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Disneyland Records (continued)

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Webmaster's Notes:  With Disneyland Records, those indicated with ST before the catalog number usually indicate MONO recordings while those which start with STER before the catalog number indicate STEREO.
Also, Disneyland Records' catalog numbers do not follow in order with chronological years.  This material is presented in chronological order, regardless of catalog number used.

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[Mono LP]

3813_side1.png  3813_side2.png
[Mono LP labels, early run]

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[Mono LP labels, later run]

Walt Disney Presents WINNIE THE POOH AND TIGGER TOO, Disneyland Records #3813 (1974).[LP]

Voice Talents:
[Christopher] – Timothy Turner
[Kanga] – Barbara Luddy
[Piglet] – John Fielder
[Rabbit] – Junius Matthews
[Roo] – Dori Whitaker
[Tigger] – Paul Winchell
[Winnie The Pooh] – Sterling Holloway

Songs by Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman.
Narrated by Sebastian Cabot.

Walt Disney Productions Presents THE STORY OF THE ISLAND AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD, Disneyland Records #3814 (1974).[LP]


Co-producer – Jack Wood, James A. Johnson
Music Director – Robert F. Brunner
Narrator – Thurl Ravenscroft
Organ – Claire Fischer

Music composed by Maurice Jarre.

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[Stereo LP]

Side1.png  Side2.png
[Stereo LP labels]

BOB MCGRATH SINGS FOR ALL THE BOYS AND GIRLS, Disneyland Records #1357 (1974).[LP]

Popular Sesame Street star records an album on the Disneyland label.


Record produced by Buddy Baker.

R-1770624-1242251534.jpg  R-1770624-1309115077.png  
[Mono LP & LP label]

Walt Disney's TRICK OR TREAT - Stories and Songs of Halloween, Disneyland Records #1358 (1974).[LP]



Walt Disney's Trick Or Treat
Narrator [Narrated By] – Ginny Tyler


Trick Or Treat (For Halloween)
Written-By – Al Hoffman, Jerry Livingston, Mack David


Story & Song Of The Haunted Mansion
Voice Actor [Ghost Host] – Pete Renoudet
Voice Actor [Karen] – Robie Lester
Narrator – Thurl Ravenscroft
Voice Actor [Madame Leota] – Eleanor Audley
Voice Actor [Mike] – Ronny Howard


Grim Grinning Ghosts (The Screaming Song)
Music By – Buddy Baker
Lyrics By – F. Xavier Atencio

Story narrated by Ginny Tyler.


Various Artists, LITTLE RED CABOOSE And Other Children's Hits featuring Chip N' Dale, Disneyland Records #1359 (1974).[LP]

Special Guest Star, Burl Ives.


1. Chip 'n' Dale - Chip 'n' Dale/Polly Wolly Doodle/Daisy Daisy
2. Chip 'n' Dale - Sailing, Sailing
3. Chip 'n' Dale - Blow The Man Down
4. Chip 'n' Dale - I'm A Little Prairie Flower
5. Chip 'n' Dale - Little Red Caboose
6. Ed Stewart And Tony Brandon - Teddy Bears' Picnic
7. Jimmie Dodd - Rag Mop
8. Burl Ives - Mairzy Doats
9. Burl Ives - Funiculi Funicula
10. Jimmie Dodd - I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo
11. Disneyland Boys Chorus - Clementine


Various Artists, SING and Other Sunny Songs!, Disneyland Records #1360 (year unknown).[LP]


1. Sing
2. Archer & Gile - Singing
3. Archer & Gile - Sing Me A Song
4. Archer & Gile - Sleepy Song
5. Anita Bryant - The Orange Bird Song
6. Mary Martin - Sing A Smiling Song
7. I Bring You A Song
8. Love Is A Song
9. Let's Sing A Gay Little Spring Song
10. The Bird Chorus - Sing All Day

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