Outside The Crystal Palace Restaurant, Walt Disney World, 1977.

Disneyland Records (continued)

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Webmaster's Notes:  With Disneyland Records, those indicated with ST before the catalog number usually indicate MONO recordings while those which start with STER before the catalog number indicate STEREO.
Also, Disneyland Records' catalog numbers do not follow in order with chronological years.  This material is presented in chronological order, regardless of catalog number used.


[French LP]

Walt Disney Productions Presents THE STORY OF THE BLACK HOLE, Disneyland Records #3821 (1979).[LP]
Walt Disney Productions, LE TROU NOIR (THE BLACK HOLE), Disneyland Records [France] #ST-3821F (1979).[LP]

Credits from the French LP release:

Music By – John Barry
Narrator – Robert Hossein
Producer, Adapted By, Lyrics By – Lucien Adès
Voice Actor [Alex Durant] – Jean-Pierre Leroux
Voice Actor [Charlie Pizer] – Gilles Guillot
Voice Actor [Dan Holland] – Bernard Woringer
Voice Actor [Hans Reinhardt] – Jacques Thebault
Voice Actor [Harry Booth] – Jean Violette
Voice Actor [Kate Maccrae] – Francine Vendel
Voice Actor [Le Robot B.o.b.] – Henri Labussiere
Voice Actor [Le Robot V.i.n.cent] – Pierre Trabaut

U.S. version narrated by Percy Rodrigues.


Walt Disney Presents PETER PAN (Musique Et Chansons Du Film), Disneyland Records [France] #ST-3885F (1979).[LP]

Credits for the French LP:

Adapted By – Claude Morand
Conductor, Arranged By – Jean Baïtzouroff
Narrator – Jean Rochefort
Voice Actor – Aurelia Bruno, Christian Parisy, Colette Ripert, Jacqueline Pellison
Voice Actor [Capitaine Crochet] – Michel Leeb
Voice Actor [Peter Pan] – Morvan Salez


Walt Disney Presents LES NOUVELLES AVENTURES DE MOWGLI, Disneyland Records [France] #ST-3960F (1979).[LP]

Credits from the French LP:

Lyrics By – Eddy Marnay
Music By – Mel Leven, Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman, Terry Gilkyson
Narrator – François Périer
Producer – Claude Morand
Vocals [Songs] – Jean Stout, Michel Barouille
Voice Actor – Catherine Lafond, Claude Bertrand, Philippe Dumat, René Arrieu, Teddy Bilis

R-663344-1144946578.jpeg  R-663344-1144946564.jpeg

Walt Disney, 3 ABENTEUER DER 3 KLEINEN SCHWEINCHEN, Disneyland Records (stereo) [Germany] #0656.515 (1979).[CS]

Album credits:

    Choir – Schöneberger Sängerknaben
    Music By – A. Rouell, Charles Amberg, Frank Churchill
    Narrator [Erzähler] – Loriot
    Script By, Directed By – Petra Schmidt-Decker
    Voice Actor [Brummbär] – Günter Flesch
    Voice Actor [Ede Wolf, Heppel, Schlafmütze] – Joachim Richert
    Voice Actor [Hatschi] – Lothar Grützner
    Voice Actor [Schweinchen Fiedler, Chef] – Mathias Grimm
    Voice Actor [Schweinchen Pfeifer, Happy] – Karl-Friedrich Gerster
    Voice Actor [Schweinchen Schlau, Seppl] – Rüdiger Schulzki
    Voice Actor [Wölfchen] – Jens Wawrczeck

R-2190319-1268870587.jpeg  R-2190319-1268870735.jpeg  R-2190319-1268870678.jpeg

Walt Disney Folge 17, ALICE IM WUNDERLAND, Disneyland Records/Karussell (stereo) [Germany] #825926-4 (1979).[CS]

Album credits:

    Choir [Gesang] – Peter Cornehlsen-Chor
    Directed By, Script By [German Version Adaptation] – Petra Schmidt-Decker
    Lyrics By [Liedertexte] – Heinrich Riethmüller
    Music By – Al Hoffmann, Jerry Livingston, Sammy Fain
    Narrator [Erzählerin] – Vera Tschechowa
    Vocals [Gesang] – Susanne Tremper
    Voice Actor [Alice] – Andrea Pawlowski
    Voice Actor [Alices Schwester] – Heidi Schaffrath
    Voice Actor [Kaninchen] – Joachim Richert
    Voice Actor [Königin] – Inge Burg
    Voice Actor [Tweedle Dee] – Florian Kühne
    Voice Actor [Tweedle Dum] – Günter Flesch
    Voice Actor [Türklinke] – Lothar Grützner

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