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Webmaster's Notes:  With Disneyland Records, those indicated with ST before the catalog number usually indicate MONO recordings while those which start with STER before the catalog number indicate STEREO.
Also, Disneyland Records' catalog numbers do not follow in order with chronological years.  This material is presented in chronological order, regardless of catalog number used.

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Walt Disney Presents I LOVE A PARADE, Disneyland Records #1361 (1974).[LP]

An album of marching favorites, sung and/or performed by The Kids of The Kingdom, The Disneyland Band, & Walt Disney World Band.

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[Stereo LP]

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[Stereo LP]

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Walt Disney Productions' Presents an Adaptation of DICKENS' CHRISTMAS CAROL, Disneyland Records #3811 (1974).[LP]
Walt Disney Productions' Presents an Adaptation of DICKENS' CHRISTMAS CAROL, Disneyland Records [UK] #3811 (1975).[LP]

Webmaster's Note:  This original version has totally different voices than the subsequent LP versions (and "Mickey's Christmas Carol" featurette movie).  In addition, the part of Jiminy Cricket is instead played by Merlin the Magician and the Ghost of Christmas Future is the old witch from Snow White!  Also, Irwin Kostal's "Oh, What A Merry Christmas Day" song was not included in this version.  There is an entire score of different songs here, none of which were used in "Mickey's Christmas Carol".

Narrated by Bill Lee as Scrooge.

All music by Buddy Baker; lyrics by Tom and Francis Adair.
Produced and conducted by Buddy Baker.

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Walt Disney Productions' BERÄTTELSEN OCH SANGERNA UR FILMEN WALT DISNEYS FILM OM ROBIN HOOD, Disneyland Records [Sweden] #2466 101 (1974).[LP]


A1         Vissel-Låt - Whistle Stop         
A2         Oh-De-Lally - Oh- De- Lally         
B1         Kärlek - Love         
B2         Låtsaskung Av England - The Phony King Of England         
B3         Ej I Nottingham - Not In Nottingham         
B4         Oh-De-Lally - Oh- De- Lally

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Walt Disney Productions' HISTORIEN OG SANGENE FRA FILMEN ROBIN HOOD, Disneyland Records [Denmark] #2466 102 (1974).[LP]


A1         Whistle Stop

    Music By – Roger Miller
Whistling – Roger Miller
A2         Oo-De-Lally

    Lyrics By – Victor Skaarup Music By – Roger Miller
Vocals – Preben Neergaard
B1         Kærlighed

    Lyrics By – Victor Skaarup Music By – Floyd Huddleston, George Bruns
Vocals – Susanne Bruun-Koppel
B2         Kong Fup Af England

    Lyrics By – Victor Skaarup Music By – Johnny Mercer
Vocals – Morten Grunwald

B3         I Kongens Stad

    Lyrics By – Per Holst Music By – Roger Miller
Vocals – Preben Neergaard
B4         Oo-De-Lally

    Choir – Unknown Artist Lyrics By – Victor Skaarup
Music By – Roger Miller

Album credits:

    Directed By – Per Holst
    Narrator – Preben Neergaard
    Translated By – Victor Skaarup
    Voice Actor [Broder Tuck] – Poul Bundgaard
    Voice Actor [Hanen] – Preben Neergaard
    Voice Actor [Hiss] – Claus Ryskjær
    Voice Actor [Lady Marian] – Susanne Bruun-Koppel
    Voice Actor [Lille John] – Morten Grunwald
    Voice Actor [Prins John] – John Price
    Voice Actor [Robin Hood] – Finn Storgaard
    Voice Actor [Sheriffen I Nottingham] – Jesper Langberg
    Voice Actor [Trigger] – Paul Hagen

Camille Saint-Saens, LE CARNIVAL DES ANIMAUX, Disneyland Records #ST-4028F [France] (1974).[LP]


A1        Introduction Et Marche Royale Du Lion       
A2        Poules Et Coqs       
A3        Hémiones       
A4        Tortues       
A5        L'Éléphant       
A6        Kangourou       
A7        Aquarium       
B1        Personnages À Longues Oreilles       
B2        Le Coucou Au Fond Des Bois       
B3        Vollère       
B4        Pianistes       
B5        Fossiles       
B6        Le Cygne       
B7        Final       

Credits for the French LP:

Artwork By [Illustration] – Harry Wysocki
Cello – Milton Forstat
Composed By – Camille Saint-Saëns
Conductor – Camarata
Flute – Elmar Baumann
Lyrics By [Text] – Lucien Adès
Narrator – Daniel Ceccaldi
Orchestra – L'Orchestre Symphonique Graunke
Piano – Bram Boelee, Marinus Flipse

Dragons and Dinosaurs, Disneyland Records #3817 (1975).[LP]


The Reluctant Dragon
Puff The Magic Dragon
Mad Madam Mim
The Loch Ness Monster


Walt Disney Presents ALICE AU PAYS DES MERVEILLES, Disneyland Records [France] #ST-3909 (1975).[LP]

Credits for the French LP:

Lyrics By – Louis Sauvat
Music By – Jean Baïtzouroff, Sammy Fain
Narrator – Anna Gaylor, Colette Ripert, Geneviève Casile, Guy Pierauld, Jean Bolo, Roger Carel
Narrator [Alice] – Janine Forney
Other [Sleevenote] – Lucien Adès
Voice Actor – Anne Germain, Guy Pierauld, Janine Forney, Jean Claude Briodin, Michel Barouille, Nicole Darde, Roger Carel


Various Artists, DISNEY-MATINÉ VOLYM 1, Disneyland Records [Sweden] #2466 109 (1975).[LP]

Songs and stories from the Swedish versions of the Disney films Alice in Wonderland, Robin Hood and Pinocchio.


A1     Pierre Isacsson –     Jag Är Sen (I'm Late)
    Written-By – Bob Hilliard, Gardar Sahlberg, Sammy Fain
A2     Lena Ericsson –     Alice I Underlandet (Alice In Wonderland)   
B1     Roger Miller –     Vissel-Låt (Whistle-Stop)        
B2     Bernt Dahlbäck –     Låssakung Av England (The Phony King Of England)        
B3     Sjusovarna –     Ser Du Stjärnan I Det Blå (When You Wish Upon A Star)        
B4     Lena Ericsson –     Bara Vissla (Give A Little Whistle)

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