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[U.S. CD & DVD Set]

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[EU CD & DVD Set]

[Japan CD & DVD Set]

Klaus Badelt / Hans Zimmer, "Pirates of The Caribbean - Soundtrack Treasures Collection", Walt Disney Records #D000102400 (2007).[4-CD & DVD Box Set]

Klaus Badelt / Hans Zimmer, "Pirates of The Caribbean - Soundtrack Treasures Collection", Walt Disney Records [EU] #50999 5 14446 2 4 (2007).[4-CD & DVD (PAL) Box Set]
Klaus Badelt / Hans Zimmer, "Pirates of The Caribbean - Soundtrack Treasures Collection", Walt Disney Records [Japan] #AVCW-12632-5/B (2007).[4-CD & DVD (NTSC) Box Set]


1-01    Klaus Badelt –     Fog Bound    2:17   
1-02    Klaus Badelt –     The Medallion Calls    1:53   
1-03    Klaus Badelt –     The Black Pearl    2:17   
1-04    Klaus Badelt –     Will And Elizabeth    2:08   
1-05    Klaus Badelt –     Swords Crossed    3:16   
1-06    Klaus Badelt –     Walk The Plank    1:59   
1-07    Klaus Badelt –     Barbossa Is Hungry    4:06   
1-08    Klaus Badelt –     Blood Ritual    3:33   
1-09    Klaus Badelt –     Moonlight Serenade    2:09   
1-10    Klaus Badelt –     To The Pirates' Cave!tes' Cave!    3:31   
1-11    Klaus Badelt –     Skull And Crossbones    3:24   
1-12    Klaus Badelt –     Bootstrap's Bootstraps    2:39   
1-13    Klaus Badelt –     Underwater March    4:13   
1-14    Klaus Badelt –     One Last Shot    4:46   
1-15    Klaus Badelt –     He's A Pirate    1:31   
2-01    Hans Zimmer –     Jack Sparrow    6:06   
2-02    Hans Zimmer –     The Kraken    6:55   
2-03    Hans Zimmer –     Davy Jones    3:15   

2-04    Hans Zimmer –     I've Got My Eye On You    2:25   
2-05    Hans Zimmer –     Dinner Is Served    1:30   
2-06    Hans Zimmer –     Tia Dalma    3:57   
2-07    Hans Zimmer –     Two Hornpipes (Tortuga)    1:14   
2-08    Hans Zimmer –     A Family Affair    3:34   
2-09    Hans Zimmer –     Wheel Of Fortune    6:45   
2-10    Hans Zimmer –     You Look Good Jack    5:34   
2-11    Hans Zimmer –     Hello Beastie    10:15   
2-12    Hans Zimmer –     He's A Pirate (Tiλsto Remix)
Remix – DJ Tiλsto

3-01    Hans Zimmer –     Hoist The Colours    1:31   
3-02    Hans Zimmer –     Singapore    3:40   
3-03    Hans Zimmer –     At Wit's End    8:05   
3-04    Hans Zimmer –     Multiple Jacks    3:51   
3-05    Hans Zimmer –     Up Is Down    2:42   
3-06    Hans Zimmer –     I See Dead People In Boats    7:09   
3-07    Hans Zimmer –     The Brethren Court    2:21   
3-08    Hans Zimmer –     Parlay    2:10   
3-09    Hans Zimmer –     Calypso    3:02   
3-10    Hans Zimmer –     What Shall We Die For    2:02   
3-11    Hans Zimmer –     I Don't Think Now Is The Best Time    10:45   
3-12    Hans Zimmer –     One Day    4:01   
3-13    Hans Zimmer –     Drink Up Me Hearties    4:31   

4-01    Hans Zimmer –     Pirates, Day One, 4:56am    3:46   
4-02    Hans Zimmer –     Marry Me    11:37   
4-03    Hans Zimmer –     The Heart Of Davy Jones    3:14   
4-04    Hans Zimmer –     Lord CutIer Beckett    8:47   
4-05    Hans Zimmer –     Jack's Theme Bare Bones Demo    4:05   
4-06    Hans Zimmer –     Hoist The Colours Suite    5:43   
4-07    Hans Zimmer –     The Pirate Lord Of Singapore    5:58   
4-08    Hans Zimmer –     Just Good Business    5:56   
4-09    Klaus Badelt –     He's A Pirate (Pete 'n' Red's Jolly Roger Mix)
Remix – Redtop, Sneaky Pete
4-10    Klaus Badelt –     He's A Pirate (Friscia & Lamboy Tribal Treasure Mix)
Remix – Friscia & Lamboy
4-11    Klaus Badelt –     He's A Pirate (Pelo Verde Mix)
Remix – Pelo Verde
4-12    Klaus Badelt –     He's A Pirate (Chris Joss Ship Ahoy Tribal Mix)
Remix – Chris Joss
4-13    Hans Zimmer –     Jack's Suite (Paul OakenfoId Mix)
Remix – Paul Oakenfold
4-14    Hans Zimmer –     Jack's Suite (The Crystal Method Mix)
Remix – Crystal Method, The
4-15    Hans Zimmer –     Pirates Live Forever (Ryeland Allison Mix)
Remix – Ryeland Allison

DVD1   The Making Of A Score - Behind the Scenes
DVD2    The Man Behind The Pirate's Music - Hans Zimmer
DVD3    Hans Zimmer's Live Performance at Disneyland for the World Premiere of "At World's End"

Musician personnel and Album Credits:

Accordion – Frank Marocco (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Banjo – Heitor "Pieces Of Eight" Pereira (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Bass [Principle Musician] – Nico Abondolo (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Bassoon [Principle Musician] – Michael O'Donnovan (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Cello – Martin "Scourge Of The Seven Seas" Tillman (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Cello [Featured Musician] – Martin "Scourge Of The Seven Seas" Tillman (tracks: CD1-01 to CD2-12)
Cello [Principal Musician] – Steve Erdody (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Choir – Choir Of The King's Consort (tracks: CD2-01 to CD2-12), Metro Voices (tracks: CD1-01 to CD3-13)
Chorus Master – Jenny "Ahoy Matey" O'Grady (tracks: CD2-01 to CD2-12)
Chorus Master [Choir Master] – Jenny "Ahoy Matey!" O'Grady (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Chorus Master [Metro Voices Choirmaster] – Jenny "Ahoy, Matey!" O'Grady (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15)
Cimbalom [Cymbalon] – Tom Raney (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Clarinet [Principle Musician] – Jim Kanter (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Compiled By [Album] – Al "Rum Ole Boy" Clay (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15)
Composed By – Hans "Long John" Zimmer (tracks: CD2-01 to CD2-12, CD3-01 to CD3-13), Klaus "Bowsprit" Badelt (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15)
Concertmaster [Principle Musician] – Endre Granat (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Conductor [Choir Conducted By] – Alastair "All Hands On Deck" King (tracks: CD2-01 to CD2-12), Matthew Dunkel (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13), Nick "Shot Across The Bow" Ingman (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15), Rick "Careen" Wentworth (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15)
Conductor [Orchestra Conducted By] – Blake "Blackstone" Neely (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15, CD3-01 to CD3-13), Nick "The Admiral" Glennie-Smith (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13), Pete "High Seas" Anthony (tracks: CD2-01 to CD2-12)
Drums – Simon Phillips (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Duduk – Chris Bleth (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Executive-Producer [Executive Soundtrack Album Producer] – Gore Verbinski (tracks: CD2-01 to CD2-12, CD4-01 to CD4-15), Gore "Cap'n" Verbinski (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13), Jerry Bruckheimer (tracks: CD2-01 to CD4-15)
Featuring [On-camera & Pre-record Musician] – Craig Eastman (tracks: CD2-01 to CD2-12), Frank Marocco (tracks: CD2-01 to CD2-12), James S. Levine (tracks: CD2-01 to CD2-12), Michael Levine (tracks: CD2-01 to CD2-12)
Fiddle – Lili Haydn (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13), Michael "Catgut O'Squeals" Levine (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Flute [Featured Musician] – Fred Selden (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15)
Flute [Principle Musician] – Geri Rotella (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13), Jim Walker (3) (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Guitar – Gore "Cap'n" Verbinski (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Guitar [Featured Musician] – Heitor "Pieces Of Eight" Pereira (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15)
Horn [Principle Musician] – Jim Thatcher (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Huqin [Erhu] – Karen Han (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Music By [Additional] – Atli "Cod Warrior" Φrvarsson (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13), Blake Blackstone" Neely (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15), Geoff "Broadside" Zanelli (tracks: CD1-01 to CD3-13), Henry "Jolly Swordfish" Jackman (tracks: CD2-01 to CD3-13), James "Boot Tuck" Dooley (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15), James "Marooned" McKee Smith (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15), John "Red Beard" Sponsler (tracks: CD2-01 to CD3-13), Lorne "Shiver Me Timbers" Balfe (tracks: CD2-01 to CD3-13), Nick "The Admiral" Glennie-Smith (tracks: CD1-01 to CD3-13), Ramin "Salty Dog" Djawadi (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15), Steve "Bad Boy" Jablonsky (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15), Tom "Chum Bucket" Gire (tracks: CD2-01 to CD3-13), Trevor "Scurvy Dog" Morris (tracks: CD2-01 to CD2-12)
Music By [Ambient Music Design] – Mel "Black Spot" Wesson (tracks: CD1-01 to CD2-12)
Oboe [Principle Musician, Featured Musician] – Phil Ayling (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Orchestrated By [Orchestrations By] – Bill "Hempen Halter" Liston (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15), Brad "Chainshot" Warnaar (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15), Conrad "Peg Leg" Pope (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15), Elizabeth "Darling Poppet" Finch (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15), Elizabeth "Rancid" Finch (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13), Ken "Swashy" Kugler (tracks: CD2-01 to CD3-13), Ladd "Hoist 'Em High" McIntosh (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15), Rick "Barnacle" Giovinazzo (tracks: CD2-01 to CD2-12), Robert "The Dauntless" Elhai (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15), Steve "Barkin" Bartek (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13), Suzette "AYE!" Moriarty (tracks: CD1-01 to CD3-13), Walt "Argh" Fowler (tracks: CD1-01 to CD3-13)
Orchestrated By [Supervising Orchestrator] – Bruce "Crossbones" Fowler (tracks: CD1-01 to CD2-12)
Other [Assistants To Hans "long John" Zimmer] – Bettina "Jolly Boat" Lynch (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15), Mo "Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Drum" Nakamoto (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15)
Percussion [Featured Musician] – Emil Richards (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15)
Producer [Music Production Intern] – Nick "Cabin Boy" Glennie-Smith (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Producer [Music Productions Services For Media Ventures] – Captain Jay "Lead Foot" Rifkin (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15), Mark "Buccaneer" Berger (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15), Tom "Six Pounders" Broderick (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15)
Producer [Music Productions Services] – Steven "Swagger" Kofsky (tracks: CD2-01 to CD3-13)
Producer [Overproduced By] – Bob "Cut 'Em Up" Badami (tracks: CD2-01 to CD2-12), Bob "Cut "Em Up" Badami (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13), Hans "Long John" Zimmer (tracks: CD1-01 to CD3-13), Melissa "Tortuga Wench" Muik (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Programmed By [Synth Programming] – Bart "The Original Black Bart" Hendrickson (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15), Hans "Long John" Zimmer (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15), Rob "Crows Nest" Williams (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15)
Soprano Vocals – Hila Plitmann (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Trombone [Principle Musician] – Charlie Loper (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Tuba [Principle Musician] – Doug Tornquist (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Viola [Principle Musician] – Brian Dembow (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Violin [Principle Musician - 2nd Violin] – Julie Gigante (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Vocals [Featuring] – Delores "Vixen Of The Seas" Clay (tracks: CD2-01 to CD3-13)
Woodwind [Ethnic Woods] – Pedro Eustache (tracks: CD3-01 to CD3-13)
Woodwind [Featured Musician] – Danny Kuramoto (tracks: CD1-01 to CD1-15)

Composed By – Hans "Long John" Zimmer (tracks: 2-01 to 2-12 , 3-01 to 3-13 , 4-01 to 4-08 , 4-13 to 4-15), Klaus "Bowsprit" Badelt (tracks: 1-01 to 1-15 , 4-09 to 4-12)
Producer [Overproduced By] – Bob "Cut 'Em Up" Badami (tracks: 2-01 to 2-12, 3-01 to 3-13), Hans "Long John" Zimmer (tracks: 1-01 to 1-15, 2-01 to 2-12, 3-01 to 3-13), Melissa "Tortuga Wench" Muik (tracks: 3-01 to 3-13)

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