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Various Artists, "House Disney - Electro Parade", Walt Disney Records [Japan] #AVCW-12762 (2010).[CD]


1    Nerdz Era –     It's A Small World [New York's World Fair]
Piano – Miki Sakata
Producer, Performer, Arranged And Mixed By – Nerdz Era (Broken Haze & Black Sebbath)
Vocals – KIDS Chorus Team

2    壱岐尾彩花 –     A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes [Cinderella]
Producer, Arranged By, Recorded & Mixed By – Goku
Vocals – Ayaka Ikio

3    MEG x Q;indivi –     When You Wish Upon A Star (HOUSE NATION Remix Edit) [Pinocchio]
Chorus [Additional] – Rin Oikawa
Performer – MEG, Q;indivi
Producer – Yusuke Tanaka [Q;indivi]
Recorded & Mixed By – Shunroku Hitani

4    Dexpistols –     Main Street Electrical Parade [Disneyland]
Producer, Performer, Arranged By – DJ Daruma, DJ Maar

5    Cargo –     Some Day My Prince Will Come [Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs]
Producer, Arranged, Recorded By, Mixed By – Goku
Vocals – Rino

6    i-dep –     Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah [Song Of The South]
Arranged By – Hiroshi Nakamura (i-dep)
Producer – i-dep

7    AMWE –     Part Of Your World [The Little Mermaid]
Producer, Performer – AMWE
Recorded & Mixed By – Todd Okawa

8    80kidz –     It's A Pirate (Baroque Remix) [Pirates Of The Caribbean]
Producer, Performer, Arranged By – 80kidz
Remix, Producer [Additional] – Baroque

9    UNKLE –     UNKLE Reconstruction (Incredibles Remix) [The Incredibles]
Performer – UNKLE

10    STEALTH, The –     Go The Distance [Hercules]
Backing Vocals – Andy Baldwin
Engineer – Takahiro Yamaguchi
Mixed By – Takahiro Yamaguchi
Recorded And Arranged By – Andy Baldwin
Recorded By – Tucker Page
Vocals – Dan Rosen

11    Shoes, The–     I Wanna Be Like You [The Jungle Book]
Producer, Performer, Arranged By – Shoes, The
Recorded And Mixed By – Shoes, The

12    DJ Kyoko –     Chim Chim Cher-ee [Mary Poppins]
Performer, Recorded & Mixed By – DJ Kyoko
Producer, Arranged By – DJ Kyoko
Supported By – Masayasu

13    DJ4th a.k.a. Yoshinori Okada (Anneagram) –     I'll Try [Peter Pan/Return To Neverland]
Producer, Performer – Anneagram (4th&BLAKK&Samy low)
Recording Engineer – Shin Hidenori
Vocals – Yurifa

14    AYUSE KOZUE –     Mickey Mouse March (RYUKYUDISKO REMIX)
Mixed By – Mine-Chang
Producer, Performer, Arranged By – AYUSE KOZUE

15    note native –     A Whole New World [Aladdin]
Arranged By – Naoyuki Honzawa, Tomoyuki Tajiri
Mixed By – Naoyuki Honzawa
Producer – Tomoyuki Tajiri (note native)
Programming – Naoyuki Honzawa, Tomoyuki Tajiri
Sax – Yu Akiyoshi
Vocals – Jun

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Daft Punk, "Derezzed" (from TRON:  Legacy), Walt Disney Records #BVPR003242 (2010).[Promo CD Single]

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Alanis Morissette, "I Remain", Walt Disney Records (no catalog number) (2010).[DJ / Promo CD-R Single]

Written by and performed by Alanis Morissette.

Released in a plastic wallet with a sticker attached to it.

As originally seen on


Various Artists, "StarStruck", Walt Disney Records [EU] #5099962743921 (2010).[CD]


1    Christopher Wilde –     StarStruck       
2    Christopher Wilde, Stubby –     Shades       
3    Christopher Wilde –     Hero       
4    Christopher Wilde, Anna Margaret –     Something About The Sunshine (Duet)       
5    Christopher Wilde –     What You Mean To Me       
6    Stubby –     Party Up       
7    Christopher Wilde –     Got To Belive       
8    Christopher Wilde –     Hero (Unplugged)       
9    Anna Margaret –     Something About The Sunshine (Solo)       
10    Anna Margaret –     New Boyfriend       
11    Mitchel Musso –     Welcome To Hollywood       
12    Jasmine Sagginario –     Make A Movie


They Might Be Giants, "Here Comes Science", Walt Disney Records #5099962744027 (2010).[CD and DVD Set]


CD-01         Science Is Real
Saxophone [Tenor Sax], Saxophone [Baritone Sax] – Stan Harrison
Trombone, Trombone [Bass Trombone] – Dan Levine
Trumpet – Curt Ramm, Michael Leonhart
CD-02         Meet The Elements    3:19   
CD-03         I Am A Paleontologist
Vocals – Danny Weinkauf
CD-04         The Bloodmobile    2:21   
CD-05         Electric Car
Arranged By [Horn Arrangement], Trombone, Horn [Alto Horn], Trombone [Bass Trombone], Euphonium – Dan Levine
Flute, Saxophone [Tenor Sax], Saxophone [Baritone Sax] – Stan Harrison
Piccolo Flute, Flute [Alto Flute], Saxophone [Alto Sax], Clarinet [Bass Clarinet] – Jonathan Levine
Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Mellophone – Michael Leonhart
Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Soloist [Trumpet] – Curt Ramm
Vocals – Robin Goldwasser
CD-06         My Brother The Ape    3:07   
CD-07         What Is A Shooting Star?    1:39   
CD-08         How Many Planets?    1:56   
CD-09         Why Does The Sun Shine?    2:37   
CD-10         Why Does The Sun Really Shine?    1:52   
CD-11         Roy G. Biv    2:07   
CD-12         Put It To The Test    1:42   
CD-13         Photosynthesis    1:59   
CD-14         Cells    2:42   
CD-15         Speed And Velocity
Vocals – Marty Beller
CD-16         Computer Assisted Design    0:55   
CD-17         Solid Liquid Gas    1:28   
CD-18         Here Comes Science    0:17   
CD-19         The Ballad Of Davy Crockett (In Outer Space)    2:16  

DVD-01         Science Is Real
Artwork By [Animated By] – Adam Sacks, Chris Conforti
Film Director – David Cowles
Film Director, Artwork By [Animated By] – Andy Kennedy
DVD-02         Meet The Elements
Artwork By [Created By] – Bill Morrison, Matt Eller
DVD-03         I Am A Paleontologist
Artwork By [Created By] – Sean McBride
DVD-04         The Bloodmobile
Artwork By [Created By] – Divya Srinivasan
DVD-05         Electric Car
Artwork By [Created By] – Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata
DVD-06         My Brother The Ape
Artwork By [Created By] – Matthew Canale
DVD-07         What Is A Shooting Star?
Artwork By [Created By] – Pascal Champion
DVD-08         How Many Planets?
Artwork By [Created By] – ColourMovie
DVD-09         Why Does The Sun Shine?
Artwork By [Created By] – Hine Mizushima
DVD-10         Why Does The Sun Really Shine?
Film Director – David Cowles
Film Director, Artwork By [Animated By] – Liesje Kraai
DVD-11         Roy G. Biv
Artwork By [Created By] – Divya Srinivasan
DVD-12         Put It To The Test
Film Director – David Cowles
Film Director, Artwork By [Animated By] – Jeremy Galante
DVD-13         Photosynthesis
Artwork By [Created By] – Pascal Champion
DVD-14         Cells
Film Director – David Cowles
Film Director, Artwork By [Animated By] – Jeremy Galante
DVD-15         Speed And Velocity
Artwork By [Created By] – Divya Srinivasan
DVD-16         Computer Assisted Design
Film Director – Rob Shaw
DVD-17         Solid Liquid Gas
Artwork By [Created By] – Lucy Blackwell
DVD-18         Here Comes Science
Artwork By [Created By] – Bill Morrison, Matt Eller
DVD-19         The Ballad Of Davy Crockett (In Outer Space)
Artwork By [Animated By] – Tiny Inventions
Film Director – David Cowles , Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata

Musician personnel and Album credits:

Artwork By [Cover Illustration] – David Cowles
Artwork By [Design] – Melissa Jun
Bass – Danny Weinkauf
Drums – Marty Beller
Executive Producer – David Agnew
Guitar – Dan Miller
Mastered By – UE Nastasi
Producer, Mixed By – Pat Dillett
Producer, Other [Dvd Production], Other [Creative Direction] – They Might Be Giants
Vocals – Danny Weinkauf (tracks: 3), Hannah Levine (tracks: 16), Kai Weinkauf (tracks: 3), Lena Weinkauf (tracks: 3), Niffer Levine (tracks: 16), Robin Goldwasser (tracks: 4-5, 8, 13)
Vocals, Guitar, Other [Etc.] – John Flansburgh
Vocals, Keyboards, Other [Etc.] – John Linnell
Written-By – Danny Weinkauf (tracks: 3), Hy Zaret (tracks: 7, 9), Louis Singer (tracks: 7, 9), Marty Beller (tracks: 15), They Might Be Giants (tracks: 1-2, 4-6, 8, 10-14, 16-19)

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Harry Gregson-Williams, "Prince of Persia:  The Sands of Time (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)", Walt Disney Records #D000469902 (2010).[CD]
Harry Gregson-Williams, "Prince of Persia:  The Sands of Time (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)", Walt Disney Records [EU] #5099964016825 (2010).[CD]


Prince Of Persia    5:20   
Raid On Alamut    6:32   
Tamina Unveiled    2:34   
The King And His Sons    2:59   
Dastan And Tamina Escape    4:30   
Journey Through The Desert    2:55   
Ostrich Race    0:58   
Running From Sheikh Amar    3:27   
Trusting Nizam    4:37   
Visions Of Death    1:46   
"So, You're Going To Help Me?"    2:20   
The Oasis Ambush    1:54   
Hassansin Attack    2:59   
Return To Alamut    3:05   
No Ordinary Dagger    4:39   
The Passages    3:09   
The Sands Of Time    3:58   
Destiny    3:38   
I Remain (performed by Alanis Morissette) 4:57

Musician personnel and Album credits:

Arranged By [Additional] – Anthony Lledo, Matthew Margeson
Cello [Electric] – Martin Tillman
Chorus Master [For The Apollo Voices] – Chris Foster
Composed By, Producer – Harry Gregson-Williams
Concertmaster – Perry Montague Mason
Executive Producer [Soundtrack Album] – Jerry Bruckheimer, Mike Newell
Music By [Additional] – Halli Cauthery
Orchestrated By – Geoff Stradling, Jennifer Hammond, Ladd McIntosh
Oud, Electric Guitar – Tony Morales
Percussion [Ethnic] – Hands On’Semble
Programmed By [Additional] – Hybrid, Toby Chu
Sitar, Electric Guitar – Anthony Lledo
Violin [Electric] – Hugh Marsh
Vocals – Khosro Ansari

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