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Stephen Gately, "Shooting Star", Walt Disney Records [EU] #WDR 10431 (1997).[DJ / Promo CD Single]

Arranged by Pete Adams
Conducted by Simon Lee
Produced by Nigel Wright

[German CD]

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[France CD]

Belinda Carlisle, "I Won't Say (I'm In Love)", Walt Disney Records [Germany] #060 449-2 (1997).[CD Maxi-Single]

Belinda Carlisle, "I Won't Say (I'm In Love)", Walt Disney Records [France] #WDR 35381 (1997).[CD Maxi-Single]

Tracklist for German version:

1    Belinda Carlisle –     I Won't Say (I'm In Love) (Radio Version)
Producer – Gary Wallis, Toby Chapman
2    Belinda Carlisle –     I Won't Say (I'm In Love)
Producer – Pascal Gabriel
3    Susan Egan –     I Won't Say (I'm In Love) (Cast Version)    2:20   

Song is from the Disney film "Hercules".

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Jenny MacKay, "L'Histoire De La Vie", Walt Disney Records [France] #WDR 35401 (1997).[CD Single]


1  L'Histoire De La Vie
2  Circle of Life


Walt Disney's CINDERELLA, Walt Disney Records #_________ (1997).[CD]


1. Main Title/Cinderella

2. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes

3. A Vistor/Caught in a Trap/Lucifer/Feed the Chickens/Breafast Is Served

4. The King's Plan

5. The Music Lesson/Oh, Sing Sweet Nightingale/Bad Boy Lucifer/A Message from

6. Little Dressmakers/The Work Song/Scavenger Hunt/A Dream Is a Wish Your

7. Where Did I Put That Thing/Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (The Magic Song)

8. Reception at the Palace/So This Is Love (The Cinderella Waltz)

9. The Stroke of Midnight/Thank You Fairy Godmother

10. Locked in the Tower/Gus and Jaq to the Rescue/Slipper Fittings/Cinder

11. I'm in the Middle of a Muddle [Demo Recoridng]

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[German Storyteller CD]

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[German Storyteller CS]

Various Artists, "Cinderella" (Storyteller record), Walt Disney Records [Germany] #19614 (1997).[CD]
Various Artists, "Cinderella" (Storyteller), Walt Disney Records [Germany] #0103514DNY (1997).[CS]

Album credits:

Narrator – Sonngard Böhlke
Producer – tonAtelier Liebethal & Szymczyk GmbH
Script By [Hörspielbearbeitung] – Elke Schützhold, Marian Szymczyk
Voice Actor – Alexa Von Poremski, Anneliese Würtz, Eduard Wandrey, Erika Goerner, Erwin Biegel, Eva Ingeborg Scholz, Friedel Schuster, Karl Meixner, Walter Bluhm

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