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Walt Disney's SLEEPING BEAUTY - 50th Anniversary (ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK), Walt Disney Records #D000234102 (2008).[CD]
Walt Disney's SLEEPING BEAUTY - 50th Anniversary (ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK), Walt Disney Records/EMI [EU] #509926431123 (2008).[CD]




Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Adapted by George Bruns from the Tchaikovsky ballet.
Music composed by Tom Adair, George Bruns, Sammy Fain, Jack Lawrence, Winston Hibler, Ted Sears, and Erdman H. Penner.
Musical Direction and Score by George Bruns.
Digital Restoration Producer:  Randy Thornton
Digital Restoration Executive Producer:  Ted Kryczko.

Liner Notes:  Paula Sigman.


Various Artists, "Choo-Choo Soul", Walt Disney Records (no catalog number) (2008).[Amazon MP3 download]


Billy Ray Cyrus, "Back To Tennessee", Walt Disney Records #D000234402 (2009).[CD]


1    Billy Ray Cyrus –     Back To Tennessee    4:19   
2    Billy Ray Cyrus –     Thrillbilly    3:24   
3    Billy Ray Cyrus –     He's Mine    3:47   
4    Billy Ray Cyrus –     Somebody Said A Prayer    4:09   
5    Billy Ray Cyrus –     A Good Day    4:10   
6    Billy Ray Cyrus –     I Could Be The One    3:05   
7    Billy Ray Cyrus –     Like Nothing Else    4:27   
8    Billy Ray Cyrus –     Country As Country Can Be    3:27   
9    Billy Ray Cyrus –     Love Is The Lesson    3:48   
10    Billy Ray Cyrus –     Give It To Somebody    3:44   
11    Billy Ray Cyrus –     Real Gone    3:40   
      Bonus Track
12    Miley Cyrus And Billy Ray Cyrus –     Butterfly Fly Away    4:44

Tinkerbell_600a.jpg  TinkerBell_600c.jpg

Disney, "TinkerBell (Original Soundtrack)", Walt Disney Records/Intrada #D001892602 (2008).[CD]

Music composed and conducted by Joel McNeely.  Songs performed by Loreena McKennitt and Selena Gomez.


01. Prologue
02. Lorena McKennitt - To the Fairies They Draw Near
03. A Child's Laughter / Flight to Pixie Hollow
04. Choosing a Talent
05. Tink Tours Pixie Hollow
06. Welcome to Tinker's Nook
07. Tinker Bell's New Home
08. Tink Meets the Other Fairies
09. The Lost Things Theme
10. Tink Meets Vidia and Finds Lost Things
11. Tinkering
12. Your Place is Here
13. Making Things
14. Tink Tries to be a Light Fairy
15. Teaching a Baby Bird to Fly
16. Hawk!
17. Tink Finds the Magic Box
18. Searching for Answers
19. Sprinting Thistles
20. Tink Feels Lost
21. Spring is Ruined
22. Rebuilding Spring
23. The Music Box Restored
24. Lorena McKennitt - To the Fairies They Draw Near Part 2
25. Tink Meets Wendy
26. Selena Gomez - Fly to Your Heart

From the Intrada website:

World premiere release of Joel McNeely soundtrack for Walt Disney 2008 animated feature. One of Disney's most beloved characters inspires composer to create magical, playful orchestral score replete with yearning ideas for lost collectibles, lyrical melodies for Tinker Bell, musical wisps for Pixie Hollow, much more. Exotic colors abound. It is a score that literally sparkles with delight. Celtic sounds, birds, crickets, drops of water, all are captured in skillful meld of gently dramatic, hauntingly beautiful musical vignettes. Highlights are plentiful but surely deserving spotlight is "Choosing A Talent" with rich major to minor chords that crescendo into powerful, massive orchestra/choral peroration. Breathtaking! Capturing attention in action mode is powerful "Hawk!", with heroic moment for French horn, trumpet. "Sprinting Thistles" commands as well. For sheer exuberant splendor, listen no further than to "Rebuilding Spring". McNeely shines! And yes, you also get that soaring vocal "Fly To Your Heart" as well. Beautifully packaged, illustrated booklet graces Disney/Intrada co-brand CD. Joel McNeely conducts.

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"From The Walt Disney Studio, THE STORY AND SONG OF THE HAUNTED MANSION", Disneyland Records/Walt Disney Records #D000439212 (2009).[Digipak CD Reissue]


The Story and Song From The Haunted Mansion (Tracks from the complete Disneyland Records Storyteller Vinyl Album);
also contains the song "Grim Grinning Ghosts" used in the original soundtrack for both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Bonus Track - "Grim Grinning Ghosts" (the official Disneyland version after the 2009 refurbishment).


Michael Giacchino, Disney - PIXAR, UP (For Your Consideration), Walt Disney Records #347-UPSCORE (2009).[DJ/Promo CD sent to Academy Award jury]


Various Artists, "House Disney", Walt Disney Records [Japan] #AVCW-12693 (2009).[CD]


1    MEG (3) Χ Q;indivi –     When You Wish Upon A Star
Backing Vocals – Rin Oikawa
Mixed By, Recorded By – Shunroku Hitani
Music By – Leigh Harline
Performer – MEG (3)
Producer, Programmed By – Yusuke Tanaka [Q;indivi]
Words By – Ned Washington
2    World Sketch –     Beauty And The Beast
Mixed By – Motohiro Horiuchi [World Sketch], Yukiyasu Wada
Music By – Alan Menken
Producer – World Sketch
Programmed By – Tomoharu Moriya [World Sketch]
Vocals – Audrey Caliguri, Jonathan Mendelsohn
Words By – Howard Ashman
3    Q;indivi –     Part Of Your World (House Nation Remix Edit)
Acoustic Guitar – Hisaaki Hogari
Mixed By – Shunroku Hitani
Music By – Alan Menken
Recorded By – Shunroku Hitani
Recorded By, Producer, Programmed By – Yusuke Tanaka [Q;indivi]
Remix [Uncredited] – Tetsuya Tamura
Vocals – Rin Oikawa
Words By – Howard Ashman
4    Fantastic Plastic Machine –     The Enchanted Fairy Garden
Arranged By – Tomoyuki Tanaka
Arranged By, Chorus Master – Yuzuru Tomita
Arranged By, Mixed By – Takashi Watanabe
Chorus – Kiwa IIda, Leo Matsuya, Megumi Mashiro, Yasuhiro Nakamori
Music By – Bruce Healey
Producer – Fantastic Plastic Machine
5    Ayuse Kozue –     Mickey Mouse March
Engineer – Osamu Imamoto, Yasuhiro Tsurusaki, Yuta Yamagishi
Guitar – Fumihito Abe
Music By, Words By – Jimmie Dodd
Producer, Arranged By, Performer – Ayuse Kozue
6    Late Night Alumni –     A Whole New World
Mixed By, Recorded By – Late Night Alumni
Music By – Alan Menken
Producer – Finn Bjarnson, John Hancock, Ryan Raddon
Recorded By – Becky Jean Williams
Words By – Tim Rice
7    80kidz –     He's A Pirate
Music By – Jeoff Zanelli, Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt
Producer, Arranged By, Performer – 80kidz
8    Lowbrows, The –     Under The Sea
Mixed By, Performer, Recorded By – Lowbrows, The
Music By – Alan Menken
Words By – Howard Ashman
9    Kaskade –     Baby Mine
Mixed By, Recorded By – Kaskade
Music By – Frank Churchill
Producer – Finn Bjarnson, Ryan Raddon
Vocals – Sunsun
Words By – Ned Washington
10    Eric Kupper –     Reflection
Music By – Matthew Wilder
Programmed By, Mixed By, Producer – Eric Kupper
Vocals – Rita Campbell
Words By – David Zippel
11    A Hundred Birds feat. TeN (2) –     When She Loved Me
Bass – Mitsutoshi Kadoya
Cello – Tadashi Sato
Drums, Producer – Katsuhiro Idomoto
Edited By, Mixed By – Yoshitada Kimura
Music By, Producer – Kaztake Takeuchi
Music By, Words By – Randy Newman
Piano – Chizuru Omae
Producer, Edited By, Mixed By – Yoku
Viola – Takako Otake
Violin – Kazunori Sato, Sukeyuki Iwatani
Vocals, Featuring – TeN (2)
12    Shinichi Osawa –     Main Street Electrical Parade
Performer, Producer, Arranged By, Mixed By – Shinichi Osawa
Words By – Gershon Kingsley, Jean Jacques Perrey 5:50

As originally seen on

[U.S. CD]

[Argentina CD]

Various Artists, "Phineas and Ferb - Songs From the Hit Disney Series", Walt Disney Records #50999 688523 2 0 (2009).[CD]

Various Artists, "Phineas Y Ferb - Canciones De La Serie De TV", Walt Disney Records [Argentina] #D000637602 (2010).[CD Compilation]

Tracklist for Argentina CD:

1    Elenco Local De Phineas Y Ferb –     Hoy Va A Ser Un Gran Dνa (Tema Principal)   
2    Phineas and the Ferbtones –     Gitchie Gitchie Goo   
3    Ferb –     Reggae Ferb   
4    Vanessa And Candace –     Son Malos   
5    Elenco Local De Phineas Y Ferb –     Perry El Ornitorrinco   
6    2 Guyz N The Parque –     A.P.D. (Ardillas Por Doquier)   
7    Phineas And The Ferbtones –     Mi Nemesis   
8    Dr. Doofenshmirtz –     El Hermano Exquisito   
9    Elenco Local De Phineas Y Ferb –     La Reina Del Minigolf   
10    Elenco Local De Phineas Y Ferb –     Mi Momia Zombie Y Yo   
11    Candace –     Mama   
12    Bettys, The –     Vean A Las Bettys   
13    Elenco Local De Phineas Y Ferb –     Momentos   
14    Elenco Local De Phineas Y Ferb –     Bravucon   
15    Robbie Wyckoff –     Piloto Genial   
16    Jeremy And Candace –     Hoy Nada Hay Que Hacer   
17    Candace –     Hermanitos   
18    Elenco Local De Phineas Y Ferb –     Un Cohete Pronto Volara   
19    Candace –     De Marte Reina Soy   
20    Elenco Local De Phineas Y Ferb –     Cadenas   
21    Phinedroids And Ferbots –     Phinedroids Y Ferbots   
22    Sherman And Phineas –     No Tengo Ritmo   
23    Bobby Fabulous, Phineas –     El Es Genial

U.S. Tracklist:

1    Bowling For Soup –     Today Is Gonna Be A Great Day (Theme Song)       
2    Phineas And The Ferbtones –     Gitchee Gitchee Goo - Extended Version       
3    Ferb –     Backyard Beach       
4    Vanessa And Candace –     Busted       
5    Randy Crenshaw –     Perry The Platypus Theme       
6    2 Guyz N The Parque –     S.I.M.P. (Squirrels In My Pants)       
7    Lindana –     I'm Lindana And I Wanna Have Fun       
8    Danny Jacob –     My Nemesis       
9    Dr. Doofenshmirtz –     My Goody Two-Shoes Brother       
10    Laura Dickinson –     Disco Miniature Golfing Queen       
11    Danny Jacob –     My Undead Mummy       
12    Candace –     I Love You Mom       
13    Bettys, The –     Ready For The Bettys       
14    Danny Jacob –     When We Didn't Get Along       
15    Robbie Wyckoff –     He's A Bully       
16    Danny Jacob –     Truck Drivin' Girl       
17    Jeremy And Candace –     Do Nothing Day       
18    Candace –     E.V.I.L. B.O.Y.S.       
19    Bobby Fabulous And Phineas –     Fabulous       
20    Stacy –     Little Brothers       
21    Danny And The Jaytones –     Let's Take A Rocket Ship To Space       
22    Candace –     Queen Of Mars       
23    Smile Away Reformatory Glee Club, The Featuring Dan Povenmire –     Chains On Me        24    Phinedroids And Ferbots –     Phinedroids And Ferbots       
25    Sherman And Phineas –     Ain't Got Rhythm       
26    Love Hδndel –     You Snuck Your Way Right Into My Heart


Various Artists, "Disney Soundtracks Collection - 20 Classic Hits", Walt Disney Records [EU] #
50999 949939 2 9 (2009).[CD]


1    Camara Kambon Feauring Mark Campbell–     Cruella De Vil    3:35   
2    Phil Harris, Scatman Crothers, Thurl Ravenscroft And Liz English –     Ev'rybody Wants To Be A Cat    5:54   
3    Chorus–     Little April Showers    3:55   
4    Richard White And Jesse Corti –     Gaston    3:38   
5    Cliff Edwards, Jim Carmichael And Hall Johnson Choir –     When I See An Elephant Fly    1:50   
6    Louis Prima, Phil Harris And Bruce Reitherman –     I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)    4:38   
7    Phil Harris And Bruce Reitherman –     The Bare Necessities    4:50   
8    Peggy Lee –     The Siamese Cat Song    2:10   
9    Nathan Lane And Ernie Sabella With Jason Weaver And Joseph Williams –     Hakuna Matata    3:33   
10    Carmen Twillie And Lebo M –     Circle Of Life    3:59   
11    Samuel E. Wright –     Under The Sea    3:14   
12    Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke And Pearlie Chorus, The –     Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious    2:02   
13    David Tomlinson, Dick Van Dyke And Londoners, The –     Let's Go Fly A Kite    1:50   
14    Jud Conlon Chorus, The –     Following The Leader    1:46   
15    James Baskett –     Zip-A Dee-Doo-Dah    2:19   
16    Dickie Jones –     I've Got No Strings    2:22   
17    Pinto Colvig, Mary Moder, Dorothy Compton And Billy Bletcher –     Who's Afraid Of The Big, Bad Wolf    3:08   
18    Adriana Caselotti –     Whistle While You Work    3:26   
19    Dwarf Chorus, The –     Heigh-Ho    2:47   
20    Tigger –     The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers    0:48

R-2622545-1293733908.jpg  R-2622545-1293733959.png  R-2622545-1293733947.jpg  R-2622545-1293733971.jpg

Various Artists, "Tinkerbell - Die Suche Nach Dem Verlorenen Schatz" (Storyteller Record), Walt Disney Records [Germany] #19676 (2009).[Enhanced CD]

Musician personnel and Album credits:

Directed By – Marian Szymczyk
Narrator – Bodo Primus, Marina Kφhler
Script By [Hφrspielbearbeitung] – Gabriele Bingenheimer
Voice Actor [Bobble] – Matthias Rehrl
Voice Actor [Clank] – Mark Kuhn
Voice Actor [Elf Gary] – Ulf J. Sφhmisch
Voice Actor [Emily] – Shandra Schadt
Voice Actor [Fee Mary] – Katrin Frφhlich
Voice Actor [Herbstminister] – Reinhard Brock
Voice Actor [Klara] – Stephanie Kellner
Voice Actor [Kleiner Troll Und Groίer Troll] – Mundstuhl
Voice Actor [Kφnigin Clarion] – Dagmar Kempe
Voice Actor [Lyria] – Edith Bδsse
Voice Actor [Rosetta] – Sabine Bohlmann
Voice Actor [Silberhauch] – Maren Rainer
Voice Actor [Terence] – Benedikt Weber
Voice Actor [Tinkerbell] – Gabrielle Pietermann
Voice Actor [Viola] – Katharina Berthold

As originally seen on


Various Artists, "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:  Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse", Walt Disney Records #__________ (2009).[CD & Amazon MP3 download]


1. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme
2. Choo Choo Express
3. Best Easter Party Ever
4. Floatin' Bubble Song
5. Mouskebunga
6. Friendship Team
7. Mickey's Number Roundup
8. Fun 2 B a B
9. Hibiscus Hula
10. Minnie's Bowtique
11. Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle
12. Upside Down Cyclin'
13. So Many Pets
14. Rainbow Colors
15. Happy Thanks a Bunch Day
16. We're Havin' a Picnic
17. Sprinkle Sprinkle Little Rose
18. Choo Choo Boogie

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