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Items unique to Allan™:
[Above:  The stripes on Allan's beach jacket are normally horizontal.  This one with the vertical stripes is rare and hard to find.
In addition, the vertical stripes jacket has no sewn-in "Allan™ © Mattel, Inc." tag at the neck.  I have two of these and they are both tagless.]

[Above:  This was the page in the 1964 Fashion Booklet that "announced" Allan's arrival!]

[Above:  This was the only time Allan's name appeared on a doll case.  It is believed to have been sold in France and possibly Canada only.
Allan™ is pictured wearing the "Saturday Date"  costume.]

[Above:  Both Ken™ and Allan™ grace the front of this Barbie™ and Midge™ case (left) which came in blue, red, and pink. 
Mattel made a reproduction case (left) in 2013 for collectors.]

[Above:  I ordered these, can't wait for them to come.  LOVE the Allan™ pin, right from the cover of a Fashion Booklet!]

[Above:  Allan™ appears several times in the above 1964 "The World of Barbie™" magazine annual. 
He is pictured and mentioned within a fantasy story about Barbie being an astronaut;
he is also pictured at a Christmas get-together, a Masquerade party, a birthday party for Skipper™ and at a Valentine's Day dance with Barbie™, Ken™ and Midge™.
Allan™ is also pictured (in color) inside the back cover at a State U football game!  See the photos of these below as well as read the introduction of Allan™ to Willows!]

IMG_0649_2.jpg  IMG_0651_2.JPG

IMG_0653_2.jpg  IMG_0654.jpg

IMG_0659_2.jpg  IMG_0661.jpg

IMG_0669.jpg  IMG_0671_2.jpg

[Above:  This close-up photo from the same magazine hints at forward facing eyes for Allan and shiny hair;
this prototype used in the photograph was not what was mass produced and sold, though.]

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