Various Artists, "Fashion Cafe: San Marco Milano", IRMA Records #887 (2009).[2-CD Set]

Release Date: January 19, 2009.

Musician personnel and album credits:

Arnaldo DeSouteiro - Arranger, Producer
Sicania Soul - Performer
Dom Um Romão - Drums, Percussion
Ithamara Koorax - Vocals, Percussion
Ohm Guru - Performer
Steffano Battaglia - Compilation Producer
Truby Trio - Performer
Parov Stelar - Arranger, Remix, Additional Production
Max Sedgley - Performer
Geraldo Brandão - Engineer
DJ Rodriguez - Performer
Paulo Carvalho - Engineer
Gazzara - Arranger, Fender Rhodes, Keyboards
Kabuki - Performer
Umbi Damiani - Executive Producer
Bossa Nostra - Performer
Sarah Jane Morris - Vocals
Pasta Boys - Performer
DJ Umbi - Remix
Nubian Mindz - Performer
Eric Kupper - Arranger, Remix
Yukihiro Fukutomi - Performer
Dave Warrin - Remix
Maurizio Belladonna - Arranger, Keyboards
Paris Match - Performer
Frank Siccardi - Executive Producer
M-Swift - Remix


Various Artists, "Fashion Café Sound Selection", IRMA Records CD #8768872 [2009].[2-CD Set]

Release Date: February 13, 2009.

Includes the track "O Vento" (Ithamara Koorax), produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro.

Note from back cover:

"Milan’s Fashion Cafe is the perfect place to live the typical atmosphere of one of the city’s famous quarters: Brera. An area where design, fashion and art live next door to each other.
Fashion Cafe is located in a 50s building and since its birth in the 80s has been a meeting place for everyone rotating around the nearby art or design galleries and fashion workshops. This double CD is a collection of music that Fashion Cafe has dedicated to its affectionate clients and well represents the place’s philosophy."

Compilation Produced by Stefano Battaglia
Album Design: Lara Angonese
Art Direction: Centro Stile Milano


Thiago de Mello, "Sharp Edges", GAU #2104 (2009).[CD]

All compositions and arrangements by Thiago de Mello.
Produced by Thiago de Mello for GAU Records.
Co-Produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro for JSR (Jazz Station Records).
Release Date: February 9, 2009.


1. Show Me The Way (2:45)
2. Samba da Isabella (2:46)
3. Mellow Dee (4:39)
4. Tenha Dó (7:17)
5. Winning Streak (3:51)
6. Meu Último Bambu (4:50)
7. Mania de Jazz (5:59)
8. Chant # 11 (5:36)
9. Seguindo Meu Caminho (6:29)
10. Sharp Edges (8:56)
11. O Canto da Yara (4:32)
12. Farewell To A Friend (1:53)
13. Kimbolian Dawn (4:02)
14. Macumba Chant (9:12)
15. Manhattan Samba (2:04)
Total Time 73:11
Musician personnel and album credits:

Thiago de Mello - Arranger, Composer, Guitar (Acoustic), Producer, Vocals, Liner Notes
Arnaldo DeSouteiro - Co-Producer
Cliff Korman - Piano, Synthesizer
Cesar Machado - Drums
Sergio Brandão - Bass
Romero Lubambo - Guitar
Haroldo Mauro Jr. - Piano
William Gallison - Harmonica
Robert Auld - Engineer, Trumpet
Nilson Matta - Bass
Romero Lubambo - Guitar
Richard Kimball - Piano (Acoustic), Engineer
Jay Ashby - Trombone
Mark Kirk - Sax (Alto)
David Finck - Bass (Acoustic)
Helio Schiavo - Drums
Ryan Smith - Engineer
Marcos Silva - Piano
Benjamin Bentes - Bass
Rick Sebastian - Drums
David Sacks - Sax (Baritone)
Claudio Roditi - Trumpet
Richard Lesnik - Sax (Tenor)
Celso Mendes - Guitar
Duduka da Fonseca - Drums
Paul Lieberman - Sax (Tenor)
Valtinho - Percussion
Pery Ribeiro - Vocals (Backing)
Mark Sullivan - Engineer
Paul Meyers - Guitar
Ted Settle - Photography
Flavio Goulart - Guitar, Engineer
Dexter Payne - Album Design
Hortencio Gomes - Engineer
Carlos Vitorino - Guitar
Diego Urcola - Trumpet


Chick Corea, "Electric Chick", Verve/Universal Jazz (JazzClub Series) [France] #0600753064627 (January 26, 2009).[CD Compilation]

Compilation produced and mastered digitally by Arnaldo DeSouteiro.

Tracklist and Musician personnel:

1. Slinky (5:42)
(Chick Corea) Thalian Music, ASCAP
Chick Corea – Fender Rhodes, MiniMoog, arranger / Joe Farrell – C flute, Alto flute / Bunny Brunel – Fretless bass / Tom Brechtlein – drums / Airto Moreira – percussion / Al Vizzutti, Bob Zottola – trumpets / Jim Pugh – trombone / From “Secret Agent” (Polydor PD-1-6176), P. 1978  

2. The One Step (6:06)
  (Chick Corea) Thalian Music, ASCAP
Chick Corea – Fender Rhodes, arranger / Joe Farrell – soprano sax / Eddie Gomez – acoustic bass / Steve Gadd – drums / From “Friends” (Polydor PD-1-6160) P. 1978

3. Sicily (6:19)
(Chick Corea) Thalian Music, ASCAP
Chick Corea – Fender Rhodes, arranger / Joe Farrell – flute / Eddie Gomez – acoustic bass / Steve Gadd – drums / From “Friends” (Polydor PD-1-6160) P.1978

4. Fickle Funk (5:05)
(Chick Corea) Thalian Music – ASCAP
Chick Corea – Fender Rhodes, arranger / Joe Farrell – soprano sax / Al Vizzutti – flugelhorn / Bunny Brunel – Fretless bass / Airto Moreira – Drums / From “Secret Agent” (Polydor PD-1-6176), P. 1978  

5. Hot New Blues (6:18)
(Music by Chick Corea; Lyrics by Chick Corea, Gayle Moran & Al Jarreau)
Chick Corea – Fender Rhodes, MiniMoog, arranger / Al Jarreau – Lead vocal / Gayle Moran – Background vocals / Bunny Brunel – Fretless bass / Tom Brechtlein – Drums / From “Secret Agent” (Polydor PD-1-6176), P. 1978  

6. Friends (9:20)
Chick Corea – Fender Rhodes, arranger / Joe Farrell – flute / Eddie Gomez – acoustic bass / Steve Gadd – drums / From “Friends” (Polydor PD-1-6160) P.1978

 7.. Love Castle (4:46)
(Chick Corea)
Chick Corea – Moog bass, MiniMoog solo, acoustic piano, arranger / Steve Gadd – drums / Don Alias – percussion / Gayle Moran – vocal choir / John Thomas, Stuart Blumberg, John Rosenburg – trumpets / Ron Moss – trombone / From “My Spanish Heart” (Polydor PD-2-9003) P. 1976

 8.. Wind Danse (4:55)
(Chick Corea)
Chick Corea – Fender Rhodes, Moog bass, MiniMoog, arranger / Steve Gadd – drums / Gayle Moran – vocals / From “My Spanish Heart” (Polydor PD-2-9003) P. 1976

 9.. The Leprechaun’s Dream (13:03)
(Chick Corea) Litha Music-ASCAP
Chick Corea – Fender Rhodes, Moog 15, Micro-mini Moog, Arp Odyssey, acoustic piano, arranger / Joe Farrell – flute solo, English horn / Bill Watrous – trombone solo / Eddie Gomez – acoustic bass solo / Anthony Jackson – electric bass / Steve Gadd – drums / Gayle Moran – vocal choir / Danny Cahn, John Gatchell, Bob Milikan – trumpets / Wayne Andre – trombone / Ida Kavafian, Annie Kavafian – violins / Louise Schulman – viola / Fred Sherry – cello / From “The Leprechaun” (Polydor PD-6062) P. 1976

 10.. The Mad Hatter Rhapsody (10:44)
(Chick Corea)
Chick Corea – MiniMoog solo, Moog 15, Arp Odyssey, Oberheim, acoustic piano, cowbell, shaker, arranger / Herbie Hancock – Fender Rhodes solo / Eddie Gomez – acoustic bass /  Steve Gadd – drums / Joe Farrell – flutes / Gayle Moran – vocals / John Thomas, Stuart Blumberg, John Rosenberg – trumpets / Ron Moss – trombone / Charles Veal, Kenneth Yerke – violins / Denyse Buffum – viola / Dennis Karmazyn – cello / From “The Mad Hatter” (Polydor PD-1-6130) P. 1978

Special thanks to Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Rachel Purim, Marcia Martin, Lisa Marie and Yuichiro Inoue

All tracks arranged & produced by Chick Corea and controlled by ASCAP.

Album credits:

Arnaldo DeSouteiro - Compilation Producer, Digital Mastering
Knut Schotteldreier - Artwork
Fotex - Cover Photo
Marcia Martin - Assistant Producer
Bernie Kirsh - Engineer
Geoff Sykes - Assistant Engineer
Henning Birkenhake - Engineer, Editing
Stillman Kelly - Assistant Engineer
Rory Kaplan - Equipment Manager
David Bretz - Recording Manager


Various Artists, "Jazz Rock", Verve/Universal Jazz (JazzClub Series) [France] #0600753072943 (January 26, 2009).[CD]

Compilation produced and remastered digitally by Arnaldo DeSouteiro.

Tracklist and Musician personnel:

 1.. George Duke: “Old Slippers” 5:41 from “Feel” (MPS 15438)
George Duke, Fender Rhodes electric piano, Yamaha organ, Hohner clavinet, Arp & Moog synthesizers / John Heard – electric bass / Leon “Ndugu” Chancler – drums / Obdewl’l X (Frank Zappa) – electric guitar / Produced by Baldhard Falk / Recorded in Hollywood, CA, 1974

 2.. Return To Forever featuring Chick Corea: “Vulcan Worlds” 7:51 from “Where Have I Known You Before” (Polydor PD-6509)
(Stanley Clarke) 7:51 Clarkee Music, BMI
Chick Corea, Fender Rhodes electric piano, Hohner clavinet, Arp & Moog synthesizers / Stanley Clarke, electric bass, Yamaha organ chimes, bell tree / Lenny White – drums / Al DiMeola – electric guitar / Arranged by Chick Corea & Stanley Clarke / Produced by Chick Corea / Recorded in NY, July 1974

 3.. Albert Mangelsdorff-Jaco Pastorius-Alphonse Mouzon: “Ant Steps on an Elephant’s Toe” 9:41 from “Trilogue” (MPS 15424)
(Albert Mangelsdorff) GEMA 
Albert Mangelsdorff – trombone / Jaco Pastorius – fretless bass / Alphonse Mouzon – drums / Recorded live at Berlin Jazz Days, November 6, 1976 at the Berlin Philharmonic / Produced by Joachim-Ernst Berendt

 4.. Joachim Kühn: “Bed Stories” 5:26 from “Hip Elegy” (MPS LP 15466)
(Joachim Kühn) Hanseatcic Musikverlag
Joachim Kühn – Fender Rhodes electric piano / John Lee – electric bass / Alphonse Mouzon – drums / Philipe Catherine – electric guitar / Terumasa Hino – trumpet / Produced by Joachim-Ernst Berendt / Recorded in Ludwisburg, November 3, 1975

 5.. The Tony Williams Lifetime: “Emergency” 9:35 from “Emergency!” (Polydor 24-4017)
(Tony Williams)
Tony Williams, drums / Larry Young, Hammond organ / John McLaughlin, electric guitar / Produced by Monte Kay and Jack Lewis / Recorded May 26, 1969

 6.. Don Sebesky: “The Word 3:48 from “Don Sebesky & The Jazz-Rock Syndrome” (Verve V6-8756)
(John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
Don Sebesky – Hohner clavinet, handclaps / Larry Coryell – electric guitar solo / Chuck Rainey – electric bass / Donald MacDonald – drums, tambourine / Joe beck – electric guitar (rhythm) / Richard Spencer – alto sax / Hubert Laws, Jerry Dodgion – flutes / Marvin Stamm – trumpet / Janet Sebesky, handclaps / Arranged & Conducted by Don Sebesky / Produced by Esmond Edwards / Recorded in NY, Janauary 1968

 7.. Deodato: “Black Dog” 4:15 from “First Cuckoo” (MCA 491)
(Gene Page/Robert Plant/John Paul Jones) Superhype Music Inc.
Eumir Deodato - Fender Rhodes electric piano, tambourine / Will Lee - electric bass / Steve Gadd - drums / Rubens Bassini - congas / John Tropea - electric guitar (rhythm) / Elliot Randall - electric guitar solo / Lou Marini - soprano sax / Arranged, Conducted & Produced by Deodato / Production Collaboration: Alberto Cacciola / Recorded in NJ, 1975

 8.. Alphonse Mouzon: “Nightmare” 6:08 from “In Search of a Dream” (MPS 15520)
(Alphonse Mouzon) Mouzon Music
Alphonse Mouzon – drums, Hammond organ / Joachim Kühn – acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano / Miroslav Vitous – electric bass / Philip Catherine – electric guitar / Produced by Joachim-Ernst Berendt & Alphonse Mouzon / Recorded in Stuttgart, November 20, 1977

 9.. Didier Lockwood: “Aorta” 7:04 from “Fasten Seat Belts” (MPS 15582)
(Didier Lockwood) Editions Sibecar / J.M. Salhani
Didier Lockwood – electric violin / Francis Lockwood – Fender Rhodes electric piano, Prophet 5 & Mini Moog Synthesizers / Jean-Michel Kajdan – electric bass, electric guitar / Kirt Rust – drums / Bob Malach – tenor sax / Recorded in Holland, September 1981 / Produced by Jean-Michel Kajdan & Jean-Marie Salhani

 10.. The Brecker Brothers: “Song for Barry” from “The Return of the Brecker Brothers” (GRP CD 9684)
Michael Brecker, tenor sax & keyboards / Randy Brecker, trumpet & flugelhorn / Max Risenhoover, synthesizer & percussion / George Whitty, keyboards / Armand Sabal-Leco, electric bass, piccolo bass & vocals / Don Alias, percussion / Mike Stern, electric guitar / Arranged by Michael Brecker / Produced by Michael & Randy Brecker / Recorded in NY, 1992

 11.. Chet Baker: “Love for Sale” 12:59 (from “You Can’t Go Home Again” (A&M Horizon 726)
(Cole Porter)
Chet Baker, trumpet / Richard Beirach – Fender Rhodes electric piano, Hohner clavinet / Ron Carter – acoustic bass / Alphonso Johnson – electric bass (programmed through a Moog synthesizer by Kenny Bichel) / Tony Williams – drums / Ralph MacDonald – percussion / John Scofield – electric guitar / Michael Brecker – tenor sax / Rochelle Abramson, Max Ellen, Paul Gershman, Diana Halprin, Harold Kohon, Charles Libove, Marvin Morgenstern, David Nadien (concertmaster), Matthew Raimondi – violin / Jesse Levy, Charles McCracken, Alan Shulman – cello / Arranged, Conducted & Produced by Don Sebesky / Recorded in NY, February 21, 1977 (basic track) & May 13, 1977 (overdubs)

Album credits:

Arnaldo DeSouteiro - Compilation Producer, Digital Remastering
Lawrence Manning - Cover Photo
Marcia L. Martin - Coordination, Tape Research
Knut Schötteldreier - Design
Marcia Soares - Supervision
Special Thanks to Matthias Künnecke & Doug Payne
Dedicated to Lisa Marie Smith for the unforgettable "jazz rock" nights in LA!


Various Artists, "Summer Soundtrack", Dabliu Sound [Italy] #DBLCD 003 (2009).[2-CD Compilation]

Release Date: June, 2009.

Includes the track "O Passarinho", co-written, arranged and produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro for the Gazzara band, featuring Ithamara Koorax on vocals.
Arnaldo DeSouteiro also plays several percussion instruments (pandeiro, tamborim, agogô, repique) on this song.


           cd 1:

           1) Il solito sesso - Max Gazzé

           2) Svegliarsi la mattina - Zero Assoluto

           3) Rotolando verso sud - Negrita

           4) This is what you are - Mario Biondi & The Five Quintet

           5) Se io ti regalo un fiore - Ridillo

           6) Tintarella di luna - Mondo Candido

           7) Jamaica - Nearco

           8) Vamos a bailar (esta vida nueva) -  Paola & Chiara

           9) Tre parole -  Valeria Rossi

           10) I bambini fanno ooh.. - Povia

           11) Il cielo di Milano - Baccini

           12) Irene - Eva

           13) Il nostro tempo - La Scelta

           14) Dis moi Habibi - Habibi

           15) La strada che brucia - Spekkio Sil

           16) Lasting waves - Evolution

           cd 2:  

           1) Remedios - Dj Brizi & Selma Hernandes vs Relight Orchestra

           2) Obsesion - Aventura

           3) Voce me apareceu - Kaleidoscopio

           4) Paraiso do mundo - Costarika & Ana Flora

           5) O Passarinho - Gazzara & Ithamara Koorax

           6) Vivre la vie - Kelly Joyce

           7) Love generation - Bob Sinclair & Gary Pine

           8) San Salvador - Moonlight vs Azoto

           9) Beso de amor - Relight Orchestra & P.N.S. feat. El Rumbero

           10) Mirage (La luna) - Paps’N’Skar

           11) Put your hands up in the air - Danzel

           12) All that (Relight Orchestra Remix) - Eso Es

           13) Breaking the law - Combo de la muerte

           14) Viva a vida - Spekkio Sil

           15) (Silvispè) Heya -  S.O.S


Various Artists, “King Best Select Library”, King Records [Japan] #KICW 5098 (2009).[CD Compilation]

Release Date: May 11, 2009.


 1.. Summer Samba (Valle/Valle/Gilbert) - Ithamara Koorax
 2.. Quiet Nights (Jobim/Lees) - Ithamara Koorax
 3.. The Boy From Ipanema (Jobim/De Moraes/Gimbel) - Ithamara Koorax
 4.. Manhã de Carnaval (Bonfá/Maria/Sigman) - Ithamara Koorax
 5.. Song of the Jet (Jobim) - Walter Wanderley
 6.. One Note Samba (Jobim/Mendonça) - Walter Wanderley
 7.. Recado Bossa Nova (Djalma Ferreira/Luis Antonio) - Walter Wanderley
 8.. Zazueira (Jorge Ben) - Astrud Gilberto
 9.. Ponteio (Edu Lobo/Capinam) - Astrud Gilberto
 10..  Stone Flower (Jobim) - Antonio Carlos Jobim
 11..  Tereza My Love (Jobim) - Antonio Carlos Jobim
 12..  How Insensitive (Jobim/De Moares) - Ithamara Koorax
 13..  Desafinado (Jobim/Newton Mendonça) - Ithamara Koorax
 14..  The Crickets (Valle/Valle/Gilbert) - Ithamara Koorax
 15.. Broadway Bossa Nova (Dave Brubeck/Arnaldo DeSouteiro/Paulo Malaguti) - Ithamara Koorax
 16.. Wave (Jobim) - Ithamara Koorax
 17.. Minha Saudade (João Donato/João Gilberto) - Ithamara Koorax
 18.. Água de Beber (Jobim/De Moares) - Walter Wanderley
 19.. Mas Que Nada (Jorge Ben) - Walter Wanderley
 20.. Black Orpheus (Luiz Bonfá/Antonio Maria) - Walter Wanderley

Musician personnel and Album credits:

Ithamara Koorax – Vocal
Arnaldo DeSouteiro – Producer, Arranger, Programming, Percussion, Digital Remastering
Astrud Gilberto – Vocal
Patricia Balaban - Cover Art
Aline Dantas - Photography
Ron Carter – Bass (Acoustic)
Deodato – Fender Rhodes, Hammond Organ, Arranger, Conductor, Guitar (Acoustic)
Toots Thielemans – Harmonica
Antonio Carlos Jobim – Piano (Acoustic), Piano (Electric), Guitar (Acoustic)
Ivan Conti – Drums
Airto Moreira –  Percussion
Walter Wanderley – Organ, Synthesizer
Gene Orloff - Violin
John Pisano – Guitar (Acoustic)
George Marge – Flute
Stanley Turrentine – Sax (Tenor)
Harold Coletta - Cello
João Palma – Drums
Sivuca – Guitar (Acoustic)
Rudy Van Gelder – Engineer (Recording, Mixing)
Gene Bertoncini – Guitar (Acoustic)
Creed Taylor – Producer
Hubert Laws – Flute
Romeo Penque – Flute
Harry Lookofsky – Violin, Strings Concertmaster
Bob Mann – Guitar (Electric)
Dom Um Romao – Drums, Percussion
Joe Malin - Violin
Luis Peralta – Drums, Percussion
Jose Marino – Bass (Electric)
Gene Norman – Producer
Paul Gershman – Violin
Jerome Richardson – Flute
Emanuel Green - Violin
Alex Acuña – Percussion
George Ricci - Cello
Yoichi Nakao - Producer
Sam Brown – Guitar (Electric)
Julie Held – Violin
Urbie Green – Trombone
Harry Katzman – Violin
Mamão - Drums
Lisa Marie Smith - Photography
Everaldo Ferreira – Percussion


Ithamara Koorax & Juarez Moreira, "Bim Bom - The Complete João Gilberto Songbook", Motema #MTM-30 (2009).[CD]

Produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro.

Release Date in the USA & Canada: October 11, 2009.


1. Bim Bom (Music & Lyrics: João Gilberto)
2. Hô-ba-Lá-Lá (Music & Lyrics: João Gilberto)
3. Forgotten Places (Music: João Gilberto/João Donato - Portuguese Lyrics:
Lysias Enio)
4. Minha Saudade (Music: João Donato / Lyrics: João Gilberto)
5. Você Esteve Com Meu Bem? (Music & Lyrics: João Gilberto/A.C. Martins)
6. Valsa [Bebel] (Music: João Gilberto)
7. An Embrace To Bonfá (Music: João Gilberto)
8. Glass Beads (Music: João Gilberto/João Donato)
9. João Marcelo (Music: João Gilberto)
10. Undiu (Music & Lyrics: João Gilberto)
11. Acapulco (Music: João Gilberto)
Bonus Track:
12. Hô-ba-La-Lá [Alternate Take] (Music: João Gilberto - English Lyrics:
Aloysio de Oliveira)

Total Time: 41m22s

Album credits:

Arranged by Arnaldo DeSouteiro, Juarez Moreira & Ithamara Koorax
Musical Producer: Arnaldo DeSouteiro
Executive Producer: Helena Santiago

Associate Producer: Mitsuru N. Nakatsuka

Liner Notes by Ira Gitler, Alex Henderson, Arnaldo DeSouteiro & Jana Herzen

Engineered by Geraldo Brandão

Recorded (March 18 & 19, 2008) & Mixed at EG Studios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mastered (May 8, 2009) at AudioLume Studios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cover Art: Gê Alves Pinto & Patricia Azevedo

Photos: Arnaldo DeSouteiro & Aline Dantas

Special Thanks: Helena Santiago, Peter Schärli, Gino Ferlin, Peewee Windmüller, Claus Ogerman, Yousuke Kawabe, Remo & Cristina Halter Casagrande

Text Box (back cover):

For the very first time, all the songs composed by Joao Gilberto, the genius who created the Bossa Nova, are included in the same album.

And it's the first "João Gilberto Songbook" ever released by any artist in the world!

A celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the release of João Gilberto’s debut album, “Chega de Saudade” (1959), which included the original recordings of “Bim Bom” and “Ho-ba-La-La”.

Ithamara Koorax, acclaimed as one of the world’s top jazz singers, has recorded with such giants as Antonio Carlos Jobim, Luiz Bonfá, Ron Carter, Larry Coryell, John McLaughlin, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, and now she teams up with legendary guitarist Juarez Moreira, one of Brazil’s best musicians ever, for this historic project.


Various Artists, "Bossa Nova Singers", Verve (JazzClub Series) #53019559 (2009).[Asian Digipak CD Compilation Issue]

Release Date in Asia: October 26, 2009.

Tracklist details:

1. Elis Regina: Só Tinha de Ser Com Você
(Antonio Carlos Jobim/Aloysio de Oliveira)
Elis Regina - vocal / Cesar Camargo Mariano - Fender Rhodes electric piano / Luizão Maia - electric bass / Paulo Braga - drums / Oscar Castro-Neves - acoustic guitar / Helio Delmiro - electric guitar / Arranged by Cesar Camargo Mariano / Produced by Aloysio de Oliveira / Recorded on March 5, 1974 in Los Angeles / From "Elis & Tom" (Philips LP 6349112)

2. Luiz Henrique: Mas Que Nada
(Jorge Ben)
Luiz Henrique - vocal, acoustic guitar / Bill Salter - electric bass / Donald McDonald - drums / Arranged by Luiz Henrique / Produced by Bob Morgan / Recorded on March 3, 1967 in NY / From "Barra Limpa" (Verve LP V6-8697)

3. Sylvia Telles: Manhã de Carnaval
(Luiz Bonfá/Antonio Maria)
Sylvia Telles - vocal / Barney Kessel - electric guitar / Joe Mondragon - acoustic bass / Recorded in 1961 in Studio City, CA / Produced by Aloysio de Oliveira / From "Sylvia Telles U.S.A." (Philips LP 630453)

4. Jorge Ben: Hôba-Lá-Lá
(João Gilberto)
Jorge Ben - vocal, acoustic guitar / Luiz Carlos Vinhas - acoustic piano / Manuel Gusmão - acoustic bass / Dom Um Romão - drums / Nelsinho - lead trombone / Arranged & Conducted by Nelsinho / Produced by Armando Pittigliani / Recorded in 1964 in Rio de Janeiro / From "Ben É Samba Bom" (Philips LP 632727)

5. Nara Leão: Berimbau
(Baden Powell/Vinicius de Moraes)
Nara Leão - vocal / Lindolpho Gaya - acoustic piano / Gabriel Bezerra de Mello - acoustic bass / Juquinha - drums / Baden Powell - acoustic guitar / Jorge Ferreira da Silva - flute / Strings & Horns / Arranged & Conducted by Lindolpho Gaya / Recorded in September 5, 1963, in Rio de Janeiro / Produced by Aloysio de Oliveira / From "Nara" (Elenco LP ME-10)

6. Lucio Alves: O Barquinho
(Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Boscoli)
Lucio Alves - vocal / Eumir Deodato - acoustic piano / Sergio Barroso - acoustic bass / Juquinha - drums / João Palma - percussion / Roberto Menescal - acoustic guitar / Strings & Horns / Arranged & Conducted by Carlos Monteiro de Souza / Produced by Aloysio de Oliveira / Recorded in 1963 in Rio de Janeiro / From "Balançamba" (Elenco LP ME-2)

7. Quarteto Em Cy - Agua de Beber
(Antonio Carlos Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
Quarteto Em Cy (Cybele, Cyva, Cynara and Cylene), vocals / Luiz Eça - acoustic piano / Bebeto - bass / Ohana - drums / Arranged by Luiz Eça / Recorded on October 25, 1965 in Rio de Janeiro / Produced by Roberto Quartin / From "O Som Definitivo" (Forma LP FM-10)

8. Chico Feitosa - Fim de Noite
(Chico Feitosa / Ronaldo Boscoli)
Chico Feitosa - vocal / Oscar Castro-Neves - acoustic guitar / String Section / Arranged & Conducted by Oscar Castro-Neves / Recorded March 10, 1965 / Produced by Roberto Quartin / From "Chico Fim de Noite Apresenta Chico Feitosa" (Forma LP FM-7)

9. Marcia: Samba da Pergunta
(Pingarilho / Marcos Vasconcellos)
Marcia - vocal / Sergio Barroso - acoustic bass / Wilson das Neves - drums / Oscar Castro-Neves - acoustic guitar / Strings Section / Rhythm Arranged by Oscar Castro-Neves / Orchestra Arranged by Lindolpho Gaya / Recorded 1968 in Rio de Janeiro / Produced by Aloysio de Oliveira / From "Eu e A Brisa" (Philips LP 765035)

10. Edu Lobo & Tamba Trio: Reza
(Edu Lobo / Ruy Guerra)
Edu Lobo - lead vocal / Luiz Eça - acoustic piano, background vocal / Bebeto - acoustic bass, background vocal / Ohana - drums, background vocal / Strings Section / Arranged & Conducted by Luiz Eça / Recorded December 12, 1964 / Produced by Aloysio de Oliveira / From "A Música de Edu Lobo Por Edu Lobo" (Elenco LP ME-19)

11. Joyce: Bloco do Eu Sozinho
(Marcos Valle / Ruy Guerra)
Joyce - vocal / Arranged by Dori Caymmi / Recorded in June, 1968 in Rio de Janeiro / Produced by Armando Pittigliani / From "Joyce" (Philips LP

12. João Gilberto: Só Danço Samba
(Antonio Carlos Jobim)
João Gilberto - vocal, acoustic guitar / Antonio Carlos Jobim - acoustic piano / Sebastião Neto - acoustic bass / Milton Banana - drums / Stan Getz - tenor sax / Recorded March 1963 in NY / Produced by Creed Taylor / From "Getz/Gilberto" (Verve LP V6-8545)

13. Astrud Gilberto: Bim Bom
(João Gilberto)
Astrud Gilberto - vocal / Gil Evans - acoustic piano / Ron Carter - acoustic bass / Dom Um Romão - drums / Kenny Burrell - acoustic guitar / Johnny Coles - lead trumpet / Bob Brookmeyer - lead trombone / Brass Section / Arranged & Conducted by Gil Evans / Recorded on December 10, 1965, in New Jersey / Produced by Creed Taylor / From "Look To The Rainbow" (Verve LP V6-8643)

14. Luiz Bonfa: Samba de Duas Notas
(Luiz Bonfá)
Luiz Bonfá - vocal, acoustic guitar / Oscar Castro-Neves - acoustic piano / Iko Castro-Neves - acoustic bass / Roberto Pontes Dias - drums / Arranged by Luiz Bonfá / Recorded December 31, 1962 in NY / Produced by Creed Taylor / From "Luiz Bonfá, Composer of Black Orpheus Plays and Sings Bossa Nova" (Verve LP V6-8522)

15. Marcos Valle & Anamaria Valle: The Face I Love
(Marcos Valle / Carlos Pingarilho / Paulo Sergio Valle / Ray Gilbert)
Marcos Valle - vocal, acoustic guitar / Anamaria Valle - vocal / George Duvivier - acoustic bass / Claudio Slon - drums / Strings & Flutes Section / Arranged & Conducted by Eumir Deodato / Recorded on October 22, 1967 / Produced by Bob Morgan & Ray Gilbert / From "Samba '68" (Verve LP V6-5053)

16. Dick Farney & Norma Bengell: Você
(Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Boscoli)
Dick Farney - vocal, acoustic piano / Norma Bengell - vocal / Sergio Barroso - bass / Edson Machado - drums / Jorge Ferreira dos Santos - flute / Aurino Ferreira - bass clarinet / Strings & Horns / Arranged & Conducted by Lindolpho Gaya / Recorded in 1964 in Rio de Janeiro / Produced by Aloysio de Oliveira / From "Dick Farney & Norma Bengell" (Elenco LP ME-15)

17. Antonio Carlos Jobim: Lamento
(Antonio Carlos Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
Antonio Carlos Jobim - vocal, acoustic piano, acoustic guitar / Ron Carter - acoustic bass / Claudio Slon - drums / Dom Um Romão, Bobby Rosengarden - percussion / Joseph Singer - French horn / Ray Beckenstein, Romeo Penque, Jerome Richardson – flute / Urbie Green, Jimmy Cleveland – trombone / Strings Section / Arranged & Conducted by Claus Ogerman / Recorded on May 22, 1967 in New Jersey / Produced by Creed Taylor / From "Wave" (A&M/CTI LP 3002)

18. João Donato: Lugar Comum
(João Donato / Gilberto Gil)
João Donato - vocal, Fender Rhodes electric piano / Novelli - electric bass / Aladim - drums / Luiz Carlos dos Santos, Alberto das Neves - percussion / Copinha, Geraldo, Jorge Ferreira dos Santos & Celso Woltzenlogel - flutes / Strings Section / Arranged & Conducted by João Donato / Recorded in 1975 in Rio de Janeiro / Produced by Tobi / From "Lugar Comum" (Philips LP 6349.138)

Compilation Produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro (JSR) for Verve Music Group/Universal.
Special thanks to João Gilberto, Marcia Martin, Natalie Andersson, Aline Dantas and Yousuke Kawabe.
Dedicated to my "bossa nova passion," Lisa Marie, with heartfelt thanks for your support, strength and unconditional love.
Cover Photo: Patricia Balaban
Design: Knut Schotteldreier
Mastered at Eastside Mastering Studios, Berlin
Digitally Remastered at Universal Music Thailand Studios


Audiosapiens, "Audiosapiens", NH #7357 (2009).[CD]

Release Date: November 19, 2009.
Recorded from August 2008 to February 2009.


1. Sin Fin
2. Que Sabes de Amor?
3. Patas Arriba
4. Te Acuerdas?
5. Singular y Plural
6. Justo A La Hora
7. Todos Oídos
8. Apenas Para Tu Bien
9. Ombligo Del Mundo
10. Oxímoro
11. Que Sabes de Amor? (Acoustic Version)

All songs composed by Rico Oliveira and Willy Guevara, except "Oxímoro," by André Motta and Rico Oliveira.

Musician personnel and Album credits:

Arnaldo DeSouteiro - Producer
Téo Lorent - Producer
Willy Guevara - Vocals
André Motta - Drums
Rico Oliveira - Bass (Electric), Bass (Fretless), Album Design
Orlando Machado - Guitar (Electric)
Fábio Veroneze - Engineer (Recording), Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Acoustic)
Mauro Braga - Cello
Léo Pereira - Cover Photo, Liner Photos
André Nicolau - Guitar (Electric)
Nelton Essi - Vibraphone
José Cardillo - Keyboards
Fábio Pinto - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
Mingo Jacob - Percussion
Nerval Filho - Engineer (Mixing)
Tuca Camargo - Piano (Acoustic)
Ramede Felix - Liner Photos
Adonias Jr. - Digital Mastering

Produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro & Téo Lorent.
Arnaldo DeSouteiro's Personal Assistant: Marcia Schmitz.


Eumir Deodato, "Os Catedráticos 73", Bomba Records [Japan] #BOM 24175 (2009).[SHM-CD]


1. Arranha Céu - "Skyscrapers" (E. Deodato)
2. Flap (Marcos Valle-Paulo Sergio Valle)
3. Rodando Por Aí - "Rudy's" (E. Deodato)
4. O Jogo - "Soccer Game" (Pacífico Mascarenhas)
5. Atire A 1ª Pedra (Ataulfo Alves-Mario Lago)
6. Puma Branco - "The White Puma" (Marcos Valle-Paulo Sergio Valle)
7. Passarinho Diferente - "The Byrd" (E. Deodato)
8. Extremo Norte - "The Gap" (E. Deodato)
9. Tô Fazendo Nada - "Down The Hill" (E. Deodato)
10. Menina - "Boy Meets Girl" (E. Deodato)
11. Carlota & Carolina - "Carly & Carole" (E. Deodato)

Musician personnel:

Eumir Deodato - Hammond organ, RMI electric piano & acoustic piano
Sergio Barroso - electric bass
Ivan Conti (Mamão) - drums
Helcio Milito - percussion
Orlandivo - percussion
Bebeto Castilho - congas
Durval Ferreira - electric guitar & 6-string acoustic guitar
Zé Menezes - 12-string electric guitar
Marvin Stamm - trumpet & flugelhorn
John Frosk - trumpet & flugelhorn
Wayne Andre - trombone
Phil Bodner - tenor sax & C flute
Romeo Penque - baritone sax & G flute
Arranged & Conducted by Eumir Deodato

Musical Producer: Eumir Deodato for Kenya Music
Executive Producer: Oswaldo Cadaxo for Equipe
Basic Tracks Recorded at Musidisc Studios (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), July 1972.
Horns & Keyboards Recorded at Sound Ideas Studios (NY, USA), September & October 1972.
Mixed in NY by George Klabin, October 1972.
Cover Art: Joselito
Liner Notes: Eumir Deodato (NY, March 15, 1998).
Photos: Ruth Deodato
Digitally Remixed by Mike Henderson from the 16-track original master tapes, June 1997.
Original LP issue: Equipe EQS/USA 100.001 (1973).

Release Date in Japan: October 24, 2009.
SHM-CD Reissue Produced by Eumir Deodato & Arnaldo DeSouteiro
Digitally Remixed from the 16-track original master tapes by Mike Henderson @ Jazz Station Studios (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

SHM-CD (SUPER HIGH MATERIAL CD) was developed by JVC and Universal Music Japan
Uses a different polycarbonate plastic (Material used for LCD panel) for the disc surface
which has improved transparency and superior optical characteristics.


Os Catedráticos, "Ataque", Bomba Records [Japan] #BOM 24176 (2009).[SHM-CD]


1. Ataque (Eumir Deodato)
2. Os Grilos (Marcos Valle-Paulo Sergio Valle)
3. É Bom Parar (Rubens Soares)
4. Feitinha Pro Poeta (Baden Powell-Lula Freire)
5. Terra de Ninguém (Marcos Valle-Paulo Sergio Valle)
6. Razão de Viver (Eumir Deodato-Paulo Sergio Valle)
7. Tristeza (Haroldo Lobo-Niltinho)
8. Samba do Dom Natural (Pingarilho-Marcos Vasconcellos)
9. O Sol Nascerá (Cartola-Elton Medeiros)
10. Samba de Rei (Pingarilho-Marcos Vasconcellos)
11. Até de Cavaquinho (Luiz Bonfá-Maria Helena Toledo)
12. Porque Somos Iguais (Durval Ferreira-Pedro Camargo)

Bonus Tracks - Original LP stereo mix:

13. Os Grilos (Marcos Valle-Paulo Sergio Valle)
14. Ataque (Eumir Deodato)

Musician personnel:

Eumir Deodato - Hammond organ & acoustic piano
Sergio Barroso - acoustic bass
Wilson das Neves - drums
Rubens Bassini - congas, tambourine
Humberto Garin - guiro
Jorge Arena - congas
Geraldo Vespar - electric guitar
Maurílio Santos - trumpet
Edson Maciel - trombone
Walter Rosa - tenor sax
Aurino Ferreira - baritone sax
Arranged & Conducted by Eumir Deodato

Executive Producer: Oswaldo Cadaxo
Liner Notes by Carlos Pingarilho
Recorded at CBS Studios (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) by Eugenio P. de Carvalho, in 1965.
Coordination: Toni Vestane
Digitally remixed by Mike Henderson from the original 3-track master tapes, June 1997.

SHM-CD Reissue Produced by Eumir Deodato & Arnaldo DeSouteiro
Release Date in Japan: November 28, 2009.
Digitally Remastered at Sound Way Studios (LA, CA, USA)

SHM-CD (SUPER HIGH MATERIAL CD) was developed by JVC and Universal Music Japan
Uses a different polycarbonate plastic (Material used for LCD panel) for the disc surface
which has improved transparency and superior optical characteristics.


Eumir Deodato and Os Catedráticos, "Impulso!", Bomba Records [Japan] #BOM24177 (2009).[SHM-CD]


1. Menina Certinha
2. Samba de Verão
3. Cesteiro Que Faz Um Cesto
4. Baiãozinho
5. Muito À Vontade
6. Samba Novo
7. Esperança
8. Cheers!
9. Ainda Mais Lindo
10. Diz Que Fui Por Aí
11. Só Por Amor
12. Ela É Carioca
13. Pouca Duração

Bonus Tracks - New Digital Mix

14. Samba de Verão
15. Muito À Vontade
16. Ainda Mais Lindo
17. Diz Que Fui Por Aí

Musician personnel:

Deodato (Hammond organ & acoustic piano)
Luiz Marinho (acoustic bass)
Dom Um Romao (drums - tracks 1,4,5,6,7,11 & 12)
Wilson das Neves (drums - all other tracks)
Rubens Bassini (percussion)
Neco (electric guitar)
Maurilio Santos (trumpet)
Edson Maciel (trombone)
Cipó (tenor sax - track 9 only)
Walter Rosa (tenor sax - all other tracks)
Alberto Gonçalves (baritone sax)
Arranged & Conducted by Deodato
Original LP issue: Equipe EQ 802 (1964).

Reissue Produced by Eumir Deodato & Arnaldo DeSouteiro
Release Date in Japan: November 28, 2009.
Digitally Remastered at Sound Way Studios (LA, CA, USA)

SHM-CD (SUPER HIGH MATERIAL CD) was developed by JVC and Universal Music Japan
Uses a different polycarbonate plastic (Material used for LCD panel) for the disc surface
which has improved transparency and superior optical characteristics.

Deodato(Prelude,SHMCD%202009,front).jpg  Deodato(Prelude,SHMCD%202009,back).jpg

Eumir Deodato, "Prelude", CTI [Japan] #KICJ 98504 (2009).[SHM-CD Reissue]

* * *

Arnaldo DeSouteiro's liner notes:

Richard Strauss never achieved greater heights spiritually in music than he did in “Also Sprach Zarathustra.” He began this work in February 1896 and finished it six months later. In this magnificent work, Strauss, at the age of 32, took his inspiration from the book of a great philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900). However, Strauss once declared that he never had the intention to write “philosophical music,” trying only to convey musically “the idea of the development of the human race, from its origin, through the various phases of evolution, religious as well as scientific, up to Nietzsche’s idea of the superman.”

Well, it took over 80 years to transform “Also Sprach Zarathustra” in a mega pop-hit, thanks to the brilliant adaptation of Eumir Deodato. Acting as a true “superman,” the great Brazilian arranger, then 31 years old, made Strauss’ symphonic poem famous all over the world. Actually, in the Spring of 1973, Deodato instantly became a household name with his unique version of the Strauss theme used as the main theme from Stanley Kubrick’s 1969 film “2001: A Space Odissey.”

“Prelude,” Deodato’s debut album as a leader in the USA, followed the worldwide success of the “2001” single (which reached #2 in the Billboard pop chart, below Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly”), climbed to the top of the jazz and pop charts, and became a million seller in America. Deodato got rave reviews and by the end of 1973 his awards for “Prelude” and “2001” included: Top Instrumental Album, Top Jazz Album and Top Instrumental Single in “Billboard”; Top Instrumentalist for Albums in “Cashbox”; Top New Instrumentalist and Top Singles Instrumentalist in “Record World”; and Top Orchestra Album in “Playboy”. The following year, a Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental, for “2001”, plus a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist, confirmed the monumental acclaim.

“Actually, when Creed Taylor convinced me to record my own version of “2001”, I had already listen to at least over ten pop adaptations of Strauss’ theme,” Deodato explains. “But for me they were all very boring, with no creativity at all. It had always intrigued me how Strauss had developed the melody. I remembered of a tune I had written a long time ago, actually when I was 15, it was a “baião” in C Major that worked against Strauss’ melody pretty well. I took my old tune as a countermelody and, as soon as I put both of them together, I found that I had something interesting to work with.”

Interviewed by Leonard Feather for the April 16, 1973 issue of DownBeat, Deodato provided more details: “That was Creed Taylor’s suggestion, among other tunes he had suggested – “Prelude” and some others – I knew the piece already for quite a while. The melody always intrigued me... I had the score of the original Strauss version, and I restructured it. The way he put the chords together it always sounded weak. It doesn’t have the depth, because he was following that traditional orchestra distribution at that time; they didn’t have the facilities – they also didn’t have Rudy Van Gelder! He made the whole difference.”

CTI’s producer Creed Taylor always liked to include classical pieces in his albums, since his days at Verve and at A&M. “Creed also suggested me to include Holst’s “Planets” as well as one of the movements from Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons”, but both ideas seemed very complicated. However, the idea to adapt Debussy’s “Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun” worked pretty well, and Creed liked it to the point he decided to use it as the title track for the album,” explains Deodato.

Although unknown to the pop world at the time “2001” exploded in the airwaves, Deodato was far from being a newcomer. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on June 22, 1942, he started his career during the bossa nova era. The opportunity to move to the USA came in 1967, through master guitarist Luiz Bonfá, who not only paid Deodato’s ticket to NY, as well as he provided him with enough work so as to allow him a minimum income in his first year in the New York City. In June 1967, during a session for Astrud Gilberto’s “Beach Samba” album, Deodato completed and recorded five arrangements in six hours, something which attracted the attention of the album’s producer, Creed Taylor.

Some months later, Creed invited Deodato to score some tracks on Wes Montgomery’s album, “Down Here on the Ground”. After that, the eclectic Brazilian arranger/keyboardist/composer worked several times for Creed Taylor, on albums led by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Walter Wanderley, Milton Nascimento, Paul Desmond (on whose “Summertime” album Deodato did a rare studio date playing acoustic guitar!), Stanley Turrentine, and as a member of the CTI All Stars group.

Between 1969 and 1972, Deodato also arranged for such industry heavyweights as Frank Sinatra, Roberta Flack and Aretha Franklin. So, by the time Creed Taylor offered him the chance to cut his first solo album for CTI, Deodato was already a mature artist. Plus: it was all this diverse experience in varied musical fields that gave him a unique ability to fuse his Brazilian roots with jazz, pop, rock and classical elements. It was the key formula to the “2001” success and what you hear throughout “Prelude”.

“Also Sprach Zarathustra” (2001) – “When I started working on this piece, I found it was in the key of C. That old melody I had written when I was 15 years old, and that I used as a counterpoint, was by coincidence in C too. Then, I asked Ron Carter to bring to the session that bass which has the extra string in C,” tells Deodato. “Everything seemed to fit perfectly and we did a good first take. I insisted to do a second take, but we didn’t achieve the spontaneous feeling of the first one. When releasing the single, Creed shortened the track from nine to five minutes, and boom!”

“Spirit of Summer” – This very beautiful ballad was written by Deodato in 1968 to take part in a Song Contest named the Third International Song Festival, which took place in Rio de Janeiro. Deodato’s first recording appeared on an album he recorded in early 1972 for the London/Odeon label in Brazil, “Percepção”. This studio version for CTI features solos by Jay Berliner (on a Spanish-tinged acoustic guitar phrasing) and Hubert Laws on flute, with Deodato playing acoustic piano and making sumptuous use of the two French horns to introduce the haunting melody. Later on, Deodato did a live version included on the “Deodato/Airto In Concert” album, and the tune was covered by the vocal group The Emotions on their “Sunbeam” album. Since 2005, “Spirit of Summer” has been performed all over the world by Brazilian singer Ithamara Koorax in all her concerts with symphony orchestras.

“Carly & Carole” – Titled in homage to Carly Simon & Carole King, this song had been previously recorded by Deodato on the “Os Catedráticos 73” album, the last one he recorded in Brazil before signing with CTI, but released only after the big success of “2001.” This version recorded at Van Gelder’s studio only with the rhythm section (Ron Carter, Billy Cobham, Ray Barretto) plus Hubert Laws on flute, was also a first-take, featuring one of Deodato’s best solos ever on a Fender Rhodes electric piano.

“Baubles, Bangles and Beads” – Another fantastic track by the legendary team of “operetta” composers Robert Whright & George Forrest, who adapted the melody from a classical piece by Russian composer Alexander Borodin. Frank Sinatra made it a pop standard on the “Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim” album in 1967. Deodato’s arrangement doesn’t make use of the bossa nova beat adopted by Claus Ogerman’s score for Sinatra, opting for a funky-rock-pop treatment based on an infectious beat propelled by Ron Carter (his only track on this album playing electric bass!) and Billy Cobham. The mellifluous solos are by Deodato and John Tropea.

“Prelude to Afternoon of a Faun” – Inspired by a Malarmé poem, Claude Debussy, the great master of the French Impressionism, wrote this landmark work. Deodato adapted it in a very sophisticated way, mixing acoustic and electric pianos, giving the solo spot to his old friends Marvin Stamm on trumpet and Hubert Laws on flute, as well as featuring Ron Carter’s gorgeous and warm sound on the acoustic bass. The writing for the strings section is also noteworthy, very subtle and effective.

“September 13” – “Well, during the break Billy Cobham was sitting at the drums, doing this nice beat…I told him, “This sounds nice, why don’t we play something to it?” Then I told the bass player and John Tropea the guitarist, “Let’s do something in A Minor…” So I told Rudy to go ahead and record it. I took the tape home and listened to it carefully, the drum breaks, number of bars etc. and came up with the melody. So when you hear it, the drums cue the melody every time. And since we couldn’t come up with any other title, I suggested September 13, the date of the session,” Deodato told DownBeat during that 1973 interview.

Deodato’s version of “2001” has recently found its way into the repertoire of the rock band Phish. For sure, Deodato’s take on Strauss’ will continue to be heard loud and clear across all lands during the new millenium.
- Arnaldo DeSouteiro, 2009

* * *

Release Date: November 29, 2009.
Original Album & SHM-CD Reissue Produced by Creed Taylor
Recorded, Mixed & Remastered for SHM-CD by Rudy Van Gelder
Liner Notes: Arnaldo DeSouteiro
Cover Photo: Pete Turner
Liner Photo: Duane Michals
Album Design: Bob Ciano

SHM-CD (SUPER HIGH MATERIAL CD) was developed by JVC and Universal Music Japan
Uses a different polycarbonate plastic (Material used for LCD panel) for the disc surface
which has improved transparency and superior optical characteristics.

発売元:キングレコード 規格番号:KICJ-98504 新品未開封





デオダート (p, el-p)、ジョン・トロペイ(g)、ジェイ・バーリナー(g)、ヒューバート・ロウズ(fl)、マービン・スタン(tp)、ロン・カーター(b)、スタ ンリー・クラーク(el-b)、ビリー・コブハム(ds)、アイアート・モレイラ(perc)、レイ・バレット(perc)他 ホーン&ストリングス・セッション 編曲、指揮:テオダート
■プロデュース:クリード・テイラー ■エンジニア:ルディ・ヴァン・ゲルダー
■プロデュース:クリード・テイラー ■エンジニア:ルディ・ヴァン・ゲルダー


CTI(Jobim,Stone%20Flower,SHMCD%202009,front).jpg  CTI(Jobim,Stone%20Flower,SHMCD%202009,back).jpg

Antonio Carlos Jobim, "Stone Flower", CTI [Japan] #KICJ 98511 (2009).[SHM-CD Reissue]

* * *

Arnaldo DeSouteiro's liner notes:

For the very first time, 20 CTI titles from the 70s are being released on SHM-CD format (some of the albums from the 60s, from the A&M/CTI era, had appeared before, such as Wes Montgomery's best-selling "A Day In the Life").
AND, also for the first time ever, such albums were digitally remastered, in 2009, by the man who recorded most of them during the CTI heyday in the early 70s, the wiz Rudy Van Gelder, under the direct supervision of another legendary jazz master, producer Creed Taylor!
The booklets preserve the original LP artworks, done mostly by the unmatched team of Pete Turner (front cover photos) and Bob Ciano or Tony Lane (album designs), with liner notes written by Arnaldo DeSouteiro, Ira Gitler, Leonard Feather, Toshio Handa, Shoich Yui and Masa Asanishi.

All previous CTI CDs released in Japan in the past 25 years had been remastered at King Studios by such engineers as Seiji Kaneko and Kuniaki Takahashi, sometimes under Arnaldo DeSouteiro's supervision; and all the CTI CDs released in the USA and Europe by Sony had been remastered by experts like Tim Geelan and Mark Wilder, with whom DeSouteiro worked respectively in the first domestic releases of such titles as Deodato's "In Concert - Live at Felt Forum" and Jobim's "Stone Flower."

Btw, albums by both Deodato and Jobim are included in this new state-of-the-art SHM-CD series. And the liner notes for such new reissues of the masterpieces that these two Brazilian geniuses recorded for CTI are signed by Arnaldo DeSouteiro.
--Arnaldo DeSouteiro, 2009

* * *
Release Date in Japan: November 29, 2009.
Original Album & SHM-CD Reissue Produced by Creed Taylor
Engineered & Remastered by Rudy Van Gelder at Van Gelder Studios (Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, USA)
Cover Photo: Pete Turner
Album Design: Tony Lane
Liner Notes: Arnaldo DeSouteiro

SHM-CD means "Super High Material CD" and involves a new technology of manufacturing. This high quality SHM-CD format features enhanced audio quality through the use of a special polycarbonate plastic. Using a process developed by JVC and Universal Music Japan discovered through the joint companies' research into LCD display manufacturing, SHM-CDs feature improved transparency on the data side of the disc, allowing for more accurate reading of CD data by the CD player laser head. SHM-CD format CDs are fully compatible with standard CD players.

CTI RVG アルティメット・リマスタリング・シリーズ
2009.11.26 発売

CTI+RVG アルティメット・リマスタリング・シリーズ 希代のプロデューサー、クリード・テイラーとジャズ・サウンドの代名詞、ルディ・ヴァン・ゲルダーによる21世紀最新リマスター盤!!

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