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I first became acquainted with Arnaldo DeSouteiro in late 2000/early 2001 when he initially contacted me via email about my music discographies.  I am a bit ashamed to say that back then, I simply did not realize who he was or the importance that both he and his work were to become to myself and my own discography work, having only begun this work myself a year prior, in 1999.

From the beginning, Arnie was nothing but very generous to me with providing much material I needed for my discographies.  Arnie was instrumental in producing, participating in and even writing liner notes for several of my artists' reissues and many of the compilations that most of my artists have participated in.  This represented both a gold mine of information and unique treasure trove that only my discographies would contain in such detail.  For I not only had new listing information to add, but scans of the albums, readable .pdfs of the liner notes, and sometimes even photos that were unique to the production of the album.  Though other sites on the internet also feature his contributions, I feel sure after doing some research that I have the most information on these listings that is possible to provide - short of the actual music files themselves, that is!

Arnie honored me several times in mentioning my name within the compilation and reissue liner notes that he wrote, most noteably within a CD Reissue of Joćo Donato's "Piano of Joćo Donato, The New Sound of Brazil".  But there were other mentions as well.  This year, he has once again given me that same honor on his official blog and I am most grateful to continue to have the honor to work with him.

Arnie and I both have a producer hero in common, that of legendary Creed Taylor.  Arnie has worked with Creed on occasion and on another page of this site you will see a photo of them together.   This is only one of the many things that we share in common.  The passion for recordings and especially for the artists and the music they make and that we each love is something that helps to create what I believe to be a very unique bond between us.  It takes someone very special to understand discography work and what is involved in doing it.  When all is said and done, really, only another record collector can appreciate this work to its fullest.  I feel that Arnie understands and appreciates my work as I do his.

Through the years, Arnie has become what I would call a very good and very close personal friend to me.  I am honored to have him in my life and to feature his contributions on my artists' sites.  It is my hope that this tribute to him and his career will give you a bit more insight into his work and what he has contributed to the world of music.  Thank you, Arnie, for all you have done to assist me in honoring the musical artists whose work I love.

--B.J. (Barbara J.) Major
Introduction written on 6/20/08.

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