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The Adventures of Traveling Allan™ (continued)

9.  Going to Barbie's Dream House (continued)
Outdoor Patio Time
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[Above and Below:  The following day, Traveling Allan™ and several of his buddies got together for some quality time on Barbie's outdoor patio. . . ]

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10.  My Birthday Party at the Campus Sweet Shop

Allan:  Hi everyone.  Summer 2015 is turning out to be full of activities, not the least of which was the celebration of my birthday (June 23) at State U's Campus Sweet Shop.  It was actually a surprise party that several of my friends gave for me.  We had a great time, as you can see from the photos taken and posted below.  There were all kinds of ice cream treats, sodas, and a swell birthday cake with tall candles I had to blow out.  It's hard to believe I'm actually 51 years old now.  I really enjoyed this day and the break from being on the road with B.J. (as nice as she is to me!).  Midge™ and I went for a long walk afterwards around the campus and talked about old times.  What a great day!!

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