From the opening of Space Mountain, 1975.

Disneyland Records (continued)

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Webmaster's Notes:  With Disneyland Records, those indicated with ST before the catalog number usually indicate MONO recordings while those which start with STER before the catalog number indicate STEREO.
Also, Disneyland Records' catalog numbers do not follow in order with chronological years.  This material is presented in chronological order, regardless of catalog number used.

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Walt Disney's BAMBI, Disneyland Records (DISNEY PICTURE DISC SERIES), #3108 (1982).[LP]

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Walt Disney Productions' MICKEY'S CHRISTMAS CAROL in story and song (DISNEY PICTURE DISC SERIES). Disneyland Records #3109 (1982).[LP]

Narrated by Alan Young as Scrooge.

All music by Buddy Baker, lyrics by Tom and Francis Adair except "Oh, What A Merry Christmas Day" - music and lyrics by Irwin Kostal.

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