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THE BEST OF DISNEYLAND RESORT PARIS, Walt Disney Records [EU] #5 099920 861926 (2008).[CD]




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Disney, "Magic Kingdom Event Party Music", Walt Disney Records/Disney Theme Park Merchandise #___________ (year unknown).[CD]

This cd contains music from the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom's Mickey's "Not-So-Scary" Halloween Party, The "Boo To You" Halloween Parade, "Disney's Pirates and Princess Party" and "Dream Along With Mickey".


Hallowishes: Calling All Ghosts! "It's Time to Socialize"
Halloween "Kooky-Spooky" Scary-Okee
Villains Halloween Party Mix
The Great Holiday Scream-Along
We Put a Spell On You
Boo To You Halloween Parade: Mickey's Boo to You Bash
Yo Ho Pirates Palooza
Haunted Mansion Cemetery Soiree
Halloween Hootenanny Hoedown
Villains Groove-A-Go-Go
Goofy's Trick or Treat Candy Hop
Pirate and Princess Party: Enchanted Adventures Parade
Music, Magic and Mahem: Let the Magic, Music and Mayhem Begin!
The Fairy Godmother Gets Busy
The Skies Are Alive with Romance
A Royal Surprise
Pirates! Pirates! Pirates! / Storming the Castle
Pixie Dust Prevails and Dreams Come True
Bonus Tracks: Halloween Villains Mix and Mingle
Pirate and Princess "Main Street Yo Ho"
Dream Along with Mickey: Join the Party
The Dreams Begin
Dreams of Happily Ever After
Dreams of Adventurous Exploits
Maleficent Descends
Dreams Come True / Any Dream is Possible

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Various Artists, "Tinkerbell" (Storyteller Record), Walt Disney Records [Germany] #19671 (2008).[Enhanced CD]

Album credits:

Directed By – Marian Szymczyk
Narrator – Bodo Primus
Script By [Hφrspielbearbeitung] – Dieter Koch
Voice Actor [Bobble] – Christian Tramitz
Voice Actor [Clank] – Mark Kuhn
Voice Actor [Emily] – Shandra Schadt
Voice Actor [Fee Mary] – Katrin Frφhlich
Voice Actor [Klara] – Stephanie Kellner
Voice Actor [Kφnigin Clarion] – Dagmar Kempe
Voice Actor [Rosetta] – Sabine Bohlmann
Voice Actor [Silberhauch] – Maren Rainer
Voice Actor [Terence] – Benedikt Weber
Voice Actor [Tinkerbell] – Gabrielle Pietermann
Voice Actor [Vidia] – Elisabeth Von Koch

They Might Be Giants, "Here Come The 123s", Walt Disney Records/Disney Sound #_________ (2008).[CD]


     Here Come The 123s    0:09   
Zeroes    1:06   
One Everything    2:52   
Number Two    2:19   
Triops Has Three Eyes    2:35   
Apartment Four    1:22   
High Five!    2:23   
The Secret Life Of Six    2:01   
Seven    2:09   
Seven Days Of The Week (I Never Go To Work)    1:55   
Figure Eight    2:36   
Pirate Girls Nine    1:22   
Nine Bowls Of Soup    2:12   
Ten Mississippi    0:51   
One Dozen Monkeys (With Hannah Levine)    1:34   
Eight Hundred And Thirteen Mile Car Trip    0:57   
Infinity    3:14   
I Can Add    2:05   
Nonagon    1:24   
Even Numbers    2:35   
Ooh La! Ooh La!    1:56   
The Heart Of The Band (From Higglytown Heroes)    1:39   
Hot Dog! (From The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)    2:29   
The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme    0:57   
Here Come The 123s       
One Everything       
Number Two       
Triops Has Three Eyes       
Apartment Four       
High Five!       
The Secret Life Of Six       
Seven Days Of The Week (I Never Go To Work)       
Figure Eight       
Pirate Girls Nine       
Nine Bowls Of Soup       
Ten Mississippi       
One Dozen Monkeys (With Hannah Levine)       
Eight Hundred And Thirteen Mile Car Trip       
I Can Add       
Even Numbers       
Ooh La! Ooh La!       
The Heart Of The Band (From Higglytown Heroes)       
Hot Dog! (From The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)       
The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme

R-1370156-1213823753.jpg R-1370156-1213823769.jpg
Harry Gregson-Williams, "The Chronicles of Narnia:  Prince Caspian (Original Soundtrack)", Walt Disney Records #D000074202 (2008).[Enhanced CD, digipak]


1    Harry Gregson-Williams –     Prince Caspian Flees    4:34

2    Harry Gregson-Williams –     The Kings And Queens Of Old    3:33

3    Harry Gregson-Williams –     Journey To The How    4:45

4    Harry Gregson-Williams –     Arrival At Aslan's How    2:57

5    Harry Gregson-Williams –     Raid On The Castle    7:05

6    Harry Gregson-Williams –     Miraz Crowned    4:47

7    Harry Gregson-Williams –     Sorcery And Sudden Vengeance    6:16

8    Harry Gregson-Williams –     The Duel    5:56

9    Harry Gregson-Williams –     The Armies Assemble    2:22

10    Harry Gregson-Williams –     Battle At Aslan's How    5:17

11    Harry Gregson-Williams –     Return Of The Lion    4:16

12    Harry Gregson-Williams –     The Door In The Air    7:52

13    Regina Spektor –     The Call
Arranged By, Producer [Produced By] – Harry Gregson-Williams, Regina Spektor
Performer [Performed By] – Regina Spektor
Written-By – Regina Spektor

14    Oren Lavie –     A Dance 'Round The Memory Tree
Performer [Performed By] – Oren Lavie
Producer [Produced By] – Oren Lavie, Valgeir Sigurπsson
Recorded By, Mixed By – Valgeir Sigurπsson
Written-By – Oren Lavie

15    Switchfoot –     This Is Home
Arranged By [Strings] – Jennifer Hammond, John Van Tongeren
Mixed By – Brian Malouf
Performer [Performed By] – Switchfoot
Producer [Produced By] – Adam Watts, Andy Dodd, Jonathan Foreman, Tim Foreman
Written-By – Adam Watts, Andy Dodd, Jonathan Foreman

16    Hanne Hukkelberg –     Lucy
Performer [Performed By] – Hanne Hukkelberg
Producer [Produced By] – Kεre Chr. Vestrheim
Recorded By, Mixed By – Kεre Chr. Vestrheim, Mike Hartung
Written-By – Hanne Hukkelberg

Bonus Content! Photo Gallery • Official Movie Trailer
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Musician personnel and Album credits:

Choir [Choirs • Featured Musicians] – Apollo Voices, The, Bach Choir, The, Crouch End Festival Chorus, The
Co-producer [Score Co-produced By] – Peter Cobbin
Composed By [All Score Composed By] – Harry Gregson-Williams (tracks: 1 to 12)
Concertmaster [Featured Musician] – Perry Montague-Mason
Executive Producer [Executive Soundtrack Album Producer] – Andrew Adamson
Liner Notes [Liner Notes Written By] – Andrew Adamson
Orchestrated By [Orchestrators] – Geoff Stradling, Jennifer Hammond, Ladd McIntosh, Larry Rench
Producer [Soundtrack Album Producer] – Harry Gregson-Williams
Programmed By [Percussion Programming • Featured Musician] – Hybrid
Violin [Electric Violin • Featured Musician] – Hugh Marsh
Vocals [Featured Musician] – Lisbeth Scott
Woodwind [Ethnic Woodwinds], Psaltery [Featured Musician] – Richard Harvey

R-1589908-1232650897.png  R-1589908-1232650912.jpg

Various Artists, "Sleeping Beauty and Friends", Walt Disney Records #D000194902 (2008).[CD Compilation]


1    –     Once Upon A Dream
Written-By – J. Lawrence, S. Fain

2    –     I Wonder
Written-By – G. Bruns, T. Sears, W. Hibler
3    –     The Art Of Dressing Well
Written-By – C. Martin
4    –     Colors Of The Wind
Written-By – A. Menken, S. Schwartz
5    –     Reflection
Written-By – D. Zippel, M. Wilder
6    –     Something There
Written-By – A. Menken, H. Ashman
7    –     I Won't Say (I'm In Love)
Written-By – A. Menken, D. Zippel
8    –     Riddle Diddle 1, 2, 3
Adapted By – George Bruns
Composed By [Adapted From A Theme By] – Tchaikovsky
Lyrics By – Ted Sears, W. Hibler
9    –     Hero Of The Story
Written-By – C. Martin
10    –     You Dream It
Written-By – C. Martin

Executive producer is Ted Kryczko.

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