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Who is Allan™?

Vital Statistics:

Name:  Allan Sherwood

Height:  6.0' (doll 12 inches tall)

Hair:  Red

Eyes:  Brown

Accompanied in box by:  Black wire stand, Mattel Fashion Booklet,
Cork Sandals with Blue Strap, Blue Swimtrunks and Multi-colored Striped Beach Jacket with bonded terrycloth lining.

Year of Introduction:  1964 (© 1963)

Place of Residence:  Willows, WI

Age:  18-22

Family History:  Unknown at this time

Love Interest:  Midge Hadley (Best friend of Barbie™)

Schooling:  Attends State U with Barbie™, Ken™, and Midge™

Majoring in:  Undeclared

School Activities:  Cheerleader, Drum Major, Fraternity

Lettered in:  Tennis, Baseball

Grade Point Average:  Unknown at this time

Nickname:  Ken's Buddy™

Tagline:  All of Ken's Clothes Fit Him!

Links to two 1960s TV Commercials featuring Allan™:

This commercial introduces Allan™ to the world!

This commercial shows Allan™ in his Drum Major outfit and some other costumes ("The Barbie™ Look")!

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