Singles - 1990s (continued)

72438-58745-7-4-A.png  72438-58745-7-4-B.png

The Beach Boys, Child of Winter (Christmas Song)/Winter Symphony, Capitol Records #58745 / 72438-58745-7-4 (1998).[45 rpm Record Reissue - Jukebox only]

"Child of Winter (Christmas Song)" composed by Brian Wilson, Stephen John Kalinich.
"Winter Symphony" composed by Brian Wilson.

  XmasIsHereAgain.png  AuldLangSyne.png

The Beach Boys, Christmas Is Here Again/Auld Lang Syne, Capitol Records #58746 (1998).[45 rpm Record Reissue - Jukebox only]

"Christmas Is Here Again" composed by Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison, Norman Petty, Alan Jardine.
"Auld Lang Syne" is traditional.

IllBeHomeForXmas.png  LittleSaintNick.png

The Beach Boys, Iíll Be Home For Christmas/Little Saint Nick (Alternate Version), Capitol Records #58747 (1998).[45 rpm Record Reissue - Jukebox only]

"I'll Be Home For Christmas" composed by
Buck Ram, Kim Gannon, Walter Kent.
"Little Saint Nick" composed and produced by Brian Wilson.

Denmark_SloopJohnB.png  Denmark_SloopJohnB-back.png

Label-A_SloopDenmark.png  Label-B_SloopDenmark.png

The Beach Boys, "Sloop John B" / "Do It Again", Capitol Records-EMI [Netherlands] #1A 006-86474 (199_).[45 rpm Picture Sleeve Record Reissue]

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