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The Adventures of Traveling Allan™ (continued)

7.  Taking a Breather at Home
IMG_1003.jpg  IMG_1005.jpg
[Above:  We needed a little breather from this traveling, so Allan™ and I headed home for a little break. 
What was waiting for us were some of his pals who wanted to hear what he had been up to (they don't have internet access).
But we were back on the road again soon....]

Allan:  Hi everyone, Allan™ Sherwood (the doll) here.  I needed to take just a little break from the traveling and being in that computer bag, as nice as it is.  B.J. agreed I needed some R&R, so we headed home so I could talk with my pals, the other Allans and Kens who really didn't know what I had been up to because they don't have internet access without B.J. at home.  They were full of questions!  It was ok, I didn't mind telling them about my many adventures.  I was kind of treated like a movie star for having all these "glamorous" adventures that they don't get to go on.  Some of the guys had acquired new clothes while I was gone - check out that neat gold handmade sweater that blonde Reproduction Flocked Hair Ken™ is sporting!  Looks really good with his hair coloring, doesn't it?! "Sport Shorts" shortie Ken™ looks great as well, he was on his way to Barbie's for a backyard BBQ.  "Washington Huskies" Original Allan™ added a purple suede vest to his school outfit (purple and gold are the Husky colors).  Brunette Painted Hair Ken™ I think just came along for the ride.  He hadn't changed clothes since I last saw him, but I know he's been busy doing this and that.  We all went out to eat afterwards at a local diner and it was a good time.  When we got home, we played some cards and just relaxed in B.J.'s room.  It was nice not having to be anywhere specific.  Speaking of eating, the next day B.J. and I were back on the road on her days off from work.  First we went to a local Starbucks, then the next day we went to a local Panera. . .

8.  Back on the Road Again
IMG_0994.jpg  IMG_1007.jpg
[Above:  (left) Here's Allan™ with me on one of my days off from work, at a local Starbucks Coffee.
(right) The next day we were at a local Panera Bread.]

9.  Going to Barbie's Dream House
Inside Reception
[Above:  Allan again goes home with B.J. for a bit - only to find a new place to live with the other dolls!  And it's made just for them!]

Allan:  Hi everyone, Allan™ Sherwood (the doll) here.  Last evening was a glorious time at a special reception Barbie™ was giving in her "new" (old) Dream House.  This has a date on it of 1962, but inside it is nice and pristine and was obviously well taken care of all these years by its previous owner.  B.J. owns it now.  The Dream House will be my home when I'm not traveling in the bag with B.J.  This heavy cardboard structure folds out to become a large studio apartment of sorts.  Everything's in one room!  There were 10 of us at this special party!  I saw dolls there I hadn't seen in months and months.  The hostess for this get-together was Barbie™, dressed in her orange and gold hostess pajamas.  She looked great, as did everyone else who was there.  We all talked, played records, watched a little tv, and got caught up with what's been happening with each other.  Everyone was anxious to hear what I was up to in my travels.  We placed photos taken at the event below and hope you enjoy looking at them.  I'll be back on the road again soon.

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