's score. New Disney/Intrada co-brand now zeroes in on McNeely's music as well as spotlighting several key songs including wondrous, important "If You Believe". McNeely works with large orchestra, chorus, Celtic violin, ethnic woodwinds, creates richly textured environment for Tinker Bell's second adventure in Pixie Hollow, primarily involving breakage of moonstone that generates their precious pixie dust. Highlights literally abound: haunting, major-key chorus & orchestra envelopes "Hall Of Scepters", rousing, powerful "Tink Sails Away" with surging themes coming to fore, tender Celtic overtones of "Tink Tries For More", dramatic, imposing "The Ship That Sunk", aggressive, ferocious "Rat Attack" just a handful. Special attention due magnificent, fanfare-regal "Our Finest Revelry Ever" with its spectacular outbursts for brass as well as oft-requested entire "Fairy Tale Theater" sequence which melds dynamic storytelling with combination of Celtic opening, choral & orchestral development leading to fortissimo minor-key coda for entire ensemble. McNeely provides a stirring, melodically soaring and vibrant score throughout. An hour of musical riches! Joel McNeely conducts.


Various Artists, "Songs and Story:  UP", Walt Disney Records #__________ (2010).[CD]
Various Artists, "Songs and Story:  UP", Walt Disney Records #__________ (2010).[Amazon MP3 download]

Tracklist from Amazon download:

Up, Up and Away
Spinning Wheel
Another Day


Various Artists, "Songs and Story:  Mickey's Spooky Night", Walt Disney Records #_________ (2010).[CD]
Various Artists, "Songs and Story:  Mickey's Spooky Night", Walt Disney Records #_________ (2010).[Amazon MP3 download]

Tracklist from Amazon download:

I Wanna Scare Myself
Shake Your Bones
Which Witch Is Which?
Monster Mash
The Werewolf Song
Mickey's Spooky Night


Disney, "TinkerBell and the Great Fairy Rescue", Walt Disney Records/Intrada #D002136702 (2010).[CD]

Original score composed and conducted by Joel McNeely.


01. Introduction
02. Summer's Just Begun (Cara Dillon)
03. Fairy Camp!
04. The Horseless Carriage
05. Curious Tink
06. Lizzy Builds Her Fairy House
07. Tink and Vidia Discover the Fairy House
08. Tink Is Captured
09. Trying to Escape
10. We're Going to Build a Boat
11. Tink and Lizzy Meet
12. Tink Wants to Leave/Launching the Boat
13. How to Believe (Fairy Field Guide) (Holly Brooke)
14. Riding the Rapids
15. I'll Never Forget You
16. Tink Returns
17. Fixing Leaks
18. Father Never Hs Time for Me
19. Lizzie Flies!
20. Father Discovers Tink/Vidia Is Captured
21. Flying to London
22. Race to Save Vidia
23. Father Believes
24. A Fairy Tea Party
25. Summer's Just Begun (Reprise) (Cara Dillon)
26. How to Believe (EC Version) (Bridgit Mendler)
27. Come Flying with Me (Cara Dillon)

From the Intrada website:

Tinker Bell's third film adventure featuring Joel McNeely music gets premiere CD soundtrack release on Disney/Intrada co-brand! "The majestic countryside of England meets the magical world of Pixie Hollow" is vivid description of score in booklet introduction by director Bradley Raymond. As with two previous Tinker Bell scores, McNeely creates magical, magnificent musical portrait of Tink's world of wonder, adventure with full orchestral assist courtesy finest musicians in Los Angeles. Moments of magical melody trade with powerful episodes of action. In between are rich bars of sentiment, warmth, wonder. This time Tinker Bell attends English fairy camp, befriends human child Lizzie, gets trapped in fairy house. Rescue plans are soon underway. McNeely keeps pace with every moment of action and adventure with his array of orchestral color ranging from delicate celeste, flute and shimmering strings to pulse-racing flourishes for his entire orchestra. Dazzling music! Just two of many highlights: Rousing action of "We're Going To Build A Boat", gentle Vaughn Williams-style modality of "Tink And Lizzie Meet". Deserving extra spotlight is masterful "Tink Wants To Leave/Launching The Boat", which melds vernacular of above two highlights in one great sequence. In addition to McNeely score, CD also offers key songs "Summer's Just Begun", "How To Believe", "Come Flying With Me". Third Disney/Intrada co-brand in "Disney Fairies" series. Joel McNeely conducts.

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