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Austin & Ally, "Glee Club Mash Up", Walt Disney Records #_________ (2014).[CD]

Various Artists, "Frozen (Disney's Karaoke Series)", Walt Disney Records #________ (Release date:  4-15-2014).[CD]

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China Anne McClain, "Dancin' By Myself (from "A.N.T. Farm")", Walt Disney Records (no catalog number) (2014).[Amazon MP3 download]

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Dove Cameron, "On Top of the World (From "Liv and Maddie")", Walt Disney Records (no catalog number) (2014).[Amazon MP3 download]

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Bella Thorne, "Ring Ring (Hey Girls) (From "Shake It Up")", Walt Disney Records (no catalog number) (2014).[Amazon MP3 download]

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Zendaya, "Remember Me (From "Shake It Up")", Walt Disney Records (no catalog number) (2014).[Amazon MP3 download]

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Marvel, "Captain America - The Winter Soldier" (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Walt Disney Records/Intrada #D001872392 (2014).[CD]

Music by Henry Jackman.


01. Lemurian Star
02. Project Insight
03. The Smithsonian
04. An Old Friend
05. Fury
06. The Winter Soldier
07. Fallen
08. Alexander Pierce
09. Taking A Stand
10. Frozen In Time
11. Hydra
12. Natasha
13. The Causeway
14. Time To Suit Up
15. Into The Fray
16. Countdown
17. End Of The Line
18. Captain America
19. It’s Been A Long, Long Time
      Performed By Harry James & His Orchestra
20. Trouble Man
      Performed By Marvin Gaye

From the Intrada website:

Original soundtrack from wildly popular second installment of Captain America franchise from Marvel Studios & Walt Disney Pictures, directed by Anthony & Joe Russo, starring Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Redford. The filmmakers just keep getting these right: inter-related characters from The Avengers share both separate, linked storylines, this time focusing on Steve Rogers (a.k.a. Captain America), Nick Fury and Natasha Romanoff (a.k.a. Black Widow) plus surprises. Principal stars play with sincerity, supporting actor Robert Redford brings extra gravitas to his role as Alexander Pierce, writers do the story justice and everything moves at terrific pace. Box office success indicates fans like what they see and hear. Henry Jackman tackles scoring assignment with music both traditional in orchestral color, current in electronic vibe. Highlights are many: Warm, Coplandesque Americana for strings, trumpet stand tall during early "Project Insight" sequence with Smithsonian images, elegiac strings lead during solemn "Fallen", lean bassoon and austere harmonies for low brass anchor "Alexander Pierce", intense rhythms for percussion, low strings, bass trombone propel action of "Taking A Stand". Deserving special spotlight is moving, serious "Time To Suit Up": strings, trumpet build to crescendo, then upper strings join as orchestra delivers the goods. Considerable action follows, melding both dizzying state-of-the-art electronic rhythms with staccato trumpet, triumphant French horn, intense trombone. Just like the picture, Jackman expertly keeps one foot in past, one foot in present. Generous 75-minute CD with dynamic sonics, terrific portraits of lead characters inside booklet add up to dynamite experience! Nick Wollage records at magnificent Air Lyndhurst Studios in London. For fans of Marvel, Disney, Jackman and great entertainment, both movie and score deliver a knockout! CD released in Hollywood Records, Marvel Studios & Intrada co-brand series. Gavin Greenaway conducts.


Disney, "Maleficent", Walt Disney Records #1908702 (2014).[CD]

Music composed by James Newton Howard.


1. Maleficent Suite (6:39)
2. Welcome to the Moors (1:05)
3. Maleficent Flies (4:40)
4. Battle of the Moors (4:59)
5. Three Peasant Women (1:05)
6. Go Away (2:26)
7. Aurora and the Fawn (2:29)
8. The Christening (5:31)
9. Prince Phillip (2:29)
10. The Spindle’s Power (4:36)
11. You Could Live Here Now (2:27)
12. Path of Destruction (1:48)
13. Aurora in Faerieland (4:41)
14. The Wall Defends Itself (1:06)
15. The Curse Won’t Reverse (1:21)
16. Are You Maleficent? (2:11)
17. The Army Dances (1:28)
18. Phillip’s Kiss (2:21)
19. The Iron Gauntlet (1:35)
20. True Love’s Kiss (2:33)
21. Maleficent is Captured (7:42)
22. The Queen of Faerieland (3:25)
23. Once Upon A Dream (3:20)
Song Performed by Lana Del Rey


Disney, "Muppets Most Wanted" (Original Score), Walt Disney Records #D002018902 (2014).[CD]

Original score composed by Christophe Beck.


01. The World’s Most Dangerous Frog
02. Let’s Do It
03. Hole in the Wall Club
04. Dominic Badguy
05. Froggy Canal+
06. Sam Meets Jean
07. Secret Lemon Juice Writing++
08. Back at the Gulag
09. Colonel Blood’s Key++
10. Travel by Map
11. Goodnight Danny Trejo++
12. Following Dominic
13. Discovered
14. My Amphibian Prince+
15. You Complete Me
16. The Proposal
17. Without Kermit+
18. No One Noticed
19. Babies+, ++
20. Wedding Interruptus
21. What an Action Sequence!
22. Piggy Smooch+
23. We’re Sorry Kermit
24. End Credits*
25. To Hollywood*
26. Maniacal Laugh
27. The Search for the Frog*++
28. Moral Support
29. Getting Gonzo
30. Rebuffed*
31. Traveling by Map
32. Man of Muppets
33. Muppet Man
34. The Muppet Party
35. Got the Show
36. Theatre in Ruins
37. Pig vs. Poog++
38. Under the Stars
39. Breakneck Driving
40. Jack Black Attack
41. The Telethon Takeoff
42. Tex Reciprocates
43. The First Call
44. Scooter Takeover
45. Photo Reunion
46. The Last Act
47. We Fail Together

From the Intrada website:

Walt Disney Records/Intrada co-brand presents dynamic original score CD from Disney's second Muppet movie, directed by James Bobin, featuring ever popular Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Great Gonzo, Rowlf, many others. Lending support for these Muppets Most Wanted are Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell, Tina Fey. World tour, jewel heist, Kermit imposter all inspire Christophe Beck to create rapid-fire symphonic soundscape that races with virtuoso orchestral ideas coming from all sides. Chorus adds rich eastern Europe color. Beck balances between high energy, sentimental warmth but gives weight to the former in stunning, crisp recording made by Casey Stone at Sony Scoring Stage. Composer displays masterful flair for retaining coherency of style while hurtling forward at frenetic pace. Highlights are many but deserving spotlight is rousing, aptly-named "What An Action sequence". Terrific "bonus" features Beck's equally rousing orchestral score for initial Disney installment, The Muppets, released in 2011, also directed by James Bobin, starring same beloved characters with support from Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Chris Cooper. Here Beck visits variety of musical styles from wildly symphonic to impressively Vaudeville. As with Muppets Most Wanted, overall tone of music for The Muppets is serious, exciting, giving weight and emotion to famed critters that came from the mind of Jim Henson. Tim Davies conducts. Grab on!


Disney, "McFarland, USA", Walt Disney Records #2064902 (2015).[CD]

Music by Antonio Pinto.


1. Juntos (Together) - performed by Juanes 3:18
2. The Real McFarlands 2:39
3. Me and Baby - performed by Brother War 3:26
4. Let's Hit It Again  1:54
5. Lord's Prayer  3:48
6. Watermelon Man - performed by Mongo Santamaria 2:26
7. Barbie Bike  1:45
8. Flashlight - performed by Parliament 4:29
9. Convoy to State  2:05
10. Whittier Blvd. - performed by Thee Midniters 2:28
11. Beach  2:26
12. This Ain't Golf  2:10
13. That's Not Danny Diaz  7:52
14. McFarland Theme  2:43
15. America - performed by Los Tigres del Norte 3:02


Disney, "Into The Woods", Walt Disney Records #2076392 (2014).[CD]

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim.


Disc 1
1. Prologue: Into the Woods – Company – Into the Woods
2. Cinderella at the Grave – Joanna Riding
3. Hello, Little Girl – Johnny Depp
4. Rapunzel’s Song – Mackenzie Mauzy
5. The Cape as Red as Blood – Stephen Sondheim
6. The Cow as White as Milk – James Corden
7. Magic Beans – Stephen Sondheim
8. Rapunzel’s Hair – Stephen Sondheim
9. Granny’s Cottage – Stephen Sondheim
10. I Know Things Now – Lilla Crawford
11. The Beanstalk Grows – Stephen Sondheim
12. Cinderella Runs – Stephen Sondheim
13. A Very Nice Prince – Anna Kendrick
14. Giants in the Sky – Daniel Huttlestone
15. “Who Cares!” – Stephen Sondheim
16. Baker and Wife Part – Stephen Sondheim
17. Princes’ Fanfare – Stephen Sondheim
18. Agony – Chris Pine
19. The Forbidden Tower – Stephen Sondheim
20. “May I Compare This Ear of Corn?” – Stephen Sondheim
21. It Takes Two – James Corden
22. Two Midnights Gone – Stephen Sondheim
23. One Day Left – Stephen Sondheim
24. Stay With Me – Meryl Streep
25. Jack Chops Down the Beanstalk – Stephen Sondheim
26. On the Steps of the Palace – Anna Kendrick
27. “She Won’t Get Far With One Shoe” – Stephen Sondheim
28. Searching for Cinderella – Stephen Sondheim
29. Careful My Toe – Christine Baranski
30. The Slipper Fits – Stephen Sondheim
31. Rapunzel’s Tear – Stephen Sondheim
32. “This Cow Is Covered With Flour” – Stephen Sondheim
33. Almost Midnight – Stephen Sondheim
34. The Witch’s Transformation – Stephen Sondheim

Disc 2
1. Ever After (Instrumental) – Stephen Sondheim
2. Back Into the Woods – Stephen Sondheim
3. Find the Boy – Stephen Sondheim
4. Witch’s Lament – Meryl Streep
5. Any Moment – Chris Pine
6. Moments in the Woods – Emily Blunt
7. Your Fault – James Corden
8. Last Midnight – Meryl Streep
9. No More (Instrumental) – Stephen Sondheim
10. The Far Away Prince – Stephen Sondheim
11. No One Is Alone – James Corden
12. The Giant Attack – Stephen Sondheim
13. Finale/Children Will Listen (Part 1) – James Corden
14. Finale/Children Will Listen (Part 2) – Company – Into the Woods
15. Stay With Me (Instrumental) – Stephen Sondheim
16. Last Midnight (Instrumental) – Stephen Sondheim


Disney, "Big Hero 6", Walt Disney Records #2118502 (2014).[CD]

Original Score composed by Henry Jackman.


1. Immortals (Fall Out Boy)
2. Hiro Hamada
3. Nerd School
4. Microbots
5. Tadashi
6. Inflatable Friend
7. Huggable Detective
8. The Masked Man
9. One of the Family
10. Upgrades
11. The Streets of San Fransokyo
12. To the Manor Born
13. So Much More
14. First Flight
15. Silent Sparrow
16. Family Reunion
17. Big Hero 6
18. I Am Satisfied With My Care
19. Signs of Life
20. Reboot


Disney's "Cinderella" (Live-Action Film Soundtrack), Walt Disney Records #2179702 (2015).[CD]

Music by Patrick Doyle.


1. A Golden Childhood (Patrick Doyle)
2. The Great Secret (Patrick Doyle)
3. A New Family (Patrick Doyle)
4. Life and Laughter (Patrick Doyle)
5. The First Branch (Patrick Doyle)
6. Nice and Airy (Patrick Doyle)
7. Orphaned (Patrick Doyle)
8. The Stag (Patrick Doyle)
9. Rich Beyond Reason (Patrick Doyle)
10. Fairy Godmother (Patrick Doyle)
11. Pumpkins and Mice (Patrick Doyle)
12. You Shall Go (Patrick Doyle)
13. Valse Royale (Patrick Doyle)
14. Who Is She (Patrick Doyle)
15. La Valse de L'Amour (Patrick Doyle)
16. La Valse Champagne (Patrick Doyle)
17. La Polka Militaire (Patrick Doyle)
18. La Polka de Paris (Patrick Doyle)
19. A Secret Garden (Patrick Doyle)
20. La Polka de Minuit (Patrick Doyle)
21. Choose That One (Patrick Doyle)
22. Pumpkin Pursuit (Patrick Doyle)
23. The Slipper (Patrick Doyle)
24. Shattered Dreams (Patrick Doyle)
25. Searching the Kingdom (Patrick Doyle)
26. Ella and Kit (Patrick Doyle)
27. Courage and Kindness (Patrick Doyle)
28. Strong (Sonna Rele)
29. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes (Lily James)
30. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (The Magic Song) (Helena Bonham Carter)


Various Artists, "Tomorrowland", Walt Disney Records #D002065402 (2015).[CD]
24 Tracks.
Music by Michael Giacchino.


01. A Story About The Future
02. A Prologue
03. You’ve Piqued My Pin-Trist
04. Boat Wait, There’s More!
05. Edge Of Tomorrowland
06. Casey V Zeitgeist
07. Home Wheat Home
08. Pin-Ultimate Experience
09. A Touching Tale
10. World’s Worst Shop Keepers
11. Just Get In The Car
12. Texting While Driving
13. Frank Frank
14. All House Assault
15. People Mover And Shaker
16. What An Eiffel!
17. Welcome Back, Walker!
18. Sphere And Loathing
19. As The World Burns
20. The Battle Of Bridgeway
21. The Hail Athena Pass
22. Electric Dreams
23. Pins Of A Feather
24. End Credits

From the Intrada website:

Available on CD exclusively from Disney (Amazon) and Intrada! Magnificent, epic-scale orchestral score by Michael Giacchino for Walt Disney sci-fi mystery, directed by Brad Bird, written by Bird with Damon Lindelof (Lost), starring George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Britt Robertson. Set within numerous eras (the 1960's, the future) including time and places unknown, fanciful adventure offers time travel, robots, androids, dreamers, teleportation... and powerhouse music to match. Admirably in command, Michael Giacchino anchors overall score with sonorous, major-key theme, then surrounds it with lengthy, colorful cues, dynamic action sequences. Moments of intense harmonic vernacular have their say but Giacchino focuses instead on classic "sixties-style" scoring with accessible, ever-present theme and stirring secondary theme close by. Another cool asset: propulsive rhythms, typically heard via repeating string figures with arpeggio-like melodic percussion as accompaniment, provide richly rewarding forward momentum to thrilling music throughout. "Pin Ultimate Experience" gives this rhythmic idea a particularly generous workout! Other highlights abound: rousing excitement of "World's Worst Shop Keepers", intense action of "All House Assault", "Battle Of Bridgeway", animated energy of "People Mover And Shaker". Deserving special spotlight is "What An Eiffel": Here, soaring major-key themes emerge with resounding brass climaxes while unrelenting string rhythms drive lengthy piece towards inexorable finish. Similar kudos to powerhouse "Pins Of A Feather" that brings score proper to grandiose finish. (Subsequent "End Credits" are extra layer of sensational frosting on top!) This is lavish, masterful film music of the highest order. Bravo Giacchino!


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Various Artists, "The Jungle Book", Walt Disney Records #____________ (2016).[Picture Disc LP]

This double sided picture disc vinyl includes the original motion picture soundtrack from the animated film.


1.  Overture

2.  Baby

3.  Colonel Hathi’s March (The Elephant Song)

4.  The Bare Necessities

5. I Wan’na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)

6.  Tell Him

7.  Colonel Hathi’s March (Reprise)

8.  Jungle Beat

9.  Trust in Me (The Python’s Song)

10.  What’cha Wanna Do

11.  That’s What Friends are For ( The Vulture Song)

12.  Tiger Fight

13.  Poor Bear

14.  My Own Home (The Jungle Book Theme)

15.  The Bare Necessities (Reprise)

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