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Various Artists, "Walt Disney Presents The Original Cast - BABES IN TOYLAND", Buena Vista Records #BV-4022 (1961).[LP]


A1         Babes In Toyland Overture (Instrumental)   
A2         Mother Goose Village And Lemonade   
A3         We Won't Be Happy Till We Get It   
A4         Just A Whisper Away   
A5         Slowly He Sank To The Bottom Of The Sea   
A6         Castle In Spain   
A7         Never Mind Bo Peep   
A8         I Can't Do The Sum   
B1         Floretta   
B2         Forest Of No Return   
B3         Go To Sleep   
B4         Toyland   
B5         Workshop Song   
B6         Just A Toy   
B7         March Of The Toys (Instrumental)   
B8         Tom And Mary (Final)

Walt Disney presents the original cast of "Babes in Toyland", based on Victor Herbert's tuneful musical comedy.

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"33 Great Walt Disney Motion Picture Melodies - Conducted by Camarata", Buena Vista Records #BV-3319 (1963).[LP]


Various Artists, "Walt Disney Presents Summer Magic", Buena Vista Records #BV-4025 (1963).[LP]

Tracklist and performers:

A1    Disney Orchestra      Overture    5:42   
A2    Disney Orchestra      Railroad Rag    1:08   
A3    Hayley Mills and Eddie Hodges      Flitterin'    1:43   
A4    Hayley Mills and Eddie Hodges      Beautiful Beulah    1:03   
A5    Burl Ives      Ugly Bug Ball    3:02   
A6    Hayley Mills and Eddie Hodges      Pink Of Perfection    1:45   
B1    Marilyn Hooven      Summer Magic    3:27   
B2    Hayley Mills and Eddie Hodges      Reprise Beautiful Beulah    1:55   
B3    Hayley Mills and Deborah Walley and Wendy Turner      Femininity    1:58   
B4    Hayley Mills and Eddie Hodges      Reprise Flitterin'    2:06   
B5    Burl Ives      On The Front Porch    3:23   
b6    Disney Orchestra and Disney Chorus      Finale    2:24   

Songs by Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman.

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Billy Storm, "Billy Storm", Buena Vista Records [France] #33 VS 561 (1963).[LP]


A1         Lover Come Back To Me    16:06
B1         Body And Soul    3:37
B2         Walk On The Wilde Side    3:39
B3         God Bless The Child    6:05
B4         Cee Cee Rider    2:35
B5         Lonely People Do Foolish Things    3:04

bv3323_front.jpg  bv3323_back.jpg
[Mono LP]
"Walt Disney Presents The Moon Spinners", Buena Vista Records #BV-3323 (1964).[LP]

Music composed/conducted by Ron Grainer.
"The Moon Spinners Song" by Terry Gilkyson.


Various Artists, "You Too Can Be The Life of the Party (Sing Along with The Piano Player)", Buena Vista Records #BV-1303 (unknown year).[LP]


A1         The Sidewalks Of New York   
A2         Cuddle Up A Little Closer   
A3         Medley: Just One Girl   
A4         Annie Rooney   
A5         In The Good Old Summertime   
A6         Bicycle Built For Two   
A7         Two Little Girls In Blue   
A8         After The Ball   
A9         Beautiful California   
B1         Sweet Rosie O'Grady   
B2         The Band Played On   
B3         Medley: The Bowery   
B4         In My Merry Oldsmobile   
B5         In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree   
B6         Sweet Adeline   
B7         In The Evening By The Moonlight

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