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[U.S. Stereo 3-LP Set with attached gatefold booklet]

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[U.S. Stereo LP labels]

Leopold Stokowski with The Philadelphia Orchestra, "Walt Disney's Fantasia", Buena Vista Records [Canada] #101 (1957).[3-LP Set]
Leopold Stokowski with The Philadelphia Orchestra, "Walt Disney's Fantasia", Buena Vista Records #STER 101 (1964).[3-LP Set]

The U.S. 1964 listing is actually a reissue of the 1957 set originally released on Disneyland Records (pictured and listed elsewhere on this site).


A1        Toccata And Fugue In D Minor
Composed By Johann Sebastian Bach

A2        The Nutcracker Suite (Part 1)
Composed By Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky

A2a        Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy
Composed By Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky

A2b        Chinese Dance
Composed By Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky

A2c        Dance Of The Reed Flutes
Composed By Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky

A2d        Arabian Dance
Composed By Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky

B1        The Nutcracker Suite (Part 2)
Composed By Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky

B1a        Russian Dance
Composed By Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky

B1b        Waltz Of The Flowers
Composed By Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky

B2        The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Composed By Paul Dukas

C1        Rite Of Spring
Composed By Igor Stravinsky

D1        The Pastoral Symphony (The Sixth)
Composed By Ludwig van Beethoven

E1        Dance Of The Hours
Composed By Amilcare Ponchielli

F1        Night On Bald Mountain
Composed By Modeste Moussorgsky

F2        Ave Maria
Composed By Franz Schubert
Lyrics By Rachel Field
Soloist Julietta Novis

Housed in gatefold sleeve containing illustrated booklet of conceptual sketches and descriptions of scenes from the film.  From booklet:

The recording of "FANTASIA" was a pioneering effort in multi-channel stereophonic recording. Compared with today's modern equipment and techniques, our tools were crude and our theories unproved. Photographic film, with its inherent high noise level and other limitations, was the only suitable recording medium. In 1939, when the music for this motion picture was recorded, the results were considered sensational and seldom, if ever, has the marriage between picture and sound been so complete.
To those who thrilled to the motion picture "FANTASIA," this album will recall many thrilling and delightful moments. We recommend that the volume control on your phonograph be kept at a moderate room level for the fullest enjoyment. The quality and dynamic range of the original recording has been preserved as carefully as possible so that the thunderous vigor of "Bald Mountain" and the delicate beauty of the "Nutcracker Suite" will be heard in their proper perspective. It will be immediately apparent to critical stereophonic enthusiasts that this by no means represents modern stereophonic recording, and no such claim is made. Nevertheless, we feel that this album will provide rich musical enjoyment to countless listeners who have encouraged us to make it available.

Copyright, 1957, Walt Disney Productions. All rights reserved throughout the world. Printed in U.S.A by Western Printing and Lithographing Company.

Artwork Albert Dempster, Arthur Riley, Richard Kelsey
Conductor Leopold Stokowski
Liner Notes [Text Adapted From The Book] Deems Taylor

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Various Artists, "Walt Disney's Complete Soundtrack Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs", Buena Vista Records [Australia] #102 (year unknown).[3-LP Set]


A1         Snow White Judged "Fairest In The Land" By Magic Mirror       
A2         Meets Handsome Prince       
A3         The Queen Is Jealous       
A4         Huntsman Warns Snow White To Run Into The Forest       
B1         Forest Animals Befriend Snow White       
B2         Take Her To Cottage       
B3         Seven Dwarfs Return From Diamond Mine       
C1         Dwarfs Find Snow White Asleep       
C2         Enchanted, They Let Her Stay       
C3         Snow White Insists Dwarfs Wash Before Dinner       
D1         Grumpy Gets A Bath       
D2         Wicked Queen Learns Snow White Is Still Alive       
D3         Queen Turns Herself Into An Old Witch       
D4         Safe In Cottage, Snow White And Dwarfs Dance And Sing       
E1         While Dwarfs Sleep, Witch Makes A Poisoned Apple       
E2         After Dwarfs Go To Work, Witch Meets Snow White At Cottage       
F1         Dwarfs Chase Witch Away       
F2         Prince Discovers Sleeping Snow White And He Delivers "Love's First Kiss" Which Breaks Apple's Spell       
F3         Both Live Happily Ever After

Composed by Frank Churchill / Larry Morey.

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