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Disneyland Records (continued)

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Webmaster's Notes:  With Disneyland Records, those indicated with ST before the catalog number usually indicate MONO recordings while those which start with STER before the catalog number indicate STEREO.
Also, Disneyland Records' catalog numbers do not follow in order with chronological years.  This material is presented in chronological order, regardless of catalog number used.

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Tutti Camarata, TUTTI'S TRUMPETS, Disneyland Records #STER-3011 (1957).[LP]


A1        I Can't Get Started    4:23   
A2        Boy Meets Horn    3:20   
A3        What's New    2:30   
A4        Trumpet Soliloquy    3:05   
A5        Trumpet Tango    3:39   
A6        Stardust    3:14   
B1        Bugle Blues    2:56   
B2        Tenderly    4:19   
B3        Louis    4:28   
B4        Trumpeter's Prayer    3:59   
B5        Southland    2:51   

Produced and conducted by Tutti Camarata.
Trumpeters:  Conrad Gozzo, Joe Triscari, Mannie Klein, Pete Candoli, "Shorty" Sherlock, Uan Rasey.

Camarata, AUTUMN, Disneyland Records #WDL-3021 (19__).[LP]


      Side I (17:13)
A1        Autumn Concerto    3:25   
A2        Lullaby Of The Leaves    3:30   
A3        September Song    4:31   
A4        Autumn Leaves    3:05   
A5        Autumn Serenade    2:24
      Side II (17:52)
B1        Autumn In New York    2:22   
B2        Autumn Silhouette    3:03   
B3        Autumn Nocturne    5:07   
B4        The Story Of The Stars    4:25   
B5        With The Wind And The Rain    2:55   
Music by Camarata.
Pipe Organ by Buddy Cole.
Piano by Ray Turner.

Camarata, WINTER, Disneyland Records #WDL-3026 (1957).[LP]


A1        Winter Wonderland       
A2        Skaters Waltz       
A3        Majestic Cascades       
A4        Moonlight In Vermont       
A5        In The Still Of The Night       
B1        The Silver Tree       
B2        June In January       
B3        Jing-A-Ling       
B4        Let It Snow       
B5        Snowflower       
B6        Snowflakes
Arranged & conducted by Tutti Camarata.


Camarata, SUMMER, Disneyland Records #WDL-3027 (year unknown).[LP]


Tutti's Trumpets and the Camarata Strings, SPRING, Disneyland Records #STER-3032 (year unknown).[LP]


Tutti's Trumpets With Mannie Klein & George Werth:

1. Paris In The Spring
2. Spring Romance
3. Poinciana
4. Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year
5. No Other Love

The Camarata Strings With Arthur Gleghorn:

6. It Might As Well Be Spring
7. April In Paris
8. Spring Is Here
9. I'll Remember April
10. Spring Madness

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Walt Disney Presents THIS WAS THE WEST, Disneyland Records #WDL-3033 (19__).[LP]


A1        Western Theme With Narration       
A2        Sacajawea       
A3        Ol' Kit Carson       
A4        Jim Marshall's Nuggett       
A5        Wagons West       
A6        Pony Express       
A7        Cowpoke       
A8        Buffalo       
A9        Indian Spirit Chant       
B1        Yellow Stripes       
B2        The Lillies Grow High       
B3        Coffin In The Cabin       
B4        Saddle Up       
B5        Stars Of The West       
B6        Songs Of The Dancehall Girls       
B7        Rollin' Dust

Vocal arrangements by Lloyd Perryman.
Narrated by Thurl Ravenscroft.
Written and performed by Stan Jones.

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Leopold Stokowski with The Philadelphia Orchestra, WALT DISNEY'S FANTASIA, Disneyland Records (mono) #WDX-101 (1957).[3-LP set with attached booklet]


A1        Toccata And Fugue In D Minor
Composed By Johann Sebastian Bach

A2        The Nutcracker Suite (Part 1)

Composed By Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky

A2a        Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy

Composed By Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky

A2b        Chinese Dance

Composed By Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky

A2c        Dance Of The Reed Flutes

Composed By Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky

A2d        Arabian Dance

Composed By Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky

B1        The Nutcracker Suite (Part 2)

Composed By Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky

B1a        Russian Dance

Composed By Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky

B1b        Waltz Of The Flowers

Composed By Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky

B2        The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Composed By Paul Dukas

C1        Rite Of Spring

Composed By Igor Stravinsky

D1        The Pastoral Symphony (The Sixth)

Composed By Ludwig van Beethoven

E1        Dance Of The Hours

Composed By Amilcare Ponchielli

F1        Night On Bald Mountain

Composed By Modeste Moussorgsky

F2        Ave Maria

Composed By Franz Schubert
Lyrics By Rachel Field
Soloist Julietta Novis

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[Canada LP]

zorro001.png  zorro003.png
[Canada Labels]

Walt Disney Presents, "Four Adventures of Zorro", Disneyland Records [Canada] #WDA 3601 (unknown year).[LP]

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[Mono LP]

"A Day At Disneyland with Walt Disney and Jiminy Cricket", Disneyland Records #ST-3901 (1957).[LP]

Webmaster's Note:  This album is essentially the same as "WALT DISNEY TAKES YOU TO DISNEYLAND" but with the addition of Jiminy Cricket's narration and different album cover.

Overture composed and conducted by (Tutti) Camarata.
Main Street composed and conducted by Oliver Wallace.
composed and conducted by (Tutti) Camarata.
Frontierland composed and conducted by George Bruns.
Tomorrowland composed and conducted by George Bruns.
Fantasyland composed and conducted by (Tutti) Camarata.

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[1960 Mono LP]

[1970 Mono LP]

[1980 Mono LP]

Walt Disney's Bambi (Story and Songs), Disneyland Records #ST-3903 (1957).[LP]
Walt Disney's Bambi
(Story and Songs), Disneyland Records #ST-3903 (1960).[LP]
Walt Disney's Bambi (Story and Songs), Disneyland Records #ST-3903 (1967).[LP]
Walt Disney's Bambi (Story and Songs), Disneyland Records #ST-3903 (1970).[LP]
Walt Disney's Bambi (Story and Songs), Disneyland Records #ST-3903 (1980).[LP]

Music By [Background Music] Ed Plumb & Frank Churchill
Narrator Hal Smith
Words By Larry Morey
Written-By Felix Salten

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