This discography is humbly dedicated to the memory of Walt Disney - whose grand ideas and whose
insistence on having great music for those grand ideas have given me so much enjoyment throughout my life.

Thanks, Walt!


Of course, the name "Disney" needs no introduction to anyone who even casually knows about the life and work of Walt Disney.  What I hope to present here is a good sampling of items that are predominantly from three record labels belonging to the Disney Music Group:  Disneyland Records (now defunct), Buena Vista Records and Walt Disney Records.  I will also be listing a small number of recordings issued by Walt Disney Productions / Walt Disney Entertainment that feature recordings made at and for Disney Theme Park/Resort visitors. 

I chose these four record labels in particular because they are representative of my own interest and my own collection.  Disneyland Records was the flagship label and founded in the 1950s so that Disney could release its own recordings without having to use other labels which had previously issued Disney music (like RCA Victor, Decca, etc.).  These Disneyland Records eventually spanned a lot of different material (including theme park attraction soundtracks and music) but were mostly made up of the "Story and Songs" albums that had a mixture of narration, music, and storyline from classic Disney films.  Buena Vista Records co-existed with Disneyland Records for many years - and these BV Records predominantly featured original movie soundtracks and fare for a little older audience.  Walt Disney Records is the name of the company which now issues almost all of the current Disney CDs (though Buena Vista Records has issued some CDs) and the original Disneyland Records label is retired and no longer used for new releases. 

A couple of things to keep in mind:

1.  This discography is NOT intended to be a complete listing of every Disney album or recording ever made.
2.  No 7" singles, Extended Play or 78 rpm records are included in this discography.
3.  The Disney Music Group owns several other recording labels which I will not be covering in this discography.

My own interest in Disney and Disney music started as a child in the 1950s.  I was one of the ones who watched "The Mickey Mouse Club" religiously on weekdays and Walt Disney's Sunday evening show weekly.  I also remember watching the last show in which Walt Disney appeared before his death in 1966 - when he announced the plans for "The Florida Project" - what would become known later as Walt Disney World.  This show and Walt's vision for the future had a profound impact on me.  Walt Disney World opened the same year I graduated from high school - and three years later, I went on vacation there for the first time.  A couple more vacations to WDW later and I knew I wanted to work there, which I did, in 1976.  That experience taught me a lot and I will always be grateful for having it.

In addition to the discography presented here, you will notice that I include some editorials regarding the history of Disney attractions, most notably Walt Disney World and the changes that have taken place there over the decades since it opened.  These opinions are mine alone.  I also include some comments on some of Disney's most notable music composers.

I also include many personal photos, drawings, maps, scans and representations of things Disney at the tops of the discography pages to further enhance your Disney experience while visiting here.

I have been creating and maintaining online music discographies since 1999.  It suddenly dawned on me that it didn't make sense for me not to include Disney, since Walt Disney had been such an influence on my life and since I have such an affinity for the music associated with all things Disney.  As with all my other online discographies, this one is starting out small - but will continue to grow with material over time.

I hope you enjoy looking at this discography and maybe even learning a bit more about the recordings (and the Disney experience) than you knew before.  Thanks for your interest!

--B.J. (Barbara J.) Major
Introduction amended on December 27, 2012

 (Mickey and this Webmaster, Summer 1976)


Walt Disney and Music - In His Own Words
Disney's Composers, Lyricists, and Arrangers
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Disneyland Records Label
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Walt Disney Productions / Walt Disney Entertainment Recordings Label
Walt Disney Records Label
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