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The Adventures of Traveling Allan™ (continued)

11.  Meetup before Skipper's Graduation Party
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Allan:  Hi everyone, Allan Sherwood (the doll) here.  Wow, this is turning out to be an even busier summer than I thought!  I was ready to go back on the road with my owner B.J. when I remembered that I committed to attend Skipper's graduation party.  She would be crushed if I didn't come to it.  Skip is graduating middle school this year and it's a big deal at Barbie's house.  Skipper has always had a little crush on me, I think sometimes she is jealous that Midge™ is my girlfriend.  But Skipper™ is a great kid.  Anyway, a bunch of us are getting together at Barbie's Dream House to meet up before we go to Willows Middle School for the graduation ceremony.  The photos above and below picture the meetup.  Hope all of you had a great summer!  See you in further adventures to come.

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