Reissued Singles with Picture Sleeves - 1979 (continued)

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The Beach Boys / Jan & Dean, "I Get Around" / "Deadman's Curve", "Ride The Wild Surf", Capitol Records / United Artists Records [Netherlands] #1A 006-86032 (1979). [45 rpm Picture Sleeve Record]

Brian Wilson composed "I Get Around".

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The Beach Boys / The Survivors, "Pamela Jean" / "After The Game", Capitol Records [UK] #PSR 436 (1979).[DJ / Promo 45 rpm Picture Sleeve Record]

Both sides written, arranged, conducted and produced by Brian Wilson.

From the picture sleeve cover:  "'Pamela Jean' was written and produced by Brian Wilson, and released in America by The Beach Boys in January 1964.  It was released under the name of "The Survivors" to enable them to have two singles on the market at the same time, as shortly afterwards they released their new single "Fun, Fun, Fun".  'Pamela Jean' was a rewrite of a track called "Car Crazy Cutie" from the "Little Deuce Coupe" album, and is one of the most sought after of the 'Brian Wilson Productions'. [. . .] The B Side "After The Game" is also of interest as it's the first time Brian adopted the percussive feel he was later to use on the "Pet Sounds" album.

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