The Lite Bite restaurant at Lake Buena Vista Village, 1976.

Walt Disney Records (continued)


Various Artists, "Frankenweenie Unleashed!", Walt Disney Records [UK] (no catalog number) (2012).[DJ / Promo CD]


1    Karen O –     Strange Love    3:03   
2    Neon Trees –     Electric Heart (Stay Forever)    4:41   
3    Mark Foster –     Polartropic (You Don't Understand Me)    4:21   
4    Passion Pit –     Almost There    4:16   
5    Plain White T's –     Pet Sematary    3:46   
6    Kimbra –     With My Hands    3:33   
7    Awolnation –     Everybody's Got A Secret    3:42   
8    Kerli –     Immortal    4:16   
9    Grace Potter With Flaming Lips, The –     My Mechanical Friend    4:16   
10    Imagine Dragons –     Lost Cause    3:50   
11    Grouplove –     Underground    3:10   
12    Skylar Grey –     Building A Monster    4:22   
13    Robert Smith –     Witchcraft    4:11   
14    Winona Ryder –     Praise Be New Holland    0:54

Out on CD and digital download 15th October 2012.

White CD, black prints, released in PVC sleeve with gatefold 5" insert, blank inside.
Original cover artwork on front, black prints on white on the back.


Disney - PIXAR, TOY STORY 3 (An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack), Walt Disney Records/Intrada #D001734402 (2012).[CD]

Music composed and conducted by Randy Newman.

Tracklist and performers:

1    Randy Newman –    We Belong Together    4:02   
2    Gipsy Kings –    You’ve Got A Friend In Me (Para El Buzz Espaρol)    2:14   
3    Randy Newman –    Cowboy!    4:10   
4    Randy Newman –    Garbage?    2:40   
5    Randy Newman –    Sunnyside    2:20   
6    Randy Newman –    Woody Bails    4:40   
7    Randy Newman –    Come To Papa    2:05   
8    Randy Newman –    Go See Lotso    3:36   
9    Randy Newman –    Bad Buzz    2:21   
10    Randy Newman –    You Got Lucky    5:58   
11    Randy Newman –    Spanish Buzz    3:31   
12    Randy Newman –    What About Daisy?    2:07   
13    Randy Newman –    To The Dump    3:50   
14    Randy Newman –    The Claw    3:56   
15    Randy Newman –    Going Home    3:22   
16    Randy Newman –    So Long    4:55   
17    Randy Newman –    Zu-Zu (Ken’s Theme)    0:34

From the Intrada website:

Cool news! World premiere CD release of Randy Newman's exciting, colorful and sentimental soundtrack for finale to legendary animation trilogy from Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios, directed by Lee Unkrich, showcasing final adventures of Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Newman offers flavorful score rich with colorful Americana, rousing excitement, gentle nostalgia, warm sentiment. Walt Disney Records/Intrada co-branded CD premiere also features hit Randy Newman theme song "We Belong Together" and Spanish-language version of "You've Got A Friend In Me" that features in terrific storyline. Handsome packaging includes generous array of color stills, shots of composer Newman, director Unkrich at recording sessions, brief notes from both men plus lyrics for two songs. Stunning recording by David Boucher, vivid orchestrations by Jonathan Sacks, Don Davis & Randy Newman. Newman also conducts. Exciting addition to ongoing Disney-Intrada co-branded CD soundtrack series!


Elmer Bernstein, "The Black Cauldron (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)", Walt Disney Records/Intrada #D001744102 (2012).[CD]


1         Prologue    1:08   
2         Dalben And The Warrior    3:56   
3         A Special Pig And A Vision    2:46
4         Journey    3:32   
5         Gurgi    4:31   
6         Decision    2:23   
7         Belly Good    1:08   
8         The Horned King    1:23   
9         A Second Vision    2:21   
10         First Chase    1:36   
11         Eilonwy    1:57   
12         Rats And Tombs    2:21   
13         Escape    1:45   
14         Second Chase    4:02   
15         In The Forest    1:27   
16         Apology    3:16   
17         Whirlpool    2:13   
18         Fairfolk    3:08   
19         Incantation    1:51   
20         Morva    4:12   
21         The Deal     0:57   
22         Surrender    0:54   
23         Disappointment    1:51   
24         Confidence    2:05   
25         Cauldron Born    3:32   
26         Sacrifice    2:24   
27         Destruction    2:33   
28         He's Gone    2:01   
29         Bubble Up    0:43   
30         X-Change    1:32   
31         Gurgi Lives    2:07   
32         End Titles    4:00

From the Intrada website:

At last! Treat for Elmer Bernstein fans, Disney soundtrack fans and lovers of great film music in general! World premiere of Elmer Bernstein's actual soundtrack for Walt Disney Pictures animation fantasy, directed by Ted Berman, Richard Rich. Not to be confused with roughly half hour of re-recorded highlights done by composer in Utah, new Disney/Intrada release offers all 75 minutes of music in dynamic stereo from actual multi-track soundtrack scoring session masters, lovingly produced by Disney's Randy Thornton. Bernstein offers wall-to-wall music for ambitious tale of young hero battling evil Horned King with titular cauldron at heart of conflict. Massive score plays as part of composer's high profile eighties animation/fantasy/sci-fi canon that includes HEAVY METAL, SATURN 3, GHOSTBUSTERS, SLIPSTREAM, SPACEHUNTER. Numerous themes populate florid score, colorful orchestrations abound. Spotlight splits between animated ideas for characters, thundering action they encounter. CD packaging sports beautiful cover painting of cauldron, liner notes by Jeff Bond & producer Thornton plus gorgeous full color shots of theatrical poster, detailed animation scenes, composer Bernstein at scoring sessions. Exciting entry in Disney/Intrada on-going series of classic soundtracks restored from the Disney vaults. Elmer Bernstein conducts.


Marvel, "The Avengers" (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Walt Disney Records/Intrada #D001759402 (2012).[CD]

Music composed and conducted by Alan Silvestri.


01. Arrival (2:59)
02. Doors Open from Both Sides (3:29)
03. Tunnel Chase (4:47)
04. Interrogation (2:38)
05. Stark Goes Green (4:46)
06. Helicarrier (2:09)
07. Subjugation (3:40)
08. Don't Ta ke My Stuff (5:06)
09. Red Ledger (5:10)
10. Assault (4:25)
11. They Called It (2:41)
12. Performance Issues (4:56)
13. Seeing, Not Believing (4:25)
14. Assemble (5:21)
15. I Got a ride (4:00)
16. A Little Help (3:49)
17. One Way Trip (5:50)
18. A Promise (3:34)
19. The Avengers (2:03)

From the Intrada website: 

Powerhouse action is name of the game! Alan Silvestri returns to duty with Marvel's famous crime fighting characters in epic adventure directed by Joss Whedon. Inspired by heroics & derring-do of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow all combined in ambitious action tale, Silvestri writes what may be his biggest, most exciting and (arguably) his loudest film score! Adding muscle to dynamic score is presence of composer's proud major-key fanfare-theme first heard in Marvel's hit 2011 film Captain America, reprised here in new variants judiciously throughout thundering action sequences. Plethora of new ideas plus intriguing new theme in eastern European mode for Black Widow. Additional assets are lengthy cues, in-your-face playing by 80-piece orchestra, dramatically captured in weighted recording by Dennis Sands made in London. For this generous 76-minute CD, Alan Silvestri and long-time associate David Bifano produced a dynamic album exclusively for Hollywood Records/Intrada. Rounding out handsome Paramount Pictures/Marvel Studios presentation, director Whedon contributes personalized notes plus booklet features array of color stills showcasing iconic characters. Alan Silvestri conducts.


Danny Elfman, "Frankenweenie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)", Walt Disney Records D001766302 (2012).[CD]
Danny Elfman, "Frankenweenie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)", Walt Disney Records [EU] #C2326922 (2012).[CD]
Danny Elfman, "Frankenweenie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)", Walt Disney Records [Asia] #8728139 (2012).[CD] (marketed and distributed in South East Asia only)

Tracklist with Bonus Tracks:

1         Frankenweenie Disney Logo    0:37
2         Main Titles    2:19
3         Mr. Burgermeister/Noses Meet    2:16
4         Game Of Death    2:20
5         The Funeral    2:38
6         Electricity    3:27
7         Re-Animation    5:15
8         Sparky's Day Out    1:53
9         Dad's Talk    0:49
10         The Bride/Edgar Knows    2:19
11         Invisible Fish/Search For Sparky    4:41
12         A Premonition    1:25
13         The Speech    1:20
14         Mom's Discovery/Farewell    1:29
15         Getting Ready    2:38
16         Making Monsters    6:43
17         Pool Monsters Attack    1:50
18         Mad Monster Party    1:58
19         Final Confrontation    2:56
20         Happy Ending    3:25
      Bonus Tracks
21         Alternate Main Titles    2:18
22         Over The Fence      1:15

Music composed and produced by Danny Elfman.

R-3910356-1348929076-7446.jpg  R-3910356-1348929091-1664.png  R-3910356-1348929080-8991.jpg

Various Artists, "Frankenweenie Unleashed!", Walt Disney Records #D001766492 (2012).[Enhanced CD]

Released in tri-fold digipak with 16 page booklet & translucent front sticker.
Front cover glows in the dark.
Enhanced content includes links to different Disney websites.


1    Karen O –     Strange Love
Engineer – Reed Black
Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Tambourine, Lap Steel Guitar – Jaleel Bunton
Producer, Mixed By, Keyboards [Additional], Electronics – JG Thirlwell
Vibraphone, Percussion, Piano, Synthesizer – Yuske Yamamoto
Written-By, Vocals – Karen O
2    Neon Trees –     Electric Heart (Stay Forever)
Bass – Branden Campbell
Drums, Backing Vocals – Elaine Bradley
Guitar – Christopher Allen
Lyrics By, Music By, Vocals, Keyboards – Tyler Glenn
Mixed By – Billy Bush
Producer, Programmed By, Keyboards – Justin Meldal-Johnsen
Recorded By – Scott Wiley
Recorded By [Additional] – Stephen Shirk
3    Mark Foster –     Polartropic (You Don't Understand Me)
Producer, Mixed By – Isom Innis
Written-By, Producer – Mark Foster
4    Passion Pit –     Almost There
Written-By – Michael Angelakos
5    Plain White T's –     Pet Sematary
Mixed By – Joe Zook
Producer – Augie Schmidt, Dan Monahan
Written-By – Daniel Rey, Dee Dee Ramone, Joey Ramone, Johnny Ramone
6    Kimbra –     With My Hands
Producer, Mixed By – Damian Taylor
Written-By – Damian Taylor, Kimbra
7    Awolnation –     Everybody's Got A Secret
Engineer, Mixed By – Eric Stenman
Written-By, Producer – Aaron Bruno
8    Kerli –     Immortal
Electric Bass, Edited By [Vocals] – Jon Rezin
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Kerli
Mixed By – Jon Rezin, Toby Gad
Producer, Instruments, Programmed By – Toby Gad
Programmed By [Strings] – Josh Cumbee
Written-By – Kerli Koiv, Lindy Robbins, Toby Gad
9    Grace Potter Featuring Flaming Lips, The –     My Mechanical Friend
Bass, Drums, Guitar – Steven Drozd
Engineer – Grace Potter, Mack Hawkins
Lyrics By – Grace Potter, Wayne Coyne
Mixed By – Rich Costey
Mixed By [Assisted] – Chris Kaysch
Music By, Vocals, Keyboards, Noises [Machine] – Grace Potter
Producer – Grace Potter, Rich Costey
Producer [Additional] – Flaming Lips, The
Vocals – Wayne Coyne
10    Imagine Dragons –     Lost Cause
Bass [Additional], Guitar – J Browz
Producer – Alex Da Kid
Recorded By – Dan Reynolds, Josh Mosser
Written-By – Alexander Grant, Dan Reynolds, Josh Mosser
11    Grouplove –     Underground
Written-By – Andrew Wessen, Christian Zucconi, Hannah Hooper, Ryan Rabin, Sean Gadd
12    Skylar Grey –     Building A Monster
Producer – Alex Da Kid
Written-By – Alexander Grant, Skylar Grey
13    Robert Smith –     Witchcraft
Engineer [Assisted By], Producer [Assisted By], Mixed By [Assisted By] – Bunny Lake
Engineer, Producer, Mixed By – RS
Voice, Instruments – Robert Smith
Written-By – Carolyn Leigh, Cy Coleman
14    Winona Ryder –     Praise Be New Holland
Lyrics By – Danny Elfman, John August
Music By, Producer – Danny Elfman

Produced by Mitchell Leib.

As originally seen on


Various Artists, "Let It Shine", Walt Disney Records [EU] #5099963622324 (2012).[CD]


1    Tyler James Williams, IM5 –     Don't Run Away   
2    Tyler James Williams, Coco Jones –     Guardian Angel   
3    Tyler James Williams –     Me And You   
4    Coco Jones –     What I Said   
5    Coco Jones –     Who I'm Gonna Be   
6    Tyler James Williams –     You Belong To Me   
7    Brandon Mychal Smith, Spencer Lee, Tyler James Williams –     Tonight's The Night   
8    Cast of Let It Shine –     Around The Block   
9    Tyler James Williams, Brandon Mychal Smith –     Moment Of Truth   
10    Cast Of Let It Shine –     Joyful Noise   
11    Coco Jones –     Good To Be Home   
12    Tyler James Williams, Coco Jones –     Let It Shine   
      Bonus Battle:
13    Tyler James Williams –     Self Defeat


Various Artists, "Wreck-It Ralph", Walt Disney Records #D001809092 (2012).[CD]
Various Artists, "Wreck-It Ralph", Walt Disney Records [UK] #5099968246129 (2012).[CD]

Original score composed by Henry Jackman.


1    Owl City –     When Can I See You Again?       
2    Buckner & Garcia –     Wreck It, Wreck-It Ralph       
3    Kool & The Gang –     Celebration       
4    AKB48 –     Sugar Rush       
5    Skrillex –     Bug Hunt (Noisia Remix)
Remix – Noisia
6    Rihanna –     Shut Up And Drive       
7    Henry Jackman –     Wreck-It Ralph       
8    Henry Jackman –     Life In The Arcade       
9    Henry Jackman –     Jumping Ship       
10    Henry Jackman –     Rocket Fiasco       
11    Henry Jackman –     Vanellope Von Schweetz       
12    Henry Jackman –     Royal Raceway       
13    Henry Jackman –     Cupcake Breakout       
14    Henry Jackman –     Candy Vandals       
15    Henry Jackman –     Turbo Flashback       
16    Henry Jackman –     Laffy Taffies       
17    Henry Jackman –     One Minute To Win It       
18    Henry Jackman –     Vanellope's Hideout       
19    Henry Jackman –     Messing With The Program       
20    Henry Jackman –     King Candy       
21    Henry Jackman –     Broken-Karted       
22    Henry Jackman –     Out Of The Penthouse, Off To The Race       
23    Henry Jackman –     Sugar Rush Showdown       
24    Henry Jackman –     You're My Hero       
25    Henry Jackman –     Arcade Finale

Musician personnel & Album credits:

Alto Vocals – Adriana Manfredi, Amy Fogerson, Jessica Rotter, Kimberly Switzer, Lesley Leighton, Michele Hemmings, Nancy Sulahian, Nike St. Clair
Arranged By [Additional] – Matt Margeson
Art Direction, Design [Package] – Steve Gerdes
Baritone Saxophone – Greg Huckins
Bass Vocals – Abdiel Gonzalez, Eric Bradley, Jim Campbell, Michael Geiger, Reid Burton, Scott Graff
Bassoon – Judith Farmer, Katherine Oliver, Kenneth Munday
Bassoon [1st] – Rose Corrigan
Cello – Armen Ksajikian, Cecilia Tsan, Christian Soule, Dennis Karmazyn, Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick, George Kim Scholes, Paula Hochhalter, Timothy Landauer, Timothy Loo, Trevor Handy
Cello [1st] – Stephen Erdody
Clarinet – Donald Foster, Gary Bovyer, Ralph Williams
Clarinet [1st] – Stuart Clark
Concertmaster [Violin] – Bruce Dukov
Conductor [Score] – Nick Glennie-Smith
Contractor [Score] – Peter Rotter
Double Bass – Bruce Morgenthaler, Christian Kollgaard, David Parmeter, Drew Dembowski, Michael Valerio, Nico Abondolo
Double Bass [1st] – Edward Meares
Edited By [Music Production] – Earl Ghaffari
Edited By [Music Score] – Daniel Pinder
Executive-Producer [Music] – Chris Montan
Flute – David Shostac, Lisa Edelstein, Stephen Kujala
Flute [1st] – Geraldine Rotella
French Horn – Brian O' Connor, Daniel Kelley, Dylan Hart, Jenny Kim, Mark Adams, Steven Becknell
French Horn [1st] – David Everson
Guitar, Technician [Score] – Alex Belcher
Harp – Joann Turovsky
Oboe – Lara Wickes, Leslie Reed
Oboe [1st] – David Weiss
Orchestrated By – Andrew Kinney, Dave Metzger, John Ashton Thomas, Larry Rench, Stephen Coleman
Organ, Celesta – Randy Kerber
Percussion – Donald Williams, Gregory Goodall, Matty Alger
Percussion [1st] – Wade Culbreath
Piano, Score, Producer [Score] – Henry Jackman
Producer [Music Production Assistant] – Jimmy Tsai
Producer [Music Production Coordinator] – Ashley Chafin
Producer [Soundtrack Album] – Tom Macdougall
Soprano Vocals – Ayana Haviv, Cindy O'Connor, Claire Fedoruk, Elin Carlson, Elissa Johnston, Elyse Marchant Willis, Harriet Fraser, Karen Hogle Brown, Karen Whipple Schnurr, Suzanne Waters, Tamara Bevard
Tenor Saxophone – Dan Higgins, Eric Marienthal
Tenor Vocals – Daniel Chaney, Gerald White, Michael Lichtenauer, Walt Harrah
Tenor Vocals, Contractor [Choir Score] – Jasper Randall
Trombone – Steve Holtman, William Booth
Trombone [1st] – Alexander Iles
Trombone [Bass] – Bill Reichenbach
Trumpet – Barry Perkins, David Washburn, Gary Grant, Rick Baptist, Wayne Bergeron
Trumpet [1st] – Jon Lewis
Tuba – Doug Tornquist
Viola – Alma Fernandez, Andrew Duckles, Darrin McCann, David Walther, Keith Greene, Matthew Funes, Michael Nowak, Robert Brophy, Roland Kato, Shawn Mann, Victoria Miskolczy, Victor De Almeida
Viola [1st] – Brian Dembow
Violin – Alyssa Park, Amy Hershberger, Darius Campo, Dimitrie Leivici, Elizabeth Hedman, Eun-Mee Ahn, Helen Nightengale, Jacqueline Brand, Jay Rosen, Jessica Guideri, Josefina Vergara, Katia Popov, Lisa Sutton, Lorand Lokuszta, Maya Magub, Natalie Leggett, Neil Samples, Phillip Levy, Rafael Rishik, Roberto Cani, Roger Wilkie, Sara Parkins, Sarah Thornblade, Serena McKinney, Shalini Vijayan, Songa Lee, Tamara Hatwan, Thereza Stanislav, Yelena Yegoryan
Violin [Principal 2nd] – Julie Gigante

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