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Walt Disney Records (continued)



Walt Disney Pictures Presents JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH (An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack), Walt Disney Records #60905-0 (1996).[CS]


A1        My Name Is James       
A2        That's The Life       
A3        Eating The Peach
Lyrics By [Original Lyric By] Roald Dahl
A4        Family       
A5        Main Title       
A6        Clouds       
A7        Spiker, Sponge, And A Rhino       
A8        Magic Man       
A9        Into The Peach       
A10        James Makes Some Friends       
A11        The Peach Rolls       
A12        All At Sea / That's The Life (Reprise)       
B1        Giant Peach       
B2        100 Seagulls And One Shark       
B3        Lullaby       
B4        James' Dream       
B5        Way Off Course       
B6        The Rhino Attacks       
B7        Empire State Building       
B8        New York City       
B9        Spiker And Sponge Come To America       
B10        A Place Where Dreams Come True       
B11        Good News
Arranged By Mervyn Warren, Randy Newman
Arranged By [Horns] Jerry Hey

Musician personnel and Album credits:

Arranged By [Song Arrangements] Don Davis (4)
Arranged By [Vocal Arrangements] Michael Skloff
Art Direction [Album Art Direction] Deborah Keaton
Contractor [Orchestra Contractor] Sandy DeCrescent
Contractor [Vocal Contractor] Luana Jackman
Copyist [Music Preparation] Dominic Fidelibus, Jo Ann Kane Music Service
Design [Album Design] Julie Flahiff
Edited By [Assistant Music Editor] Shannon Erbe
Edited By [Music Editor] Bob Badami
Engineer [Assistant] Sue McLean
Engineer [Technical] Pat Weber
Executive Producer [Album] Chris Montan
Mastered By Gavin Lurssen
Music By, Songwriter [Songs By] Randy Newman
Orchestrated By Chris Boardman, Don Davis (4), Randy Newman, Steve Bramson
Producer Frank Wolf (tracks: A1 to B10), Mervyn Warren (tracks: B11), Michael Skloff (tracks: A1 to B10), Randy Newman
Recorded By [Additional Recording] Geoff Foster, John Vigran, Paul Hume
Recorded By, Mixed By Frank Wolf
Stage Manager [Scoring Stage Managers] Greg Dennen, Lane Burch, Mark Eshelman
Supervised By [Executive Music Production Supervisor] Andy Hill (2)
Supervised By [Song Production Supervisor] Michael Skloff
Vocals [Additional Vocal, Centipede] Jeff Bennett (3)
Vocals [Additional Vocal, Glowworm] Sally Stevens
Vocals [Additional Vocal, James] Drew Harrah
Vocals [Centipede] Richard Dreyfuss
Vocals [Earthworm] David Thewlis
Vocals [Glowworm] Miriam Margolyes
Vocals [James] Paul Terry
Vocals [Miss Spider] Susan Sarandon
Vocals [Mrs. Ladybug] Jane Leeves
Vocals [Old Green Grasshopper] Simon Callow

R-5178394-1386648160-7217.jpg  R-5178394-1386648171-5943.jpg

Various Artists, "Mickey Sports Songs", Walt Disney Records #60906-0 (1996).[CS]


A1         Centerfield
Vocals Mickey
A2         Dribble, Dribble, Dribble       
A3         Goofy's Skating ('Round The World)
Vocals Goofy
A4         Football Rock       
A5         Surfin' Medley (Surfin' Safari / Hawaii Five-O)
Vocals Goofy
A6         Go, Speed Racer, Go! (AKA Speed Racer)       
A7         Take Me Out To The Ball Game
Vocals Donald
A8         I Go Swimming       
B1         Rock The Pond (From Mighty Ducks II)       
B2         Pump Up The Jam       
B3         Casey At The Bat       
B4         Hey, Mickey!
Vocals Daisy, Mickey's Cheerleading Squad, Minnie
B5         I Know I Can
Vocals Minnie
B6         We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions
Vocals Donald, Goofy, Mickey, Minnie

R-4510957-1367287031-1488.jpg  R-4510957-1367287169-1999.png   R-4510957-1367287039-4990.jpg

Michael Kamen, "101 Dalmatians", Walt Disney Records #60911-2 (1996).[CD]
Michael Kamen, "101 Dalmatians", Walt Disney Records #60911-0 (1996).[CS]


Dr. John      Cruella De Vil       
L.A. All Star Orchestra      One Hundred And One Dalmatians (Main Titles)/Good Morning, Pongo/Walking The Dogs       
L.A. All Star Orchestra      The House Of De Vil (Cruella's Catwalk)/Love At First Sight/Roger Goes Swimming       
L.A. All Star Orchestra      Daisy, Daisy (Anita Goes Swimming)       
L.A. All Star Orchestra      The Wedding (Cup Of Marriage)/Horace And Jasper/Skinner       
L.A. All Star Orchestra      Going To Have A Puppy/I Adore Puppies       
L.A. All Star Orchestra      Birth (15 Puppies)/The Heist       
L.A. All Star Orchestra      Kipper The Die Hard Dog       
L.A. All Star Orchestra      Woof On The Roof       
L.A. All Star Orchestra      Rescue       
L.A. All Star Orchestra      Kipper Finds The Puppies       
L.A. All Star Orchestra      Pup, Pup, Pup, Pup, Puppies       
L.A. All Star Orchestra      Reunion In The Barn       
L.A. All Star Orchestra      Puppies In The Mist       
L.A. All Star Orchestra      Home-One Big Happy Family   


Various Artists, "Mouse House:  Disney's Dance Mixes", Walt Disney Records #60914-7 (1996).[CD]


1    Donna Summer      Someday       
2         Beauty And The Beast
Backing Vocals Valerie Davis
Lead Vocals Carmen Carter
3    Robin S.      Colors Of The Wind       
4         The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room (Macarena Dance Version)
Vocals Marco Marinangeli, Mary Hylan
5         So This Is Love       
6    Sebastian      Kiss The Girl       
7         Cruella De Vil
Vocals Betty Lou Gerson, Bill Lee, Lisa Davis
8         Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Vocals Jilien
9         Under The Sea
Backing Vocals Andrea Martin
Lead Vocals Mark Lennon
10         I Just Can't Wait To Be King
Vocals Denny Leroux
11         If I Never Knew You
Vocals Joey Diggs, Valerie Davis
12         Topsy Turvy
Vocals Randy Crenshaw

Produced by Harold J. Kleiner, Michael Becker.

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Walt Disney Records Presents Disney's MUSIC FROM THE PARK, Walt Disney Records #60915-7 (1996).[CD]



Album produced by Allen Sides.
Executive Producers:  Carolyn Mayer Beug and Harold J. Kleiner.

U.S.-CD_Front.jpg  U.S.%20Label.png  U.S.-CD_Back.jpg
[Canada CD]

Louis Armstrong, DISNEY SONGS THE SATCHMO WAY, Walt Disney Records #60920-7 (1996).[CD Reissue]

Louis Armstrong, DISNEY SONGS THE SATCHMO WAY, Walt Disney Records [Canada] #60920-7 (1996).[CD Reissue]

This was originally issued on the Buena Vista Records label on LP.


Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah    2:23   
Ten Feet Off The Ground    2:46   
Heigh-Ho (The Dwarfs' Marching Song)    2:37   
Whistle While You Work    1:56   
Chim Chim Cher-ee    6:41   
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo    2:08   
'Bout Time    2:54   
The Ballad Of Davy Crockett    3:15   
The Bare Necessities    2:27   
When You Wish Upon A Star    4:26   

EXTRAS!  .pdf containing all liner notes, photos & track details for the Canada issued CD

Album credits:

Arranged By Maxwell Davies
Lyrics By Larry Morey (tracks: 3, 4)
Lyrics By, Music By Richard M. Sherman (tracks: 2, 5, 7), Robert B. Sherman (tracks: 2, 5, 7)
Music By Frank Churchill (tracks: 3, 4)
Producer Tutti Camarata

R-3444516-1335598418.jpg  R-3444516-1335598448.png  R-3444516-1335598440.jpg

R-3444516-1335598457.jpg  R-3444516-1335598465.jpg  R-3444516-1335598473.jpg

Various Artists, "First Kid" (An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack), Walt Disney Records #60923-7 (1996).[CD]


1    Sounds Of Blackness      The Pressure Pt. 1
Producer Gary Hines, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis

2    Devo      Girl U Want
Producer Devo
Written-By Gerald Casale, Mark Mothersbaugh

3    Good Girls, The      Your Sweetness (Is My Weakness)
Producer John "L.A. Jay" Barnes III, Kyle
Written-By John Barnes III, Kymberli Armstrong

4    J'son      I'll Never Stop Lovin' You
Producer, Arranged By, Written-By Steve Diamond
Written-By Jason Blume

5    Yello      How How
Composed By, Arranged By, Engineer Boris Blank
Lyrics By, Vocals Dieter Meier
Producer Yello

6    Chill Rob G      The Power
Producer, Mixed By 45 King
Written-By Benito Benitez, John Garrett III, Mark James, Robert Frazier, Toni C., Antoinette Colandreo

7    Lalah Hathaway      Anyone Can Be A Hero
Producer Arvel McClinton
Written-By Greg Gerard, Michael Jay

8    Diamond Mine, The with Joey Richey      I Can Love You Like That
Producer, Written-By Steve Diamond
Written-By Jennifer Kimball, Maribeth Derry

9    Sha-Shees      Higher
Producer, Written-By Stanley Smith
Written-By Jilien Manges

10    Darrell Black      We Got It Goin' On
Producer [Executive] Michael Fey
Producer, Written-By Adrian Peritore, Arlene Matza, Jon Jackson

11         First Kid Main Title (Score)
Composed By, Conductor, Producer Richard Gibbs
Contractor [Orchestra] Isobel Griffiths
Orchestrated By Patrick Russ
Recorded By, Mixed By Robert Fernandez
Technician [Preparation] Vic Fraser

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