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The Adventures of Traveling Allan™

1.  Going to Work with B.J.
Allan-at-work.png   IMG_0559.JPG
[Above:  Allan™ goes to work with me.  He's standing next to my work computer, taking in everything in the office. 
Next to that photo, he's in place in my computer bag, ready to go on the next adventure!]

2.  Meeting Allan's Reproduction Twin
IMG_0696.JPG  IMG_1248.jpg
[Above:  Wait, what's this?  There's a second doll in the bag now.  How did he get there?
It's the 2014 Reproduction Allan™ who is now in the computer bag with 1964 Original Allan™. 
They're having a conversation, let's eavesdrop on them to hear what they are saying. . . ]

Repro:  Where am I?  Who are you?!  You look like a twin brother, but I don't have one of those.  Help me!
Orig.:  Take it easy, you're safe here.  You're in B.J.'s computer bag with me.  I'm an Allan™ doll too, but much older than you.
Repro:  How can you be another Allan™ doll?  That one was around over 50 years ago, I was just born last year in 2014.
Orig.:  People who owned me took good care of me, so I live on, in B.J.'s collection.  She really loves us.  Have you seen her room?!  It's full of Barbie™ stuff, just for us.
Repro:  So, why are we in a bag and traveling around now?
Orig.:  Well, B.J. has chosen to place us here.  It's up to her how long we stay in the bag.  She even took me to work with her.  I got to see her work computer.  We didn't have personal computers when I was born.  I also met a friend of hers at work, another nice woman who was trying to unzip my jacket.  She goes by the name of "Gorgeous".  I think she wanted to look at my handmade shirt.  By the way, where did you get those U. of VA clothes?  I don't remember them in the Mattel catalogs...
Repro:  A nice lady on the west coast made them for me.  There's a matching dress that I'm anxious for Midge™ to wear.  This seamstress makes clothes for us from fabrics that have college or university logos on them.  She also makes clothes from fabrics that have professional team logos on them, but B.J. doesn't support pro teams - though she loves college teams.  She even wants to do her own "put together" of a golf duo.  That will be interesting to see how it comes out since Mattel didn't do a golf uniform for the original Ken™ or Allan™.  But knowing B.J., if anyone can do it, she can.
Orig.:  For a new kid on the block, you seem to know a lot.  That's good, you'll fit in well in the collection.  I can't believe you didn't know who I was; after all, you were modeled after me.
Repro:  You have to remember that the factory people told me almost nothing; they didn't even speak my language.  I had heard the word "reproduction", but didn't exactly know what that meant.  Now I know that it means I look like something that came before - in this case, you.  I'm glad to make your acquaintance!
Orig.:  Welcome to the family!

3.  Painted Hair Ken™
[Above:  Someone new is joining Allan™ - it's painted hair Ken™!
Ken™ is all set for Spring in ivy colors.]

[Above:  Wait, what's happening?  Where did Reproduction Allan™ go?  Ken's in the computer bag now. 
Let's catch up and hear what's going on between these two . . . ]

Allan:  Ken™!  I haven't seen you in ages; I think it's been since we posed for that picture together on my original box in '64.  How the heck are you?
Ken:  Actually that wasn't me, that was my brother the blonde painted hair Ken™.  I haven't gone anywhere, I've been in the room with you guys for a while now, since B.J. purchased us late last year.  You've been so preoccupied with your twin brother the Repro that you haven't spent any time at all with us.  Blonde flocked hair Ken™ from '61 said that he played golf with your twin the Repro on Easter Sunday and had a blast, though.  That brother of yours is a pretty decent golfer for a newbie - double eagled the 9th hole!
Allan:  Yeah, he's definitely got some talent.  I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to neglect you guys.  After all, if there had been no Kens, there would have been no Allans made!
Ken:  It's ok, we figured that's what was happening and that you would come around, eventually.  So, fill me in on this situation, like why are we in this bag, etc.
Allan:  B.J., our owner, likes to have a doll or two with her.  She first got the idea from a woman she read about on the internet who goes everywhere with one of her bubblecut Barbies.  All of her friends know about the Barbie™ and expect that she will have the doll with her, no matter what the occasion.  They even ask about the doll.  B.J.'s not quite that open, she only wants certain people to know that she's carrying us around.  She's afraid people won't understand and probably make fun of her.  Collectors are sensitive people, you know.  I don't mind, really, it's kind of nice to be needed and wanted after being in storage and seeing no one for so many years.  Repro was travelling around with me for a few weeks and he needs a breather, so he's staying at home for a while with the rest of the doll family.  He also wanted to see more of Midge™.
Ken:  Ok, makes sense now.  I'm up for the traveling adventures!

4.  Meeting a TV Star 
[Above:  A few days later, traveling Allan™ got a REAL surprise.  Someone from his past, his DISTANT past.
Let's find out who THIS is...]

Allan:  I feel I know you, but I don't know from where.  Were you the blonde painted hair Ken that was on my original box in '64?

Ken:  No.
Allan:  Well, who are you, then?
Ken:  Wow, I can't believe how bad your memory is.  I'm the blonde Ken from your very first tv commercial that Mattel made in 1964.  I'm to the left of Barbie™ in the formal dance Scene.
Allan:  Well, you can't expect me to remember that since technically, I wasn't there.  The Allan™ they used for that ad was a prototype with front facing eyes, and I didn't turn out that way as they gave me side-glancing eyes instead.  But I'm glad to make your acquaintance as I've watched the ad many times.  In fact, B.J., my owner, has put a link to the ad on YouTube right from this site.  How did you get here and where have you been all this time?
Ken:  Well, B.J. is now my 4th owner.  I was originally owned by someone who worked at Mattel, then I went to a Florida Barbie™ dealer, then I got sold to a nice lady in Virginia named Laura.  Laura was selling me after having me in her collection for over 20 years, and B.J. was the buyer.
Allan:  Cool that you know all your history from beginning to end.  But, why are you taller than me?  We were both 12 inches in height.
Ken:  Well, look down and you'll see that I'm on an original black wire stand that elevates me a bit.  I have to be on one of these stands because of the special shoes I am wearing.  As you know, they used no doll stands in those advertisements, so Mattel put two small nails/pins in my feet which stick out through my shoes.  These pins kept me upright in the ad as they fitted into the floor I was standing on.  These are permanent and can't be removed, so as a result, I will always be on a stand when I'm out of my original Ken box.  You will also notice that Mattel took a pair of brown shoes and painted over them in black (see photo below).  There were two-toned black and white shoes available for you and Ken, so I'm not sure why they did that.  And last but not least, all my clothes are taped to each other and my body.
Allan:  Why?
Ken:  B.J.'s guessing that's because when they were making the ad, everything had to look just perfect and they didn't want anything sticking up or not fitted just right.  So I'll be staying in this outfit permanently, too.   B.J. wants to keep me just the way I was in the ad.
Allan:  Will you be traveling around with me in the computer bag?
Ken:  Heavens, no.  I'm too valuable to do that.  I'll stay at home with the rest of the collection, in my box.  I'll see you all from time to time, don't worry.  Oh, and one more thing.  There are two labels affixed to my Ken box and these had to do with the tv Scene I was in.  There are photos of the labels below for your reference.  I feel it's very ironic that it's B.J. who has me now, after I appeared in YOUR ad and YOU are her favorite doll!
Allan:  I know, she tells me all the time.  I like her very much, too, she takes good care of all of us. . . oh, except for that OTHER blonde painted hair Ken™ that's around here somewhere.  Did you hear what happened to him (laughs)?
Ken:  No!
Allan:  Apparently there was something black in her computer bag that she wasn't aware of and it made a mark on that other Ken's forehead.  It won't completely come off, whatever it is.  Looks like he has a bruise (laughs).  B.J. was sick over it, she still feels real badly about it but I told her that accidents will happen and not to sweat it.  Ken's already forgiven her and she's made sure that nothing else in her bag will damage us.  B.J.'s fanatical about her stuff.
Ken:  Good to know.  Well, I have to go meet the rest of B.J.'s collection right now.  Nice talking to you!
Allan:  Take care!

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IMG_0893.JPG  IMG_0892.JPG

5.  Allan™ Goes Off on His Own
IMG_0935.JPG  IMG_0936.JPG
[Above:  Allan™ tries to get out of my computer bag on his own, anxious to explore my place of work all by himself . . .! ]

[Allan™ quietly makes his way from the office to the break room.   He'll have to climb a chair to get to the table containing B.J.'s computer.]

[Above:  Allan™ gets a look at the main page of his own site; he's still fascinated with personal computers, as they didn't exist in 1964 . . .]

Allan:  Hi everyone, Allan™ Sherwood (the doll) here.  I know that some of you have been following my adventures with B.J., my owner.  I'd like to tell you about the morning I went exploring on my own at her place of work.  It all started when we arrived at the store and she set her computer bag down for a few minutes to get some things she needed for the day.  I noticed that her bag was partially unzipped on one side, so I reached up and got it open the rest of the way myself (had to stand on some pockets in the bag to do that).  It was too far down for me to go out the top and I was afraid I'd fall, so I went out the side of the bag instead (see photos above).  This was a BIG place and the first thing I had to figure out was how to get down from the desktop.  I used a chair that was nearby to help.  Quietly I went along the floor, hoping no one would see me.  Luckily I had my black hiking boots on.  When I got to the break room / kitchen area I noticed that B.J.'s computer was out and open on one of the tables.  She was getting ready to add some new photos and other material to my website!  I had to see this for myself.  I can't believe how small computers are now, compared to the huge mainframes that existed when I was made.  To think that you can actually have one small enough to carry around with you is amazing.  I've watched B.J. use her computer before, so I knew a lot of the keyboard commands to load the various pages.  I'm very pleased with how this is all coming together, she has worked hard on this.  I'm also honored to have a place where all my information can be listed for others to reference.  I don't think I have ever received this much attention from anyone before.  It's kind of nice.  Anyway, I enjoyed my short tour of B.J.'s workplace and was able to get back in the computer bag before she noticed that I was missing and out on my own.  She probably would not have been happy that I did this without her assistance.  Maybe I can get her to introduce me to more people so I can explore some more, we'll see!

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