Fuse One, “Fuse”, CTI [Japan] #K35Y 6013 (1984).[CD]

Arnaldo DeSouteiro supervised the first series of CTI reissues on CD ever released. In Japan, the "K35Y" series was issued in 1984, manufactured and distributed by King Records. They preceeded in three years the first series of CTI CDs that were released domestically in the USA, in 1987, distributed by CBS (now Sony Music).

The "K35Y" title refers to:
K - King Records
35Y - the CDs in this series carried a retail price tag of 3,500 yen.


 1.. Grand Prix (Ronnie Foster) 5:27

 2.. Waterside (Bedrich Smetana) 4:41

 3.. Sunshine Lady (Stanley Clarke) 4:06

 4.. To Whom All Things Concern (John McLaughlin) 4:49

 5.. Double Steal (Jeremy Wall) 6:26

 6.. Friendship (John McLaughlin) 6:16

 7.. Taxi Blues (Stanley Clarke) 5:57

Musician personnel and Album Credits:

Arnaldo DeSouteiro – Reissue Supervisor
John McLaughlin – Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Acoustic)
Stanley Clarke – Bass
Shuji Kasagi – Coordination
Ed Caraeff – Album Design, Liner Photos
Jeremy Wall – Piano (Acoustic), Arranger, Yamaha Electric Grand, Synthesizer
Creed Taylor – Producer, Cover Photo
Suzanne Ciani - Synthesizer Programming
Larry Coryell – Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
Joe Farrell – Sax (Tenor), Sax (Soprano), Flute
Ndugu – Drums
Paulinho Da Costa – Percussion
Ronnie Foster – Fender Rhodes, Synthesizers
Victor Feldman – Piano (Acoustic), Fender Rhodes
Tony Williams – Drums
Don Grusin – Keyboards
Lenny White – Drums
Will Lee – Bass
Rudy Van Gelder – Engineer
Jorge Dalto – Fender Rhodes
Roger Squitero – Percussion
Tom Vicari – Engineer
Hugh McCracken – Harmonica
Michael Epstein – Drums
David Nadien – Strings Concertmaster
Michael Barry – Engineer

Various Artists, "CTI New Giants Sampler", CTI [Japan] #26P8448 (1984).[LP]
Release Date: November, 1984.

1. Streets of Rio - Jack Wilkins
2. Ponteio - Claudio Roditi/Paquito D'Rivera
3. Road Warriors - Les McCann
4. Gdanski - Urszula Dudziak/Paquito D'Rivera
5. Summer's Dance - Roger Kellaway/Houston Person
6. Little Tear - Claudio Roditi/Kenia
7. Volkswagen Blues - LesMcCann/Houston Person
8. Fire - Urszula Dudziak
9. Captain Marvel - Jack Wilkins
Musician personnel and Album credits:
Jack Wilkins - Guitar
Claudio Roditi - Trumpet
Paquito D'Rivera - Sax (Alto)
Les McCann - Fender Rhodes, Arranger, Vocals, Photography
Urszula Dudziak - Vocals
Roger Kellaway - Prophet 5, Synthesizers, Keyboards, Arranger
Houston Person - Sax (Tenor)
Ted Broncato - Prophet 5 Synthesizer
Gary King - Bass (Electric), Linn LM II Digital Drums, Guild Bass, Scratch, Effects
Kent Heckman - Commodore 64 Programming
Albert Dailey - Piano (Acoustic)
Ted Moore - Percussion
Harvie Swartz - Bass (Acoustic)
Carl Bari - Guitar
Akira Tana - Drums
Creed Taylor - Producer, Photography
Rudy Van Gelder - Engineer
Kenia - Vocals
Alfredo Cardim - Fender Rhodes
Jorge Dalto - Synthesizer
Claudio Celso - Guitar (Electric)
Arnaldo DeSouteiro - Compilation Producer
Lincoln Goines - Bass (Electric)
Yogi Horton - Drums
Naná Vasconcellos - Percussion
Peter Drake - Arranger
Armen Kachaturian - Photography
Buddy Williams - Drums
Richard Malcolm - Percussion
Lou Volpe - Guitar (Electric)
Hal Oringer - Photography
Michel Camilo - Keyboards
Sammy Figueroa - Percussion
Blake Taylor - Photography
Nobumasa Takai - Liner Notes
Shigo Tamaguch - Design

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