COMMENT - JLH Omnimedia and the E82 Project
By B.J. Major

Over at The E82 Project, anyone who loves the historical perspective on Disney and doesn't particularly like the way many things Disney have changed in recent decades, will find much to like.  No, change that to much to LOVE.  Joshua L. Harris is quite a gifted artist who has single-handedly taken on a project to memorialize in art and in available music and sounds, the legacy that is the original EPCOT of the early 1980s.  The one we saw on opening day on October 1, 1982.

Joshua has recreated artwork of the early EPCOT areas and attractions that is so good, so striking and so beautiful that it is hard to believe he doesn't work for Disney.  I can't believe that Disney has not snapped him up to work for them full-time.  Joshua gets the essence of Disney so well, it will blow you away.  He has done other projects and logos for Disney as well, but he tops himself with the EPCOT work and it is this work in which he excels like no other has been able to do.

At his site, you will be able to relive those early days listening to FULL attraction music and sounds from the moment of entrance to walking out of the pavilion into the glorious Florida sunshine.  When I say FULL, I mean that in every essence of the word.  The full movie soundtracks (with dialog), along with all the "incidental" music of the line queues and exhibits, right alongside the attraction scores from start to finish.  Just close your eyes and you will be transported back to yesteryear and be riding through the original Exxon "Universe of Energy" or the Kodak "Journey Into Imagination" with Dreamfinder and Figment.  Many of these attractions are (sadly) no longer with us at all or if they are, are only a shadow of their former self and have so radically been changed that they are almost unrecognizeable from the original.  We can be grateful to Joshua that he is taking this project on and providing a way for these treasures to be preserved for history.

Joshua has made available for download each music project he has taken on as he gets these completed.  He has a couple scheduled to be completed for each year.  I can't imagine the amount of hours' worth of work this is taking to get the recordings just right and then make them available as mp3s.  If that isn't enough, he is then providing disc artwork for each CD downloaded (cover and label art) that captures the essence of the subject.  You will see designs you may not have thought of or seen for years.  But I promise that it will all come flooding back to you once you begin perusing his site.

I don't know where these complete recordings are coming from, but they are things that Disney has never released on any CD or box set and probably never will, because they mistakenly think there is no audience for this type of material.  But I assure you there is.  The sheer amount of people interested in Disney history and Disney preservation would provide an audience for its release.  But regardless of what Disney does or doesn't decide to do, we can be grateful that Joshua and his company have taken on doing it and are doing what truly is a labor of love for the rest of us to savor and enjoy.

Thanks, Joshua and JLH Omnimedia!!!!

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