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Walt Disney Records Boxed Sets (continued)


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[Above Left:  U.S. Boxed Set with Softcover Book & 4 CDs; Above Right:  UK Boxed Set with Hardbound Book, Separate Lyrics Book & Different artwork on the CDs]

Alan Menken, Howard Ashman, Tim Rice, THE MUSIC BEHIND THE MAGIC (The Little Mermaid, Beauty & The Beast, Aladdin), Walt Disney Records #60014-7 (1994).[4-CD and Softbound Book Boxed Set]
Alan Menken, Howard Ashman, Tim Rice, THE MUSIC BEHIND THE MAGIC (The Little Mermaid, Beauty & The Beast, Aladdin), Walt Disney Records [UK] #___________ (1994).[4-CD, Hardbound Book & Lyric Book Boxed Set]

Contains demo recordings from the composers as well as their own performances of songs from these three films.
U.S. version includes a 51-page softbound book.


Disc: 1   

1. Fathoms Below Main Titles [Demo Version]   
2. Fathoms Below [Final]   
3. Main Titles [Final]   
4. Daughters of Triton   
5. Part of Your World [Work Tape]   
6. Part of Your World [Demo Version]   
7. Part of Your World [Final]   
8. Fireworks   
9. Jig [Final]   
10. Under the Sea (Work Tape)   
11. Under the Sea [Demo Version]   
12. Under the Sea [Final]   
13. Sebastian and Triton [Final]   
14. Part of Your World (Reprise) [Demo Version]   
15. The Storm [Final]   
16. Part of Your World (Reprise) [Final]   
17. Silence Is Golden [Demo Version]   
18. Poor Unfortunate Souls [Demo Version]   
19. Poor Unfortunate Souls [Final]   
20. Les Poissons [Demo Version]   
21. Les Poissons [Final]   
22. Tour of the Kingdom [Final]   
23. Kiss the Girl [Demo Version]   
24. Kiss the Girl [Final]   
25. Bedtime [Final]   
26. Wedding Announcement [Final]   
27. Eric to the Rescue [Final]   
28. Part of Your World/Happy Ending [Work Tape/Final]   

Disc: 2
1. Belle [Demo/Final]   
2. Prologue [Final]   
3. Belle (Reprise) [Demo Version]   
4. Belle (Reprise) [Final]   
5. Wolf Attack [Unreleased Master]   
6. Gaston [Demo Version]   
7. Gaston [Final]   
8. Gaston (Reprise) [Demo Version]   
9. Be Our Guest [Demo Version]   
10. Be Our Guest [Final]   
11. West Wing [Final]   
12. Human Again [Demo Version]   
13. Something There [Final]   
14. The Mob Song [Final]   
15. Beauty and the Beast [Work Tape]   
16. Beauty and the Best [Demo Version]   
17. Beauty and the Best [Final]   
18. The Beast Lets Belle Go [Final]   
19. Transformation #1 [Final]   
20. Transformation #2   
21. Beauty and the Beast   

Disc: 3
1. Arabian Nights [Final]   
2. Legend of the Lamp [Final]   
3. On a Dark Night [Final]   
4. One Jump Ahead [Final]   
5. Street Urchins [Final]   
6. One Jump Ahead (Reprise) [Final]   
7. Count on Me [Demo Version]   
8. Call Me a Princess [Demo Version]   
9. Jasmine Runs Away [Final]   
10. Market Place [Final]   
11. Why Me [Unreleased Master]   
12. Friend Like Me [Work Tape]   
13. Friend Like Me [Final]   
14. To Be Free [Final]   
15. The Cave of Wonders [Final]   
16. Prince Ali [Demo Version]   
17. Prince Ali [Final]   
18. A Whole New World [Work Tape]   
19. A Whole New World [Final]   
20. The Kiss [Final]   
21. Aladdin's Word [Final]   
22. Humiliate the Boy [Demo Version]   
23. Jafar's Hour [Final]   
24. Prince Ali (Reprise)   
25. The Ends of the Earth [Final]   
26. The Battle [Final]   
27. Happy End in Agrabah [Final]   
28. Arabian Nights, Reprise [Unleashed Master]   
29. A Whole New World   

Disc: 4
1. Arabian Nights, Reprise #1   
2. Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Kassim   
3. Arabian Nights, Reprise #2   
4. Proud of Your Boy   
5. How Quick They Forget   
6. Arabian Nights, Reprise #3   
7. High Adventure   
8. Arabian Nights, Reprise #4

Produced by Alan Menken.

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