Disney's Composers, Lyricists, and Arrangers

I don't think I could do a site like this on Disney music without giving some special credit and appreciation to the people who actually wrote and arranged the music for Disney over the years.  I tried to find out about most of them and what photos I could find of them appear below.  I'd like to thank each and every one of them for writing such memorable music for the many Disney projects I have enjoyed - including tv shows, live action and animated movies, theme park attractions, hotels, parades, and anything else in Disney entertainment that I left out!

Alan_Silvestri_2009.jpg  Hank_Mancini.png  Don_Dorsey.gif  James_Christensen.jpg  Joel_Hirschhorn.png
(Left to right:  Alan Silvestri, Henry Mancini, Don Dorsey, James Christensen, Joel Hirschhorn)

  Michael_Giacchino.png  Gavin_Greenaway.png  Ira_Antellis.png  John_Debney.png  Winston_Hibler.png
(Left to right:  Michael Giacchino, Gavin Greenaway, Ira Antellis, John Debney, Winston Hibler)

David_Zippel.png  Alexander_Courage.png  Carl_Stalling.JPG  Gordon_Goodwin.png  Ron_Grainer.jpg
(Left to right:  David Zippel, Alexander Courage, Carl Stalling, Gordon Goodwin, Ron Grainer)

Mark_Mancina.png  Jerry_Goldsmith.png  Stephen_Schwartz.png  Phil_Collins.png  Hans_Zimmer.png
(Left to Right:  Mark Mancina, Jerry Goldsmith, Stephen Schwartz, Phil Collins, Hans Zimmer)

TuttiCamarata.png  FrankChurchill.png  LeighHarline.png
  Silvershers.jpg  Douglas_Besterman.png
(Left to right:  Tutti Camarata, Frank Churchill, Leigh Harline, Michael & Patty Silversher, Douglas Besterman)

X.Atencio.png  BuddyBaker.png  JimmyDodd.png  Al_Kasha.png
(Left to right:  F. Xavier "X." Atencio, Norman "Buddy" Baker,  Jimmy Dodd, Al Kasha, Paul Buckmaster)

Special Note:  Detailed information on the legacy of work that Buddy Baker did for The Walt Disney Studios can be seen at:
The Fales Library and Special Collections (at New York University)
There are 94 boxes of material - including autographed, typed, and photocopied music scores, sketches, lead sheets, musical breakdowns and parts from music composed for Walt Disney's theatrical, television, and theme park productions.

George-Bruns.png  tim_rice_elton_john.jpg  AlanMenken-HowardAshman.jpg  George_Fenton.png  Thomas_Newman.png
(Left to right:  George Bruns, Tim Rice & Elton John, Howard Ashman & Alan Menken, George Fenton, Thomas Newman)

Sammy_Fain.jpg  Mac_David.jpg  Sammy_Cahn.jpg  Peggy_Lee.jpg  Larry_Morey.png  Georgewilkins.jpg
(Left to right:  Sammy Fain, Mack David, Sammy Cahn, Peggy Lee, Larry Morey, George Wilkins)

Terry_Gilkyson.png  Sonny_Burke.png  Oliver_Wallace.png  Danny_Elfman.jpg  PaulJSmith.png
(Left to right:  Terry Gilkyson, Sonny Burke, Oliver Wallace, Danny Elfman, Paul J. Smith)

Floyd_Huddleston.jpg  Al_Rinker.png  Irwin_Kostal.png  Ed_Plumb.jpg  Randy_Newman.png 
(Left to right:  Floyd Huddleston, Al Rinker, Irwin Kostal, Ed Plumb, Randy Newman)

Glenn-Slater.jpg  Mike_Sammes.jpg 
Walt-Meredith.png  ary_barroso.jpg
(Left to right:  Glenn Slater, Mike Sammes, Meredith Willson** (with Walt Disney), Ary Barroso)

Roger-Miller.png  Barry-Manilow.png  Brian_Setzer.png  Elmer_Bernstein.png  James_Horner.png
(Left to right:  Roger Miller, Barry Manilow, Brian Setzer, Elmer Bernstein, James Horner)

mike_curb.jpg  Johnny_Mandel.gif  Dennis_Burnside.jpg  derric_johnson.jpg  Michael_Starobin.jpg
(Left to right:  Mike Curb, Johnny Mandel, Dennis Burnside, Derric Johnson, Michael Starobin)

Danny_Troob.jpg  Michael_Kosarin.jpg  Walter_Afanasieff.png  Chris_Tilton.jpg  Tim_Simonec.png
(Left to right:  Danny Troob, Michael Kosarin, Walter Afanasieff, Chris Tilton, Tim Simonec)

Jack_J_Hayes.jpg  Matthew_Ferraro.png  Adam_Cohen.jpg  Carly_Simon.png  Carl_Johnson.png
(Left to right:  Jack J. Hayes, Matthew Ferraro, Adam Cohen, Carly Simon, Carl Johnson)

With_Poppins_poster.png  jackwagner.jpg
(Left to right:  Robert B. Sherman and Richard M. Sherman, Jack Wagner)

Not pictured:  Jerry Livingston, Al Hoffman, Marc Ray, Peter Martin, Walter Sheets, Ted Sears, Jack Lawrence, Matthew Wilder, Cheryl Berman, Bob Summers, Sonny Anderson, James Barngrover, Mark McDunn, Bob Linn, Bob Summers, B. Hilliard, Bob Brunner, David Friedman, Alexander Steinert, Phil Moore, Junior Pochet, Mel Levin, Bill Lee, Tom Adair, Erdman Penner, Peter Lurye, Mike Watts, Jeff Bunnell, Todd Hayen, Franklyn Marks, Vesey Walker, Joseph S. Dubin, Ann Ronell, Leo Perachi, Bennie Benjamin, George Weiss, Gil George, Norman Gimbel, Lew Foster, Norman Foster, Charles Wolcott, Ray Gilbert, Agustin Lara, Allie Wrubel, Kim Gannon, Walter Kent, Eliot Daniel, Mel Leven, Stan Fidel, Richard Johnston, Jack Feldman, Bruce Sussman, Tom Blackburn, Mark Mueller, Randy Bright, Bob Moline, Jean Jacques Perrey, Gershon Kingsley, Bill Lava, Frederick Searles, Chris Calabrese, Billy Steinberg, Tom Kelly, Bruce Broughton, Jack Elliott, Richard Bellis, Mike Tavera, Randy Petersen, Kevin Quinn, Martin Erskine, Stephen James Taylor, William Ross, Tim Heintz, Mary Costa, Bill Shirley, Taylor Holmes, Charles LaVere, Nicholas Pike, Willard Jones, Mel Leven, Richard O. Johnston, Stan Fidel, Jim Stafford, Jeffery Patch, Richard J. Rich, Artie Butler, Ayn Robbins, Carol Connors, Jymn Magon, Dennis Burnside, G.T. Charouhas, S. Furman, T. Worrall, P. Patrick, Wendy Carlos, Al Capps, Edwin Starr, Billy Myers, Daniele Amfitheatrof, Ken Darby, Douglas R. Momary, Lorraine Feather, Paul Grabowsky, Martin Erskine, Doug Besterman, Joel McNeely, Sting, David Hartley, Harry Gregson-Williams, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez, Henry Jackman, Patrick Doyle, John Powell, Julie Fowlis, Christophe Beck, Brian Tyler.

** Also, Mr. Music Man himself, Meredith Willson, deserves mentioning as his "76 Trombones" was played by live bands in parades at both Disneyland (in 1959) and Walt Disney World's Grand Opening (in 1971) - with himself conducting both appearances!  In the "Kodak Presents Disneyland '59" television special, he was also in the dignitary/special guest seating area on Main Street U.S.A. - right near Walt Disney (see photo on this page).  Meredith stepped out of the seating area and on to Main Street to conduct the band.  In "The Grand Opening of Walt Disney World" parade (1971, also televised), he was conducting inside a small gazebo being pulled ahead of all the trombones playing his song.  He was shown again conducting in front of Cinderella Castle once the musicians had marched down Main Street U.S.A.  It's obvious to me that Walt Disney thought very highly of Meredith and his music to involve him in both properties!

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