The Boys as they appeared in concert - Sacramento, CA (1964)


From the very first time I heard the infectious Beach Boys' sound, I was hooked.  That was almost 50 years ago.  I loved their musicality, their close harmonies, and the beat of their songs.  I was a drummer back then and I was captivated by their surfing and hot rod rhythms.  I loved to play to their records.  This discography is an effort on my part to pay tribute to all the great music The Beach Boys have given us over the years and in particular to salute the years they recorded on the Capitol Records label.

Please note that this discography will not contain any material recorded on other labels, solo albums by any of the members, or compilations.  It will contain reissues of original albums and as many listings as I can possibly find of their Capitol international recordings.  What you will see on the following pages is by no means a finished work, but a work in progress; always evolving to cover additional material.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Leslie J. Pfenninger of
On A&M Records for her support and encouragement throughout the birthing of this project and for proofreading the entire site prior to it going online.  Leslie also contributed international listing info to this site.  My gratitude also goes out to Peter Bay of the Austin Symphony Orchestra for his assistance in contributing scans and listing information for the site.  Thanks very much also to Wolfgang Weissbrodt for supplying rare international listing info and scans for the site.  And of course I am very grateful to The Beach Boys themselves: Al Jardine, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Mike Love and especially Brian Wilson for their wonderful music, arrangements, and hours of countless pleasure I have enjoyed in listening to their records.

--B.J. (Barbara J.) Major
October, 2010


The Beach Boys on Capitol Records - Discography
The Beach Boys on Capitol Records - Videography
The Beach Boys Sheet Music from The Capitol Records Years
Photos of The Beach Boys Taken During The Capitol Records Years
The Beach Boys Family Home Monument - 5/20/2005
The Beach Boys Advertisements During The Capitol Records Years
The Teen Set Magazine featuring The Beach Boys
Miscellaneous Memorabilia From The Boys' Capitol Records Years

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