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Walt Disney Records Presents CANDLELIGHT PROCESSIONAL AND MASSED CHOIR PROGRAM, Walt Disney Records #_________ (2009).[CD]

The traditional story of Christmas in song and narration as presented at EPCOT.

Conducted by Derric Johnson and John V. Sinclair.


Candlelight Overture
Shout For Joy
And You Shall Call Him Jesus
O Come All Ye Faithful
And She Laid Him In A Manager
Il Est Ne
I Bring You Good Tidings of Great Joy
O Holy Night
Glory To God In the Highest
Angels From the Realms of Glory
They Rejoiced with Exceeding Great Joy
Rejoice With Exceeding Great Joy/We Three Kings
They Found the Little Child
What Child Is This?
Eternal Promise of Goodness and Light
Do You Hear What I Hear?
One Solitary Life
Silent Night
We Still Celebrate
Joy to the World
The Prince of Peace!
The Hallelujah Chorus
May The Joy and Peace
The Wonderful World of Christmas
Away In A Manager
Angels We Have Heard On High


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THE HAUNTED MANSION, Walt Disney Records #D000439402 (2009).[CD]

This CD was one of the pieces included in the 40th Anniversary Event Exclusive Disneyland Haunted Mansion Boxed Set (2009).  Track #1 ("The Haunted Mansion") is the current attraction soundtrack (after attraction refurbishment).  The last track, "Phantom Manor Suite" is used at Disneyland Paris.










Various Artists, "Walt Disney's Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs", Walt Disney Records #D000457102 IN02 (2009).[CD]


1         Heigh - Ho       
2         With A Smile And A Song       
3         Whistle While You Work       
4         Someday My Prince Will Come       
5         Story: Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Narrator – Mary D'Marcy

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The Sherman Brothers, THE SHERMAN BROTHERS' SONGBOOK, Walt Disney Records #D000457602 (2009).[2-CD Set]

Also available on iTunes.



1. Tall Paul [From The Album Annette]
2. Pineapple Princess [From The Album Hawaiiannette]
3. Flubber Song [From The Absent-Minded Professor], The
4. Parent Trap [From The Parent Trap], The
5. For Now For Always [From The Parent Trap]
6. Let's Get Together [From The Parent Trap]
7. Wonderful World of Color, The (Main Title) [From The Wonderful World Of Color]
8. Spectrum Song [An Adventure In Color], The
9. Green with Envy Blues [An Adventure In Color], The
10. Strummin' Song [Rehearsal Version] [From The Horsemasters] - (featuring Richard Sherman)
11. Although I Dropped $100,000 in the Market [Symposium On Popular Songs]
12. I'm Blue For You (Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo) [[Symposium On Popular Songs]
13. Castaway [In Search Of The Castaways]
14. Enjoy It! [In Search Of The Castaways]
15. On the Front Porch [Summer Magic]
16. Femininity [Summer Magic]
17. Ugly Bug Ball [Summer Magic], The
18. Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room [The Enchanted Tiki Room, Disneyland Park], The
19. It's a Small World [The 1964 New York World's Fair]
20. There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow [The 1964 New York World's Fair]
21. Spoonful of Sugar [From Mary Poppins], A
22. Chim Chim Cher-ee [From Mary Poppins]
23. Feed the Birds (Tuppence a Bag) [From Mary Poppins]
24. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious [From Mary Poppins]
25. Monkey's Uncle [The Monkey's Uncle], The
26. That Darn Cat [From That Darn Cat]
27. Winnie the Pooh [From Winnie The Pooh And The Honey Tree]
28. Up, Down and Touch the Ground [From Winnie Pooh And The Honey Tree]
29. Little Black Rain Cloud [From Winnie The Pooh And The Honey Tree]
30. I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song) [From The Jungle Book]
31. Trust In Me [From The Jungle Book]
32. My Own Home [From The Jungle Book]


1. Fortuosity [From The Happiest Millionaire]
2. Valentine Candy [From The Happiest Millionaire]
3. Are We Dancing [From The Happiest Millionaire]
4. It Won't Be Long 'til Christmas [From The Happiest Millionaire]
5. Wonderful Thing About Tiggers [From Winnie The Pooh And The Blustery Day], The
6. Heffalumps and Woozles [From Winnie The Pooh And The Blustery Day]
7. Rain Rain Rain Came Down Down Down [From Winnie The Pooh And The Blustery Day], The
8. Ten Feet Off the Ground [The One And Only Genuine Original Family Band]
9. Happiest Girl Alive [The One And Only Genuine Original Family Band], The
10. 'Bout Time [The One And Only Genuine Original Family Band]
11. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang [From Chitty Chitty Bang Bang]
12. Hushabye Mountain [From Chitty Chitty Bang Bang]
13. Me Ol' Bam-Boo [From Chitty Chitty Bang Bang]
14. Aristocats [From The Aristocats], The
15. Scales and Arpeggios [From The Aristocats]
16. She Never Felt Alone [From The Aristocats]
17. Age of Not Believing [From Bedknobs And Brooksticks], The
18. Portebello Road [From Bedknobs And Brooksticks]
19. Beautiful Briny [From Bedknobs And Brooksticks], The
20. One Little Spark [From Journey Into Imagination, Epcot]
21. Makin' Memories [From Journey Into Imagination, Epcot]
22. Magic Journeys [From Magic Journeys Epcot]
23. Meet the World [From Meet The World, Tokyo Disneyland]
24. Pooh's Lullabee [From The Tigger Movie]
25. Whoop-De-Dooper-Bounce [From The Tigger Movie]
26. Your Heart Will Lead You Home [From The Tigger Movie]
27. Walt Disney and The Sherman Brothers Sing [From Progressland Promotional Film]

Restoration and compilation Producer:  Randy Thornton.
Executive Producer:  Ted Kryczko.
Liner Note Author:  Randy Thornton.

Liner Note Corrections:   Anyone who has spent any time on this website knows I think the world of Randy Thornton and have the greatest respect for his restoration work.  However, in the interest of placing the correct facts out there and on this website, I have to note these two errors in the CD's liner notes:

1) Under "Chapter XXI - EPCOT Center" - The Sherman Brothers' song "Boogie Woogie Bakery Man" is actually "Boogie Woogie Bakery Boy" and was not heard in the show "Food Rocks" but in the "Kitchen Kabaret" show in The Land pavilion.

2) Under "Chapter IV - Red, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Blue, Blue" - Walt Disney's Sunday nite tv show did not move to ABC in 1961, but to NBC.  ABC was not yet broadcasting in color at that time and Walt's shows in the 1950s were already on the ABC network (Disneyland, The Mickey Mouse Club, Zorro, etc.).

LINER NOTES (by Randy Thornton), complete Tracklist with listed performers and Album credits:











Randy Newman, "The Princess And The Frog", Walt Disney Records #D00045802 (2009).[CD]


1    Ne-Yo –     Never Knew I Needed
Engineer [Assisted By] – Chris Utley
Mixed By – Kevin "KD" Davis
Performer – Ne-Yo
Recorded By – Bei Maejor
Written-By – Shaffer Smith
2    Anika Noni Rose –     Down In New Orleans (Prologue)
Music By, Lyrics By – Randy Newman
Performer [As Tiana] – Anika Noni Rose
3    Dr. John –     Down In New Orleans
Music By, Lyrics By – Randy Newman
Performer – Dr. John
4    Anika Noni Rose –     Almost There
Music By, Lyrics By – Randy Newman
Performer [As Tiana] – Anika Noni Rose
5    Keith David –     Friends On The Other Side
Music By, Lyrics By – Randy Newman
Performer [As Dr. Facilier] – Keith David
6    Michael Leon-Wooley, Bruno Campos And Anika Noni Rose Featuring Terence Blanchard –     When We're Human
Music By, Lyrics By – Randy Newman
Performer [As Louis] – Michael Leon-Wooley
Performer [As Prince Naveen] – Bruno Campos
Performer [As Tiana] – Anika Noni Rose
Trumpet – Terence Blanchard
7    Jim Cummings Featuring Terrance Simien –     Gonna Take You There
Accordion, Washboard [Frottoir] – Terrance Simien
Music By, Lyrics By – Randy Newman
Performer [As Ray] – Jim Cummings
8    Jim Cummings Featuring Terence Blanchard –     Ma Belle Evangeline
Music By, Lyrics By – Randy Newman
Performer [As Ray] – Jim Cummings
Trumpet – Terence Blanchard
9    Jenifer Lewis Featuring Pinnacle Gospel Choir, The –     Dig A Little Deeper
Choir – Pinnacle Gospel Choir, The
Music By, Lyrics By – Randy Newman
Performer [As Mama Odie] – Jenifer Lewis
10    Anika Noni Rose –     Down In New Orleans (Finale)
Music By, Lyrics By – Randy Newman
Performer [As Tiana] – Anika Noni Rose
11    Randy Newman –     Fairy Tale / Going Home       
12    Randy Newman –     I Know This Story       
13    Randy Newman –     The Frog Hunters / Gator Down       
14    Randy Newman –     Tiana's Bad Dream       
15    Randy Newman –     Ray Laid Low       
16    Randy Newman –     Ray / Mama Odie       
17    Randy Newman –     This Is Gonna Be Good

Musician personnel and Album credits:

Composed By [Source Music] – Dan Higgins
Concertmaster – Bruce Dukov
Conductor – Randy Newman (tracks: 2 to 17)
Executive Producer [Music] – Chris Montan (tracks: 11 to 17)
Orchestrated By – Jonathan Sacks, Randy Newman
Orchestrated By [Additional Orchestration] – Randy Kerber
Producer – Chuck Harmony (tracks: 1)
Producer [Music Production Assistant] – Siobhan Sullivan
Producer [Music Production Coordinator] – Ashley Chafin
Producer [Original Score] – Mitchell Froom (tracks: 11 to 17), Randy Newman (tracks: 11 to 17)
Producer [Original Songs] – Mitchell Froom (tracks: 2 to 10)
Score, Composed By – Randy Newman (tracks: 11 to 17)
Songwriter [Original Songs By], Music By, Lyrics By – Randy Newman (tracks: 2 to 10)
Supervised By [Music Supervisor] – Tom MacDougall (tracks: 11 to 17)
Violin, Soloist – Gabe Witcher


Various Artists, "The Princess and The Frog", Walt Disney Records (no catalog number) (2009).[DJ / Promo CD]

"For Your Consideration" - Best Original Song, Best Original Score.


Best Original Song
1    Dr. John –     Down In New Orleans
Written-By – Randy Newman
2    Anika Noni Rose –     Almost There
Written-By – Randy Newman
3    Jim Cummings Featuring Terence Blanchard –     Ma Belle Evangeline
Written-By – Randy Newman
4    Ne-Yo –     Never Knew I Needed
Written-By – Ne-Yo
      Best Original Score
5    Randy Newman –     Fairy Tale    0:58   
6    Randy Newman –     Kiss    0:31   
7    Randy Newman –     Going Home    1:57   
8    Randy Newman –     Charlotte    1:15   
9    Randy Newman –     Daddy's Girl    1:17   
10    Randy Newman –     Your Background    0:50   
11    Randy Newman –     I Know This Story    1:02   
12    Randy Newman –     Two Frogs    2:07   
13    Randy Newman –     Leech    0:36   
14    Randy Newman –     Logs    1:10   
15    Randy Newman –     La Bouff Proposes    1:48   
16    Randy Newman –     Shadows    1:09   
17    Randy Newman –     Shadows Me    0:20   
18    Randy Newman –     Mama Odie    1:12   
19    Randy Newman –     Juju    0:40   
20    Randy Newman –     Finale    3:20   

Tracks 5 to 20 composed by Randy Newman.


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MUSIC FROM DISNEY’S ANIMAL KINGDOM - WALT DISNEY WORLD, Walt Disney Records [no catalog number] UPC #4 00128 00300 4 (2009).[CD]


Tree of Life One
Oasis Garden Theme
Spring Two
Oasis Dawn Rising
Hidden Grotto
Tree of Life Three
Clouds Gather
Patch of Blue


Various Artists, "Playhouse Disney - Music Play Date", Walt Disney Records #_______ (2009).[CD & Amazon MP3 download]


1. Introduction (Ooh and Aah Dialog)    Ooh and Aah    0:33          
      2. Handy Manny Main Title Theme    Los Lobos    0:50          
      3. Hop Up, Jump In    The Cast Of Handy Manny    0:22          
      4. Playing in the Sun    The Cast Of Handy Manny    0:51          
      5. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme    They Might Be Giants    0:57          
      6. Mickey's Mousekedoer    Mickey Mouse     1:01          
      7. Hot Dog!    They Might Be Giants     2:27          
      8. Going Bananas (Ooh and Aah Dialog)    Ooh and Aah    0:14          
      9. Imagination Movers Theme    Imagination Movers     1:59          
    10. Puppy Dog    Imagination Movers     2:29          
    11. Kick It    Imagination Movers     2:05          
    12. The Happy Little Monkey's Song    Ooh and Aah     1:25          
    13. What's Monkercise    Ooh and Aah     1:52          
    14. Monkey Dance (Ooh and Aah Dialog)    Ooh and Aah    0:27          
    15. Monster Hoe Down    Happy Monster Band     1:24          
    16. Do the Monster Stomp    Happy Monster Band     1:13          
    17. Get Up and Go Go Go    Happy Monster Band     1:32          
    18. Bunnytown Theme    Cast of Bunnytown     1:09          
    19. Bunnytown Hop    Cast of Bunnytown     2:25          
    20. Monkey Music (Ooh and Aah Dialog)    Ooh and Aah    0:21          
    21. Do Your Own Dance    Choo Choo Soul     1:59          
    22. Freeze Dance    Choo Choo Soul     2:30          
    23. Move Like a Chicken    Choo Choo Soul     2:29          
    24. Special Agent Oso Theme    Joey Gian    0:58          
    25. Johnny And The Sprites Theme    Johnny and the Sprites    0:58          
    26. My Friends Tigger & Pooh Theme    Darby     1:01          
    27. Nothin' Can Bounce Like a Tigger    Tigger     1:03          
    28. Square Dance Song    Pooh    0:54          
    29. Good Bye! (Ooh and Aah Dialog)    Ooh and Aah    0:15          

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