Extended Play Records (continued)


The Beach Boys, The Beach Boys Hits, Capitol-EMI-Jugoton [Yugoslavia] #EPCA 9148 (19__).[Extended Play Picture Sleeve Record]


Help Me, Rhonda
California Girls
The Little Girl I Once Knew
Barbara Ann

Produced by Brian Wilson.


The Beach Boys, Cottonfields / other tracks unknown, Capitol Records-EMI-Uranya [Hong Kong] #UR-19 (19__).[Extended Play Picture Sleeve Record]

Other titles on this EP are unknown.

Produced by The Beach Boys.


The Beach Boys, Your Summer Dream  /  Our Car Club  /  Surfer Girl  /  Catch A Wave  /  In My Room  /  Hawaii, Capitol Records #SXA-1981 (196_).[Jukebox-Only Picture Sleeve Extended Play Record]

Produced by Brian Wilson.

Jukebox-front.png  Jukebox-back.png  SU-2545.png

Jukebox-label1.png  Jukebox-label2.png

The Beach Boys, The Best of The Beach Boys - Vol. 1, Capitol Records Creative Products #SU-2545 / LLP 189 (Stereo) (196_).[Jukebox and Retail Sale Picture Sleeve Extended Play Record]

Jukebox version reissued in 1966 with the same catalog number.


Surfin' U.S.A.
Surfer Girl
Fun, Fun, Fun
Catch A Wave
In My Room

Produced by Nick Venet and Brian Wilson.

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