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Profile:  Self-described by Arnaldo as:  Musical Philosopher, Jornalist, Jazz & Brazilian Music Historian, Record Producer, Member of IAJE (International Association for Jazz Education), JJA (Jazz Journalists Association), AIM, ABI, and Voting Member of NARAS. Founder of the JSR (Jazz Station Records) label, a division of Jazz Station Marketing & Consulting - Los Angeles, California.  Producer of note for many jazz artists.  Also serves as a percussionist and arranger on various albums.

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"Diploma provided to Arnaldo DeSouteiro, by Brazil's most prestigious University, PUC (Pontificia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro), when he concluded, on February 22, 1988, the Curriculum of Journalism, receiving the title of Bachelor in Social Communication."

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CLINIC: "Jazz & Brazilian Music: Interaction Along The Years".

The cross-cultural influences between jazz and Brazilian music. From bossa-nova to world-music. The role of artists, of the recording industry, and the media.
Clinician: Arnaldo DeSouteiro. Presiding: Rick Condit.

PANEL SESSION: "Global Jazz Education". Lee Berk, Darius Brubeck, Bunky Green, Dr. David Baker, Sigi Busch, William Montgomery, Patrick Crichton, Peter Stigings, Arnaldo DeSouteiro and Opher Brayer.




"Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Service to Jazz Education" received by Arnaldo DeSouteiro in Janauary 1992, from IAJE President Bunky Green, during the "Nineteenth Annual IAJE International Conference", that took place at Hyatt Regency Hotel's James L. Knight Center in Miami, Florida, USA.

Mr. DeSouteiro, the first Brazilian who became a member of the IAJE (International Association of Jazz Educators), back in 1990, received that homage after having presented on January 11, 1992, his clinic "Jazz & Brazilian Music: Interaction Along The Years." Many renowned artists and producers were in the audience: Clare Fischer, Mark Murphy, Matt Pierson, James Williams, Sigi Busch, Dr. Billy Taylor and Marc Copland, amongst others.

He also took part, of the panel session "Global Jazz Education", alongside Lee Berk, Darius Brubeck, Bunky Green, Dr. David Baker, Sigi Busch, William Montgomery, Patrick Crichton, Peter Stigings and Opher Brayer.


Born:  June 28, 1963 - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Biography written by Alex Henderson at

In Brazilian jazz circles, Arnaldo DeSouteiro commands the sort of respect and admiration that Orrin Keepnews and Quincy Jones enjoy in the United States -- he is a heavyweight producer who has worked with his share of major Brazilian artists, just as Keepnews and Jones are famous for the American artists they've worked with. The list of Brazilian stars DeSouteiro has produced includes João Gilberto, Luiz Bonfá, Dom Um Romao, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Yana Purim, Mario Castro-Neves, and João Donato, among many others. Comparisons to Keepnews and Jones are valid not only because of DeSouteiro's work as producer, but also because of the historic perspective he brings to the table; DeSouteiro is a musicologist/historian who has an encyclopedic knowledge of Brazilian music (both jazz and pop) as well as non-Brazilian jazz and the European classical tradition. DeSouteiro could spend hours talking about the many styles of music that have come from Brazil, and he is knowledgeable of everything from bossa nova, samba, and tropicalismo (also known as tropicalia) to choro, forro, baião, and lambada. He is well-versed in Rio de Janeiro styles as well as the Afro-Brazilian music that comes from Bahia and other parts of Northeastern Brazil. However, DeSouteiro isn't as old as either Jones or Keepnews; both of them are old enough to be his father. DeSouteiro (who is fluent in both Portuguese and English) was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on June 23, 1963. His mother is veteran classical pianist Delza Agricola, who did a lot to encourage her son's interest in music. By the time DeSouteiro was 16 in 1979, he was freelancing as a music journalist and was writing a weekly column for Tribuna da Imprensa (one of Rio's daily newspapers). He went on to freelance for a variety of other publications (including Keyboard magazine and Spain's Cuadernos de Jazz), and it was in the '80s that he started making a name for himself as a producer. By the time he was in his late thirties, the carioca had produced more than 50 albums -- including albums by singer Ithamara Koorax, whom he married in 1990. That is in addition to producing specials for Brazilian television and providing liner notes for countless CDs. In the '90s and early 2000s, he had an ongoing relationship with RCA/BMG's Brazilian division and was overseeing quite a few of their jazz and pop reissues (many of which he wrote liner notes for).

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According to the All Music Guide, these are the names that most influenced Arnaldo DeSouteiro's work as a producer:

     Similar Artists:

       a.. Tommy LiPuma
       b.. Creed Taylor
       c.. Bob Thiele
       d.. Quincy Jones
       e.. Orrin Keepnews
       f.. Airto Moreira
       g.. George Duke
       h.. Arif Mardin
       i.. Joel Dorn

    Influenced By:

       a.. Bob Weinstock
       b.. Rudy Van Gelder
       c.. Don Sebesky
       d.. Bobby Scott
       e.. George Avakian
       f.. Richard Bock
       g.. Aloysio de Oliveira
       h.. Bob Krasnow
       i.. Gaya
       j.. Teo Macero


       a.. Didier C. Deutsch
       b.. Lee Townsend
       c.. Makoto Kimata
       d.. Gazzara
       e.. Suba
       f.. Fabio Fonseca
       g.. Bruno E.
       h.. Ruy Castro

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