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[Limited Edition Picture Disc labels]

Danny Elfman, "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas", Walt Disney Records #5008610081 ST01 (2003).[Hot Topic Limited Edition Picture Disc 2-LP Set]

This set was exclusively distributed by Hot Topic stores.


A1         Overture       
A2         Opening       
A3         This Is Halloween       
A4         Jack's Lament       
A5         Doctor Finklestein / In The Forest       
A6         What's This?       
A7         Town Meeting Song       
B1         Jack And Sally Montage       
B2         Jack's Obsession       
B3         Kidnap The Sandy Claws       
B4         Making Christmas       
C1         Nabbed       
C2         Oogie Boogie's Song       
C3         Sally's Song       
C4         Christmas Eve Montage       
C5         Poor Jack       
D1         To The Rescue       
D2         Finale / Reprise       
D3         Closing       
D4         End Title

Album credits:

Designed by David Braucher.
Music/Lyrics/Score and producer:  Danny Elfman.
Associate album producers:  Bob Badami, Richard Kraft.

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