The Beach Boys HDCD Set


Set of 10 HDCD Albums (Ten 2001 U.S. Issues (2-on-1 CDs), 24-bit digitally remastered HDCD album sets featuring a total of 20 albums comprising:  Surfer Girl / Shut Down Volume 2, Little Deuce Coupe/All Summer Long, Surfin' Safari/Surfin' U.S.A., The Beach Boys Today!/Summer Days [And Summer Nights!!], Smiley Smile/Wild Honey, Sunflower/Surf's Up, Carl & The Passions/Holland, 15 Big Ones/Love You, Keepin' The Summer Alive/The Beach Boys plus The Beach Boys In Concert, originally recorded in 1973.
Each disc includes additional tracks which were not featured on the original album releases - a total of 21 bonus tracks.

The following albums included in this set were not originally issued by Capitol Records (though they were reissued by Capitol in the years following their original issue on other labels):

Smiley Smile
Surf's Up
Carl & The Passions
15 Big Ones
Love You
Keepin' The Summer Alive
The Beach Boys
The Beach Boys in Concert

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