A view of River Country from the air during its heyday, late 1970s.

Disneyland Records (continued)

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Webmaster's Notes:  With Disneyland Records, those indicated with ST before the catalog number usually indicate MONO recordings while those which start with STER before the catalog number indicate STEREO.
Also, Disneyland Records' catalog numbers do not follow in order with chronological years.  This material is presented in chronological order, regardless of catalog number used.


Camarata with The Symphonie-Orchester Graunke, THE CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS, Disneyland Records #ST-3900 (1968).[LP]


Introduction & Royal March Of The Lions
Cocks & Hens
Wild Jackass
The Aquarium
The Mules
The Cuckoo In The Woods
The Bird
The Pianists
The Fossils
The Swan
Grand Finale

Verses by Ogden Nash.
Narrated by Pete Murray.

Pirates-OriginalFront.png  3937_back.jpg
[Mono LP, Original pressing]

Side1Original.png  Side2Original.png
[Mono LP labels, Original pressing]

3937_front.jpg  3937_back.jpg
[Mono LP, 1970s pressing]

3937_side1.png  3937_side2.png
[Mono LP labels, 1970s pressing]

"Walt Disney's PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN", Disneyland Records #3937 (1968).[LP]
"Walt Disney's PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN", Disneyland Records #3927 (197_).[LP Reissue]

The original soundtrack for the Disneyland (and later Walt Disney World) attraction (Side 1), narrated by Thurl Ravenscroft
(the narration is not part of the park attraction)
Side 2 contains songs of the sea not used in the original attraction, sung by Thurl Ravenscroft.

Reissued on LP after Walt Disney World opened in 1971.
Reissued for a limited time on CD by Red Dot Net and again by Walt Disney Records.

The main theme of "Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me) by Xavier Atencio and George Bruns.

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